A lot i talked about printing some out of nylon. Хорошо, i tried the nylon and it warped a lot i’m, not really happy with the print, and i just want to get something built that’s a little better than that. So i decided i’m going to try my hand at making some out of carbon fiber. I went into fusion 360 and modeled them up i’m, actually doing two small ones, по одному с каждой стороны, instead of a full length one. I printed out some templates to go ahead and cut them out of carbon fiber, so i’m gon na head outside cut these things out and we’ll, be back once i got everything cut out, so we’re jumping a little ahead. Here i got a bunch of the pieces. Cut out of carbon fiber just rough cut, i used the dremel to cut them out. Вы можете видеть. I got a little jig here made. What i did was took a piece of 2×6 and drilled a hole in it to fit the dremel in and after it was in. I widened the top a little bit, so i could still get the wrench in there to change out the different accessories it’s. Основном, like just a little mini spindle sander that i made it’ll help me, take the parts and get nice and close up to the line, so i can sand all the way up to my line and make them all the same after that. We’Ll go through drill.

All the holes and then we’ll put it together. One more note before i begin i’ve talked about it before, but with this carbon fiber it’s really important to keep safety in mind. I have a pair of safety glasses here, as well as a respirator that i’m wearing this dust is pretty nasty stuff and i don’t want to be breathing it in at all Music. So to get these small cutouts here that are going to fit against the original shock tower, the sanding drums are a little too big. I got a small end mill bit in here now and i’m gon na go in and carefully just get really really close to that line and cut out that profile. There realized pretty quickly that end mill bit wasn’t working like i liked, but i did find these smaller sanding drums. It should be just about the right radius to fit in there perfectly so i’m gon na try that out now Music, so that worked out really well. I think the best way to get them all even now, Хотя, is to go ahead and drill a holes in everything that way, i can put them together and sand them together, make them all the same profile and then we’ll fit them against the shock tower and Make sure they fit snugly there Music, so i got all the parts filed down to what should be their final shape. Now and i came up here, i got the shocks taken off.

I want to test fit them now, make sure everything’s going to work right. Вы можете видеть, с надеждой, that they saddle into the shock tower nicely i’m gon na. Take some extra screws here and just run them together to hold the parts together and then mount them up in the car make sure they fit nice Music. So you can see they fit up here pretty well now i need to do a little more sanding on the inside right there, so they fit up against the shock tower a little better but i’m liking how that fits. I also want to drill one more hole right here and right here, to run a screw to hold all three plates together at all times, make it a little stronger. I also cut out a whole nother set. The set that’s on here now will be for the front shocks the shorter ones that i use this set will be for the rear shocks. Сюда, i can try out both sets see which one works better, while also keeping that straight up and down vertical shock action. I’M gon na mount these up there right, quick just to test them out i’ll go finish off sanding. These sides drill the holes in them and we’ll be back to install them finish it off. So i got all the pieces, красиво и гладко. Now i got all the holes drilled finished off countersunk this hole here. What i’m gon na do now is put all of the pieces together with two screws.

This one here will be the actual shock post, where the shock will mount normally, but just for now, we’re gon na put it together with a screw and then this one here will be the countersunk screw that’ll stay in here and hold all of the plates together. So with those nice and snug now to finish this off i’m, going to use a little bit of ca glue on the edges just to seal the edges, so they don’t fray or crack, или что-то в этом роде. So now that that’s done we’ll, let the ca, glue, dry and then we’ll be able to get them installed. Музыка, Хорошо. So now we got it all back together, i put the shorter front shocks back on. I had those set up originally, so i want to go back and use those first. I do have the other extensions to use the longer shocks that i can try out. If i want but i’m really happy with this now, i’ll try to get some close up shots for it, so you can see how they look. Они, не идеально, but i like the way they came out. They’Re handmade i didn’t go out and buy anything so something i can be proud of. I’Ve seen there are some available from, i believe one up racing, они алюминиевые, Я считаю,, and one piece they would have been nice. I could have used those, but this way i got to make something myself they’re made out of carbon.

They don’t look bad and, like i said i got to have fun, making them i’m excited to see how they work out. Нво, before i go back out and test, i got a couple more things to fix. In the last video i mentioned, the diff drive cups. I got some new ones on order. They should be in the next couple of days. So i’ll change. That out. I got a few comments about maybe running an unlocked diff with some very heavy weight. Oil may try that i’m, not exactly sure yet, and then the last thing is. I need to find a new location to run to 132 feet when i was looking over that slo mo footage in the last video and a lot of you pointed it out as well. Those expansion joints in the concrete being an eighth to quarter inch wide, really messed with the car. You could actually see the whole car coming off the ground and i’m pretty sure that was the main reason why the car was dancing around all over the place on the top end. But i’ll look for a couple more spots: мы будем! Try it out see how it all works out, but that’s it for today guys. I hope you enjoyed another little build video. I guess little video showing how i make some parts. Let me know how you think they came out in the comments below make sure to leave a like on the video if it helped you out or if you enjoyed it at all, make sure to subscribe to the channel.

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