You guys chose this car. Well done you! I was really hoping that you’d go for this one, because after i did the unboxing of it, i was like. О, oh i’ve got to build it, but i have the aventi mark ii was a very close second uh over on patreon. It was a draw, but on the youtube um poll. This is the car that zoomed ahead. When i put the two together, this one still won so today, we’re gon na build this and now i’m hoping i can build it paint it run it all. In this episode, fingers crossed it doesn’t. Look that difficult to paint and the body’s already cut out. So that’s a big chunk there’s only one color as well, so that saves me a large amount of time masking up and things like that. I think i’ve just got to put the window decals in and then blow it over in red. О, have i got any red, oh red, красный, red red? О, i think we’re, good ps2, uh we’ve got another one we’re good, мы, Хорошо, это, nothing like being prepared, so we can actually yeah. This is the professional quality service of production that you’ve come used to right. So it looks like we can do this project. I know it comes with the bearing so that’s great and i’ve got a few kosher motors floating around and i think i’ve got enough electronics as well, so i’m gon na do the magic, clap and i’ll be right back! Oh look at it! Oh isn’t it good! Oh stunning, this is the plastic part that all the rest are beautiful bits of metal and look at this look look, , это, just stunning and you get a bag that says plastic bag on it.

Я имею в виду. What more do you want and you even get a little tiny spare parts bag in case you fling stuff around and you can’t find it now. I could never imagine why anyone would ever need that yeah anyway, it’s great to haveand i just i’m gon na savor this one. I really am it’s, absolutely oh it’s, Так хорошо. Look at these pieces of metaloh i’ll, show i take my hat off to you, your legendary stuff, Да, это, not cheap and cheerful, but the quality of the kits is just stunning. You get your bearings that you even get your loctite thrown in and your you know beautiful pieces of machine metal and the layout. This is exactly what i’m looking for and what you end up with the end is a stunning looking retro buggy as well. Нет, я, not sponsored by cure, показывать, but the more i get into it. The more i love their stuff right. Let’S crack on manual manual must be in the box right. Let’S crack on and get page one going right got the manual let’s have a look. Let’S have a look so, Прежде всего, you start off with all the parts pages very different right, страница, eight number one open bag, a done and start with these beauties right, let’s crack on and get it done, Музыка. Хорошо, so i finished bag a basically. It was the main chassis in the front, brace and the steering at the beginning.

Nothing super difficult about that. The only thing you have to pay attention to is to make sure you leave a little bit of clearance so that this steering runs free. If you do this up a little bit tight, it will crimp and hold it. It says in the manual to leave 0.5 millimeters um, so you want it nice and sloppy and free. That was the only thing to be careful of, and it asks you to set the pin to be at that angle in step two apart from that, nothing super difficult uh, getting getting the split pin on the top of the uh servo saber. So so by say that server saver um it’s a little bit difficult, so you got ta push down and then clip it, but nothing that you probably haven’t done a thousand times before. So now we open up bag, быть Музыкой. So we just finished page 11 and now we’re gon na open bag, c i’ve put the lemon 490 motor in just like it says: умм, nothing super special about that at all. I do like this sort of chrome bit that makes it look more. Engine like and it says, to put the screws in carefully don’t go too tight, otherwise you might crack it. I wonder if someone does a machined one of those in metal. That would be really beautiful to see um next we’ve got to put the sort of protection bar system around what looks like the engine i’m going to run this in the garden i’m, not going to blast it around.

Таким образом, 490 motor is perfectly acceptable in this car um right, so we’ll carry on open bag c and then just keep chugging through the build oh i’m, enjoying every minute of it: Музыка, блестящий, Хорошо, so i’ve just filled up the shocks with oil. These shocks are made for you already they’re already put together. So basically you just unscrew it remove the piston and you fill it up and then you put the piston back in so it’s kind of the other way around to taking the top off the tamiya ones and filling them up so slightly different. But no, Нет, i wouldn’t say it’s any harder, the tool they give you as uh that sits over it to turn it doesn’t really fit over very well on mine. It did work, but i thought it would slop slip right over and then you just rotate it. But it kind of sat on it. I don’t know whether, because they’ve coated this it actually, the tolerance is very small, but i still managed to get it to work so there’s, no problem on that front. Um i’ve put the motor onto the chassis it’s. Looking very long at the moment, but that’s because obviously there’s nothing else on it. Now we move on to page 13 число 12, which is the arms so that’s next loving every minute of it. These tires are absolutely gorgeous. О, они, lovely and soft. Извините, sorry about it, get it carried away.

