From course you called Finn McMissile radio, управляемый автомобиль. You can find this exclusively at Disney Store for 30 and says 15 different phrases, so let’s open this car. So I can better show him a close as soon as you’ve removed from the box be sure to remove the cable first of all and also the cable from the remote control. It comes with a one page. Only instructions in English, the car already comes with batteries, but the remote control. You still need to put the 9 volt battery that already comes with the car and to drive this car just open the remote control as a cell phone, the latest in spy technology forward. Reverse left and right and you can hide the spy gear just by pushing it in and to release just push down the button yeah by the way he measures 10 inches long by four and a half inches wide. Alright guys, thanks again for watching my videos and stay tuned for much more from khartoum, увидимся в следующий раз.