Добро пожаловать, если вы возвращаетесь, добро пожаловать обратно на этот раз, мы рассматриваем автомобиль RC. Речь идет о 24 фунтов на Амазонке. Я хотел посмотреть, что он может сделать, это довольно изящно, мелочь, но сначала проверьте сам автомобиль. Хорошо, так что здесь у нас есть сам автомобиль, as you can see its double sided, so it cant crash cant get stuck it just keeps on driving and youve got these wheels, which rotate as youll see in a minute with the videos. You can do some crazy things. So that is the car and to charge it. You get a handy little cable that then plugs in there and you can charge it via usb or the mains thats. A cool little feature. You dont need to use batteries for the car itself, and here we have the controller, красиво и просто. These controls go up and down. They then control. What the card does with this. You will need uh aaa batteries, so make sure youve got some of them in your home. If youre gon na buy this car, okay so thats the car, as you saw there, its not very big at all its a nice compact little car were now going to see what this car can do. All the weird little things it can do with its rotating wheels. We let nikki have a go on this lets see what we got up to Music. Как вы можете видеть там, the car is pretty wild.

Does its little flips little rotations, we did lose control of it a couple of times. The only way i can describe this car is, if you give a child lots of chocolates and sweets and release them. Let them go theyll go into a whirlwind of excitement and craziness, and yes that was my impression of a kid on too much chocolate and sweets going hyper. So we also thought wed have a little bit more fun. With this car we set up a little homemade ramp to see how good it was going over ramps and jumps bits and bobs like that. So we gave a little test and this is what we came up with Music. So this car is the escal four wheel. Drive remote control, car description of it is below so do check that out if youre looking to buy. This cart again is about 24 30 фунтов на Амазонке. Общей, i think its a pretty wicked car. We did it on carpet im sure if youve got a shiny surface, a laminate or something like that, its going gon na work even better. So if you do have that in your home, this could be a fantastic little car for your kids, the age for it is between six and twelve. I think you can go a little bit higher than that, because it is just a lot of fun again. Its the esgolf four wheel drive remote control car. It looks like that, its pretty nifty we enjoyed it.

We had fun with it, so i do recommend this to anyone whose child is looking for a remote control car, something to eat some into it, something for them to have fun, with its definitely good for the price and the fact it doesnt need batteries. Apart from remote control is an added bonus for me, so overall, i think its a fantastic little car, if you did enjoy the video, do remember, give it a like comment below youve got any questions. Let me know remember to subscribe if you havent already and if you havent already, what are you doing anyway, were going to see you next time? Weve got loads of new videos for this year, im excited to get going. We can do some more pop figures soon, as i mentioned pop figures.