Да, очень приятно, like those. So the quality of this kit is beautiful. Um i’d like to see this in metal the surround, and i don’t know whether it’s possible to actually get that in metal. But i’ll have a look. Хм, as well as the like, the engine topping metal would be really nice, но э-э ., lovely all right. Let’S carry on with number 12. Музыка, so i’ve just finished off. страница 18. число. 23.! О, О! This kit is so good. О, это, beautiful there’s! Hardly any plastic on it: i’m surprised they did this hoop in metal that they didn’t go and do this. But then i guess there’s, a certain price they’ve got to work to, but it’s absolutely beautiful i’ve got to adjust the steering to make it uh they’re a bit all over the place, but that’s just adjusting the um arm. So it’s no big deal um. No mistakes really so far that i can remember, i did put these two plates upside down. Не надо. Ask me why, but that was just two screws to undo it and swap it over these two screws that stick up that is correct. I’M guessing later on. Да, it becomes part of something else next right. What do we do? Next now we move on to page 19, putting the servo in which is 24, and this servo plate of some sort goes in there, так что это. The next thing to do so. Let’S carry on Music, Хорошо, так что мы.

Наконец, getting there i’ve just put the top deck in um. Servo went straight in no problems at all. With that. The only thing that’s a little bit strange is there’s a little bit of cut out plastic here that it says to slide in which it does. But it’s got this weird kind of use, a bit of tape, thing which makes no sense to me whatsoever and, like double sided tape, fold over. So what i’ve done is i’ve just put a little bit of tape, underneath i guess it’s just to hold it in place, but being that once you put the electronic speed controller in there, you’re not going to be pressing down on it and that’s not going to Fall out like that, так что это довольно прохладно. So next we need to put the electronics in it now i’m, just using whatever i’ve got lying around, because i want this to be a driver car so that it fully functions but i’m not going to be blasting. It constantly it’s just going to be zooming around the garden on the grass so i’m, using what i’ve got now. The 25kg servo is a bit overkill, but i’ve got them and they’re dirt, cheap from banggood, так что я. Happy with that um i’m going to go for a fly sky, receiver and i’ve got a tamiya standard brush brushless electronic speed controller, which will do yes. I know it’s sacrilege, putting a tamiya thing inside a cure show, but it’s good enough and the cure show.

Electronic speed controller is quite expensive, which i might swap out. I have actually got one but uh that’s going in a different car, так или иначе, let’s keep going so there you go. I just finished off all the electronics. The car fully works. Now i haven’t set the end points and i haven’t trued up the steering, как вы можете видеть, it’s a little bit off, but i just put the body on to see if it all lined up and everything like that, because the body is where i’m going to Focus on next now, no problems at all with the electronics and getting things in the car. But one problem that i do have is that the driver clips into the car and the electronics need to be underneath now. You’Ve got quite a nice area to put your electronic speed controller and your receiver, but you don’t have a lot of height and that’s. My problem is that i’m running the tamiya and it’s a bit of a chunky, old girl, and it has a heatsink on the top, which makes it even worse. So i cannot run the driver with that, and the problem is that you want to leave all the windows out and you want to have it open and you want to see the driver so for that reason, i’m going to have to change the electronic speed controller In this car to something that’s got a little bit of a thinner, um stature, so that’s the plan, so i’ll go online later on and i’ll see.

If i can find one of those, but the car is fully working as it is um. What did i think of the build? До сих пор? Probably one of my favorite entry, easy builds it’s even nicer than the um turbo optima, because the turbo option was four wheel: drive this change and it’s a little bit more complicated. This is as simple as it comes, and i can highly recommend this if you’re a novice, and you want to build one of these cars now. The problem is that you probably won’t stumble across one of these, because they’ve become very limited and they’re hard to find. Нво, but if you have the opportunity to build this and you’re looking to get into doing a two wheel drive car for the first time. О, нет, this car is amazing, no hassles whatsoever. Everything lines up every bolt and screw is exactly where it needs to be there’s, no bend it and put the screw in you get none of that it all just clips together, like a nice watch, красивый, абсолютно красиво, i’m gon na look and see if there’s a Few little metal upgrades, especially for the bar at the back, because the rest of the car is so nice that i think it deserves it, but i don’t know if they’re available or not right next let’s paint up the body Music. Хорошо, so i finished up painting up the body i stuck with the ps2. I did about five coats of ps2.

