Это WL игрушки, 144, double zero fun, rc автомобиль, its a four wheel, drive beast and i normally dont review. Uh rc cars ive done a few uh, but this one was on sale at banggood, its normally just under a hundred dollars, Его 89 91 Или 99, depending on which package you get and theyre also running a coupon and a sale for their 11 11.. So you can get even a better deal than that and this thing hauls 60 kilometers now thats almost 40 миль в час, its a lot of fun to drive, and i just couldnt pass this one up. So i had to share it with you stay tuned and tell you more about it: Музыка, Хорошо. Сооо, Прежде всего, эта вещь быстрая. It is fast and it is a lot of fun to drive um and its four wheel drive. So it actually does a really nice job when i took it off. Road cutting through the grass plowing through some leaves its got some serious suspension. Nice travel on on all of these wheels. You know just really fun to drive now its a brushed motor drone thats right, brushed its a 550 brushed motor um, так что это, not as good as say a brushless motor, but that doesnt mean it. Doesnt have power its got plenty of power to boot. The big thing i dont like about it is everything is housed inside of this little shell right.

So you got to pull these little clips off and uh. You know thats where the battery is thats, where the power button is, then you put these clips on. I just find these clips to be an annoying way to deal with it. It certainly isnt efficient yeah. They look kind of cool. You know some actual race, cars and buggies use these on the hood so thats. You know why they do it. I guess but um you know an easier system to get in and out where all my components are. My on off button is that would have been nice. Its gon na pull the clips out, which isnt too bad the trick is getting them back on right, То есть, where its a little bit tricky now on the inside here youll see the the giant brush motor. This is your on off button right here and another issue. I had is the battery uh strap that they that i got with this was too small right. So initially they offered smaller batteries but theyre giving you bigger batteries now, which means they need. You need a bigger strap and they didnt provide that. So you know easy fix, just kind of an annoyance. I just added another strap to it um and it worked just fine. Хорошо, i got the package with the double 2600 миллиампер час: 2s batteries. You also get a battery charger. Now i didnt use the battery charger because well its not a balanced charger per se and it takes forever three hours where i just use my hobby grade charger, and i got these things charged it up in about half an hour.

The remote is pretty solid um. You know pretty standard, you got your uh drivers wheel here, its got a nice little foam touch on the outside um, then youve got a throttle trim and a steering trim as well trigger pull push to reverse. Сейчас хм, i made the mistake of letting my son drive this thing with the throttle. All the way up, i probably should have toned it back quite a bit because this thing is so powerful. So he took this thing into a curb at full speed and yes, it broke a wheel um. Знаешь, i crashed this thing a bunch of times doing. Flips rolls uh just playing with it being aggressive and was fine, some scratches and whatnot, but you know you hit that curb and go 40 миль в час. Things are going to break so i got to put it back together and i will because this thing is so fun to drive anyway. I hope that was helpful. If youre interested in one of these uh check out the links in the description below their affiliate links, they dont cost you anything to use, but they help support this channel and also have some discount codes that ill ask banggood from from time to time. So youll see those in the description below theyve got a big sale for their 11 11 deal so check that out. If youre looking for rc cars, Дронов, cameras, электроника, clothing and more hey thanks for watching check us out at halfrow.