I am really stoked about today’s video because we have a nitro engine here on the workbench to check out. I actually love fuel powered cars. I know there’s not enough here on the channel there’s, just not a wide variety like there used to be, and electric is big nowadays so that’s. Why i cover a lot of electric but deep down. I love racing, a scale nitro. I love tuning engines it’s, just something that really grabs my interest and i love it and you know i’m really excited that we get to check out one of these new engines from toy on here. Toyon is not new. Uh they’ve been around for some time. Есть, a bunch of youtube videos out there, rc tanks and trucks. 24 7. he’s got some really cool, builds with these engines in there love watching that and when they contacted me to see. If i wanted to show to you guys our audience, i jumped on the opportunity now today we’re going to do a first look on this engine uh. This is their diy, two cylinder four stroke engine and this looks really cool. I mean i love looking at the pictures and videos of this, but now that i have it up close, i can really appreciate the the craftsmanship the machine work that’s in this engine. Это, just incredible i’ve been staring at it ever since it arrived a couple days ago and just absolutely love the look of this thing and it’s really got my mind going as far as creativity.

What am i going to install it in? But here i’m just going to give you a general overview of the engine. This is a diy, build model and they actually went and sent me one of their test engines here, because i really wanted to show you uh before their kickstarter campaign ends. They have a kickstarter campaign going just full disclosure here. They didn’t ask me to say that i i want you guys to know about the kickstarter campaign, because you could get a good deal on it uh. They did send me the engine. Obviously uh but didn’t ask anything else. Just said, Знаешь, show it to your audience, enjoy it put it in something and that’s what we’re going to do but, как я уже сказал, the machine work on this thing is fantastic, Сооо, obviously again, it’s two cylinder uh four strokes. So in the head here, we’ve got rockers and valves, which is i mean, То есть, просто очень круто. I have a couple four four stroke engines in my collection uh, but nothing that looks like this uh got short little exhaust tubes on the one side and on the other side uh we have these carburetors. You can see two needle valves, so you go into two in the two cylinders that are in there um. I can’t run this one right now, uh just kind of a spoiler alert. I hope i don’t lose. You guys mine’s actually missing an idle stop screw, which is why i can’t run it, but trust me they will have everything in the kit.

This was just a test sample that they were. You know using to to r d with so that’s what’s holding me up. Uh the block machined aluminum block here the pistons, come from what i could tell come assembled with the uh, the rod on there you do have to install the ring with the crank on. There looks really really nice the way it’s machined and then we do have a water pump in here. This is a water cooled engine. Obviously we got the fan out front. I got a radiator i’m going to show you in a minute uh. It is electric start there’s, a brushless motor on the side with a pulley and a large, really large pulley to help you know spool this thing right up, get it started right away and then it free wheels actually there’s a one way bearing in there really heavy Flywheel on the uh, the back of the crank to keep this thing running at low rpm pulleys up front for the belt, which actually you know wraps around the the lower crank pulley keeps the fan going, and then there are a couple barbs on there. One is to let the oil out of the bottom and the other two are for the water cooling now there’s a water pump, as i mentioned inside, that will cycle the water through to keep this thing cool. So you know this has a lot of potential for builds uh. You could maybe put this in a rock crawler um.

You know there’s some other options that i’m already thinking about, но э-э .. I think the the options are endless. You could do so much with this engine and, like i said what the cool factor with this particular one is. It is a diy kit when you get yours, if you order one, this will be completely disassembled and you have to build it up yourself and i think that’s pretty awesome for the creative builders out there that really want to build it from the ground up. All right so some other things that come with it from what i can tell uh. You also get these the starter unit here. So this is the brushless motor starter looks like we just got a momentary switch. You push it down to start it. You need to supply a 7.4 volt lipo battery. To start this thing up, and then this is the electronic unit for the second cylinder there. They have these little caps that go on to the glow plug four stroke, glow plugs from what i could tell they gave me some spares in case. I needed it and they do have an f on there, which i believe stands for four stroke. It’S been a while, since i’ve touched a four stroke engine uh also what they gave me was this radiator for the water cooling. I actually have to supply my old lines and stuff, which is kind of what’s, holding me up as well uh.

As far as getting this installed into something we’ve got a radiator mount here, it looks like we’ve got some pholonic spacers, so it doesn’t transfer any heat and then some hardware to go and mount up the radiator to the set here. Так что это, is really cool. I mean we got bearings here, there’s oil seals on the inside. I i just. I think this is absolutely fantastic uh. Единственное:, i don’t know what i should really install it and then that’s part of this video here is help me. Let me know in the comment section what i should install this in when i posted this on instagram. There was a couple people that wanted me to put it into the rift. I got the rift behind me over there. It looks like it might work really well. In that, but if you have an idea, let me know in the comment section below i’m interested to see what you guys think this should be bolted down in, but this is really awesome like i said this is on a kickstarter campaign right now, i’ll put a Link to that in the description below, as well as a link to toyon, i just really wanted to show this to you guys, because again, Я, a nitro guy. I love this and i know there’s a bunch of viewers out there that love nitro as well or just fuel powered vehicles, and i think you really needed to see this.

So let me know what you think about the engine overall. Would you build one up or would you want to go and just get an assembled engine? They have a variety of engines on their website. Even four cylinders really cool stuff love. What toyon has done here, it’s just very creative stuff kind of out of the box and the builds with these are wild. I can’t wait to install this or something all right guys if you haven’t done so. Пожалуйста, нажмите эту кнопку подписки и колокольчик уведомлений.