In the end i had one problem where i had a fisheye right at the front, so i went back in i stopped painting. I went back in. I removed the fisheye with the tamiya polycarbonate cleaner and then i blew it back in again and that sorted it out. So if you have fish eyes, you don’t have to just keep spraying over the top you’re better off, just stopping cleaning it and then carrying on. So apart from that, the rest of it went on fine um. After about four coats of red or five coats of red, i can’t remember now i did two coats of white and then i did two coats of black to keep the red. I didn’t want it to darken down so completely happy with that, took all the window masks off now. This kit comes with the stickers for the windows and the surrounds, so you don’t have to be super perfect with the edges, but the stickers you get with the kit work. Штраф, i did find that the sticker that goes on the front windscreen was way too big. So i didn’t bother using that one, and i made my own and i’m happy with it. No problems with that at all. There is actually a silver sticker that goes across the top, which i guess is going to hide this one but i’m not going to put that on, because i don’t like it and i’ve, seen people commenting saying you get air bubbles and things like that in it.

So i don’t think it needs it next uh i’ve got to. Luckily all the stickers have been cut out for you yay, so i’ve just got a pillow off and put all the stickers on. I painted the body up. I did the center section yellow and then the rest black. You actually get like stickers to go over the driver, and these sections are all done in carbon, but they don’t go all the way to the bottom. So if you do it in black, you won’t see this join line, and then you have the seat belts and everything that goes over the top. I learned that from when i did my turbo optima. I thought the stickers would go all the way down to the edge, but they don’t so you’ve got to actually do that. Иначе, the yellow shines through the bottom section. I’Ve also done the helmet, which i’ve done it in blue. On this one and uh, i didn’t bother doing the face because you get a sticker that goes over the visor, which i’m going to put the visor on this one because i’m being a bit lazy today, so that’s the plan, so he’s got a yellow, yellow and Blue and then the car’s red, so lots of bright, colors right let’s, get the stickers on and then i’ll be right, back Music styling. So there you go all finished a few other things that i’ve done: гм это, so beautiful with all the metal work and things like that that the protection bars at the back in plastic, but i’ve managed to find some metal ones and i’ve purchased them and they’re.

Coming as well so when i get those i’ll swap them over, because the kit is just so beautiful um and i thought it’d be worth lifting it a little bit more, so i went with those they were quite expensive for what they are. But uh you see, you can see quite a lot of it around the back, so i thought hey. Почему бы нет? So i did that and also you have lots of options of how you want to have the lights. You can have the lights like this. You can have this uh extra protection plate and things like that, and then you can also have this section in um like a metallic sticker as well, but i went with the basic as it is on the box really. This is not going to get driven that much so i’m, not too worried about ripping the lights off. But if i was racing it, i i’d probably take the lights off completely um only problem i had was the front sticker this front, arrow sticker, that you see that you see here, it’s got to be perfectly aligned, which is super difficult um. Сооо, к сожалению, i had to lift it once and put it down again. So i’ve got a few air bubbles. I might try and see if i can get them out with a with the scalpel and the pin and the hair dryer and things like that. But now it’s lined up and it’s crucial.

So when you’re putting this on really take your time, i probably would try. If i was going to do it again, i would use the water technique, because it’s cut out already i’d, probably use the washing up liquid and move it into place. That way you won’t get so many air bubbles. All the others came out. Штраф. It was just this one along the front there trying to be a perfectionist um. Another thing, Я бы, probably do i’m, not having too much luck getting these black stickers to stick they’re the bar stickers um. Так что если вы, your skill, is high enough and you’ve got the patience, i would probably go back and i would paint these in black. лично, i may even get to the point where i take them off, because when i masked off the red i actually got the lines pretty decent, so i could just have red bars and it wouldn’t look. It would be fine, but they seem to be lifting a little bit and they didn’t really line up that well either. So i would probably go without the black bars. So if you’re going to build this, that would be my recommendation from that point of view. Хм. So no issues at all from that. I have seen that you can get some aluminium collars instead of the plastic ones, which i may do as well just a little another little sprinkling but uh. They are quite expensive for what they are.

So i probably won’t bother right. All that’s left now is to take it for a spin, so let’s go out the studio and blast it around the garden, так музыка. So what do you think big fan um? I actually like it more now than i did before. I bought it building. It was oh lovely, absolutely enjoyable process that wasn’t, that challenging and in the in person, it’s better looking than you think it is, and it was a good looking buggy when you actually look at the pictures online, so i can highly recommend it. If you can find one go for it, pull the trigger. Определённо, if you’re thinking about trying a curl show for the first time and you’re a tamiya fan, give this a go. I could highly recommend it anyway, thanks very much don’t forget to like and subscribe. If you haven’t already and if you’d like to support the channel head over to the patreon i’ll, put a link at the bottom here and or go over to facebook, we have a facebook group where everyone’s chatting and things like that. I’Ll put a link below yeah. Another one done right: what’s next you’ll find out soon see you soon bye, Пока, check out.