Everybody always asks me mike what’s, a great beginner car to get into rc, so that gave me an idea to really get on a quest. This journey to figure out some great rc cars that are under a hundred dollars that i could recommend for you guys so we’re gon na start off with the drc sandy cheeks i mean i mean sandy, i mean i mean sandy land, the drc sandyland, and i Figured this truck would be a great place to start because, like i said, it’s 80 on amazon completely ready to run. So that means that it comes with the transmitter. It comes with batteries, it comes with the charger and it comes with a truck and it’s packed with loads of really great features. But let’s get this thing opened: Music, so Music, all right guys. So right off the bat i’m pretty impressed. It came with this little brush, i guess, to clean off like any sand or debris that come in it um. I could see this being pretty useful because it is 1 18 scale car. It came with a baggie of extra screws, um extra clips for the body and extra bolts, so they’re, giving you extra parts right off the bat which is cool. You got this little screwdriver and then to get your tires off. They gave you a little wrench as well, so off the bat really cool and they have a bag to put all the stuff in so looking over the car it looks like the shocks are just spring loaded, so there’s, no oil in them, um and it’s got No piston either so in my experience, these shocks have a tendency to get sand or drunk or dunk in them, and then they lock up and then the car gets stuck down so we’ll see what happens today.

That’S just my experience with running shocks like these. The tires have a really cool tread pattern to them. It looks like the car has front and rear diffs, so i think that it’s going to have loads of traction it’s got an on off switch on the side, which should be pretty easy to get to in order to turn the car off and on with the Bot but the body still on onto the body, the body looks pretty cool it’s got a cool design i’m, not a huge fan of the name sandyland, but overall i’m pretty impressed with this car. One thing that i do like is the dog bones on: it are fully metal. They sit in plastic cups, but they’re metal dog bones which usually breaks on these little 118 scale cars when they have loads of power like this so uh with that being said, overall, i’m really impressed with uh the packaging that it came with everything that it came With some of the things that i don’t like right off, the bat is it doesn’t come with a light kit and the shocks aren’t oil filled, but for 79 on amazon, it’s, looking good so far, uh and then on to the controller. The controller’s got a really nice feel to it. It’S got a nice foam on it, so the steering wheel actually feels very comfortable. Looking at this controller, it’s got a steering, trim and it’s got a speed, switch the more to the right so like it goes from the left to the right and the more you are to the right.

The faster the car is going to go the more power that’s going to give you the steering and throttle is both fully proportional in order to get started. All you got to do is put three double a’s in the transmitter and you’re ready to go all right. Guys so we got the uh sandyland, the drc uh. I forgot the numbers for it, but it’s called the sandyland on the body so that’s what i’m going to call it, but we got this thing all set up. We got the gps taped on, and uh let’s see how fast it goes. Applause that bump up said it a lot. Let’S turn it around. Here we come Music well, come back one more time, all right, let’s see what that is. Let’S see what that is. Stop read wow 13 miles per hour, so that is a far off from what the claim is for the 25 mile an hour on the box. Applause all right, let’s see what that was track. Stop read all right so, just like the other car lost one mile per hour, but it only went 12 miles per hour, Music, all right guys. We are back so some final thoughts on how today went going into it. I was super excited uh right out of the box. It came with extra parts extra screws, it came with two batteries ready to run all for 80., so out of the box. This is supposed to do 25 miles per hour according to what it says, and we did just about half of what that what it said it would do um so that’s, the only disappointing part, but with that being said, it’s, not all bad.

I noticed no issues with running it in the uh in the dirt i’m sure over time. Something could happen, but this car, though, on the dirt handled really well um. We hit some like pretty hard uh jumps. We hit into sticks like launching it into the air. Uh flipped it a few times overall. I think that the durability of this is actually pretty good. At the steering everything’s proportional steering throttle you could adjust your steering trim how fast it’s going to go on the uh on the controller it handled the grass actually pretty. Well, better than the hail storm handled the grass it handled bumps pretty. Well, it is a little springy, but besides that it does it overall, it does like a pretty good job. I think, to recap: overall it’s got some bad points, it’s slower than what it says, but then the good about it is, it seems like it’s, pretty durable and it handles the rough terrain pretty well and then the other thing is that it handled the dirt really. Well, like i said, i’m gon na have a link for this car. If this is something that you’re interested in in my description and in my comments do i think that this is the best budget car that you could get under a hundred dollars. Probably not, i think that if you were going to be getting this for someone that is between four and six years old, eight years old, maybe this is a good starter car.

You could use it in the house, it’s small enough to drive it on the carpets. Uh floor, if you, if you don’t mind so i’m gon na leave that part of this decision up to you, i think, like i said, it’s got its pros and cons so um. Overall, i was a little bit disappointed because it didn’t go, do 25 miles per hour i’m gon na keep on the search to try and find the best car for under 100 uh to get into this hobby. So all right guys! Thank you! So much for watching and if you guys enjoyed this video, please consider subscribing to my channel and also liking the video uh but, like i said, we’re going to continue this journey and if you have any other suggestions for different cars that i could do, reviews on.