Хорошо, let me just get right down to it. We’Ll make this one quick, Вот, интерьер, a little dusty in there. I need to clean it up a little bit. Конечно, i hadn’t ran it um, nothing but pure detail, that’s how an excavator model is supposed to look that’s. How one looks in real life. It’S got the quick detached bucket, но это, not the hydraulic version. You just pull this pin out and then of course, naturally we have a screener bucket which hooks up right here and then you can hook your um, your hammer or you know your claw or whatever you want to hook on there. But this is nothing but but pure detail. This is how a model is supposed to look that’s. How it’s supposed to look right there you don’t, see wires from the lights. The cylinders are painted just as real cylinders on the real excavator commodities dc 490 and go around to the other side. This is the other side. All the lines are perfect. Хм, perfect machine, nothing but pure excellence. Сейчас хм, when you take the hatch off it’s held with magnets, you just simply pull it off it’s hard to do with one hand. I know let me go around on the other side. These are like my favorite models of them all there we go. You got to be careful because of those hand rails now see how it’s got magnets that hold it in place right there and right.

There now see the see the turntable drive motor wiring there’s, where the battery goes there’s the pump. This is nothing but pure excellence. Right in here and it’s, just as if a real one look, you know scale wise, умм, Вот, Ваш сервопривод, not sound wiring is is perfect. Everything labeled all right now, i’ll show you how it works. Реальный, Быстрый! This is a futaba. Fmt 01 turn the transmitter on now i’m, not going to put the canopy back on it, the hatch but i’m going to hook this battery up i’ll just leave it and i’ll. Leave it right there all right now. You can see it says, throttle position, 50 Процентов. So we’ll go up here and we’ll dial it down to about 65 70 Процентов. I don’t like to run them real hard. I mean you could run it at a hundred percent, but but i really like these models and i don’t want to Music. You know have a potential leak or anything like that. Naturally it’s got and then you’ll see the transmitter says work and then, when you flip this switch, it says drive. So when it says work and while you’re in the work stage, you can you can twist these knobs or push these buttons to work like the shear or the camera or whatever you have accessory. You have on here or even the spring of the market, but then in order to drive it, you come back up here and flip that switch back down to drive and then you twist twist the log i wanted everybody to to see the the 490 i’ve been Meaning to do a review on it sure that cost a little bit more money and whatnot, но гм.

If you want quality, this is the place to go, and you know that would be fumotek um out all the the models i have. The fumotech are hands down by far the nicest models that that i’ve seen you know doing. Rc equipment and i’ve done radio control. Ибо вы знаете,, 30 Лет, all of this komatsu that’s all painted on it’s hand painted no no decals. None of that everything’s hit like it’s supposed to got the best to the best of the best and um on a scale of one to ten, one being the the least and and ten being the uh best. I give this a good, сплошной, Десять, um and that’s. All i got to say about it very nice machine you couldn’t, ask for any any better quality or any better customer service.