My name is. I am just getting some dog hair out of these tires. Dried. It on carpet got a puppy, so yeah we have today the soul, 2 desert mini rc car, it doesn’t say mini or art it doesn’t say many. This is the normal size, но это, really nice i’m going to go shut the door because there’s really loud stuff out there. Хорошо, there we go so this car right here wondering the price: 15 bucks very good don’t. You waste your money on this it’s, not a waste. You will not waste your money on it. I meant to say um this 17 miles per hour very fast, just when you’re driving this on, like wood, tile or slippery. This thing will spin out do donuts crazy stuff, so yeah let’s put that there you charge it um right here. This takes two two batteries: гм я, pretty sure two doubles yeah, two double a’s. So right here i don’t know. If you can see the l in the h, i don’t know if you can see that, but l means for low speed, h means for high speed, so i can put in high speed plus speed. The other button does nothing but turn it on so let’s turn. This on i’m going to stay on low speed because you don’t lose control and when you’re in light speed. This thing is like 15 миль в час. Очень быстро! Нво, let’s put it in high speed switch to high speed.

I will it’s a lot better on the road. О, да, i forgot to say this will really all right. If the back tires only work, you want to see how fast high speed is real, fast like if i touch that it’s going to burn so ready for a wheelie it’s pretty hard to do wheelie, but here goes nothing. О, да, вот и все, not hard. Хорошо. This is for you guys, beginners. Хорошо, you turn this forwards. That turns you right backwards, turns you left so, when you’re driving that’s how you steer or turn um okay, this is for the beginners how to do a wheelie, so we’re going to drive it forward. You’Re going to go backwards and then go forward when you got enough speed like as you can see, i’m going to go backwards and that’s so like this is what’s happening i’m going forward. Но потом, when i go backwards and i hit forward, it goes like that. So here i’ll show you i’m gon na try to get a nice one for you. I think you saw that if you did not i’m super sorry here’s another one, Хорошо, колодец, i’m gon na have to turn it around it’s in high speed i’m gon na switch. The light speed see if i can get better control. Okay here goes nothing. It will not do really in low speed high speed, though it does wheelies all day, and this thing off roads like okay, see that wall very good jumps very good it’s.

I would say a beginner car, для вас, ребята: we’ve got the world tech. Toys f250 super duty, beginner car when you get and then when you’re kind of tired with that, Я бы сказал,, get the no step. Adventure force really fun metal cheap. This right here, 20. 15., Сооо, like the lower price corners, i would say are better like this one 15. Look at those lights, bright lights like really bright lights, как я, really amazed by that 15. 15. 20. Really good. These come with the small controllers normal. So this is a nice rc car. I would prefer it’s really easy, not really for the better, but i would say it’s more for kind of it’s more for like people who are done being beginners and want to get more into expensive stuff. Хорошо, it’s actually really cheap um. If you’re wondering where you can get this amazon walmart and target those are the pieces i’ve seen it the sole desert too so does it too? I can make the jump. О, там. It goes and let’s let’s send it down. Maybe i can like lay down right here and it might it might hit this um here there’s, nothing is it pointed forward. Hopefully there goes nothing yeah, Не, quite work, it’s a fun car, though it’s really fun. It lands its jumps. You can find like, like this guys.