Хорошо! Now we go to wi fi Music, Хорошо, jumping sumo, don’t touch. It don’t touch it okay, get out of here. But the tires are bold. Я знаю. Хорошо, then i go out uh like over. Here there we go and huh it’s right. There so start put this thing on the ground. Хорошо, so we can actually jump this press this button here and it will holy and you can even drive it as well hold on hold on animations in here and then spin jump Music. It does that so then you go forward also backwards, try and make it do a backflip boom. There we go that’s. What like skill right, там, 180 180 То есть. The only way you can turn it on to the boat uh. It will not jump onto the boat, but we can jump it off. The boat jump right on the wall, jump it off the highest part of this boat, Хорошо, Хорошо, so it was looking at your hand. I know okay ready and oh what the hell yo but don’t touch it. Oh you keep shaking the boat that’s. Почему? О, О! О! О, oh my god still go! Да! Oh it does it it it! Да, oh put on the trampoline it’s only been two minutes. I thought it was like five. Что ох, that was he looking at let’s, go put on the hold on don’t don’t jump on to it because i’m a camera here and if you break it i’m going to kill you and look stop flipping it back.

So you can actually flip it over the press of a button if it would work it won’t move. Why did we break it? No it’s trampling his ass stop don’t make a ringing noise. Снова, oh shut up there. Okay see this thing. Jumps high let’s, видеть. Хорошо, so like right, there i think let’s see how far should we jump it off a car, Да, Хорошо, stupid idea, but we’re stupid, yep yeah hold this. Хорошо, all the way hold this no i’m gon na get around the car. Нет, i got it. Хорошо! Хорошо. I’M gon na take off my skull hold on stop ready. Oh they just smashed on the ground. Bro Music has soft tires. Ой, подождите, move it truck holy crap, Эй, careful, big old red truck all right. So where are we taking this next? На самом деле, i don’t know we’re sure he takes this thing next daniel. Do you want to drift Music no hold up? I can jump this thing off the boat ah highest place on the boat once again. Хорошо, oh this thing takes a beating and look. It still goes. Look you even get to see there. , да, Затем, it glitches out sometimes but let’s ship it from a like farm. The farm mode instead of regular on this thing, can jump off. , да, Хорошо, let’s see far let’s see what does it see? О, Боже мой, yeah this thing just takes a beating moves and everything. О, да, you can even make it smaller.

One tie down. Ah too tight two tie down boom. Smaller still moves still moves. What we’re, не дрейфующих, bro Music? О, that thing stinks, ждать! Eli! You want to see if i could jump past my shoes. I mean my bike yeah hold on okay, хорошо, and then i grabbed the phone holy crap let’s, see i can’t even jump over here. Let’S see straight up hold on uh, first mode, which is high mode. О, Боже мой, dude holy crap dude that was sick, Хорошо, now long mode, Музыка. Long mode. Will you do it Music? Хорошо? О, хорошо, it sort of cleared it hold on. I already just did hold on hold on back up. Давайте. Do an animation thing, slow shake what the hell spin! Хорошо, tap! тпру, a metronome! Хорошо, ты! Вот это да! What look at that? Huh yeah wait: spin trump off the boat? Ой, подождите! I want to see the view of it when it’s up there. О, that is high yeah. So we can both sit here. Spin jump. Oh god wait. I got ta push back instead of spin jump off. Хорошо, О, о, о! Oh dude that sounded hard move holy crap! No i’m gon na try see it from like here. Will it jump far onto the bricks? Ждать. I let’s see put the camera here: Хорошо, ready right here, да! О, хорошо! Now i got ta get out of animations the far jump mode? Хорошо! Сооо, no not that way! Хорошо, давайте! Do it i’m gon na lay on the roof.

Хорошо, Хорошо! Чувак! This thing takes such a beating dude. That did a front flip coming down, wait really yeah! I saw it. Ой, подождите: it’s flipped, unflip it get up here, hit the camera. Oh dude, holy crap, Хорошо, Не надо, shake don’t, shake okay hold on i’m gon na. Go this way, Давайте посмотрим. So we got that right. There stop Music! Oh it’s dead, oh holy crap! Oh my foot! Just slipped my foot just slipped: Боже мой: it won’t jump, eli it’s, almost dead it’s at nineteen percent. Give me i’m gon na flip it on to the roof. And then how are you supposed to get it driving it? Хорошо, got it: Боже мой, Боже мой, that just fell from the roof. Put it up there again! О, О! It still moves. Oh it’s stuck up there, Это хорошо! Oh holy crap! Брат! О, ждать! Действительно! Oh god you can holy crap! Хорошо, all right turn! О, oh it’s sliding sliding oh holy crap, nothing beating let’s, put it up there again, dude toss it. О, О, , это, up there it’s up there, Хорошо, oh into the plate, Ой, подождите! Where did it even land in a place? Боже мой? Боже мой? Боже мой, red eyes, so put it back up there. Oh god it was legit just purple. Oh god just need to reconnect and we’re gon na throw it back up there. Нет, it did a beating, though yeah, look at that it’s purple it’s not supposed to happen.

О, О, О, О, О, holy crap is this still alive settings: wi fi, jumping sumo, Хорошо, get back hansel! You might want to move that thing come on like it’s bro, what it won’t connect. Oh so we broke it. It’S not broken it. Just won’t connect because it’s almost dead probably come on, stop touching it Music, yeah uh it’s, not connecting back together again huh don’t put that on the roof. Хорошо, i don’t know who keeps picking my plants off or not leaves. I don’t know that’s some of you. детишки, it ain’t me: Хорошо, stop it not me we’re dealing with hey we’re mom i’m, just telling you stop it it’s connected again what’s this one Music i’ll put on the trampoline i’m gon na bounce it off hold on see. If it takes a beating, then yeah i’ll, do it i’ll do it here you hold the camera down there and then point it at me and stuff. I want to be over here. Да, Хорошо. I want to make sure it’s still on because wait can i do that? Can i try it? Can i do it with it? Oh nice kick flip yo. I stepped on it front flip over ready. Нво, Applause get the thing high, but don’t crush it. О, все в порядке, колодец, давайте, have it chill now, ah so i’m in the bro eli one. You almost just kicked me in the face.