Что случилось, ребята? My name is mark sunrise. Welcome back to channel welcome back to the rc vlog guys we are at gold, star, rc hobbies. This is the closest indoor carpet track off road carpet track. I’Ve ever that’s to my house, i’ve never actually been here, uh it’s kind of crazy. Речь идет о 35 45 minutes from my house. Uh we’re gon na go check it out. I didn’t bring any cars. I brought the entire family, Хотя, which the boys are already going in there. I didn’t bring any cars, but we are going to check the place out. I need to get some carpet tires. I need to get some carpet tires. I need some truck proline, either pyramids or prisms, and hopefully i get some mountain and i will bring a car up here, but let’s go check it out guys all right. First off the area it’s in it’s in like this little office area, um here’s a little sign over here, we’re gon na walk in here i like to get everything because it’s kind of cool to see. О, посмотрите: there’s jackson, he was the uh, the race announcer at the plate. When we were at action all right. We got to get some tires, but here is the track. Oh wow dang it i was hoping people would be here um. They got some shop over here. О, , это, the short horse bag. I use look at this little guy.

A little mini. Slash. Хорошо! Let’S go look around Music! Oh you want to rent a car. What do you want to drive? What do you want to drive a bathroom bathroom saying about renting a car got some pit area over here. Here’S the driver stand. This driver stands kind of interesting. You walk up, hey what’s up man. I know that guy. О, this is the big big wig around here he’s, the one that’s been winning all the races. What’S up, dude been good, так что смотрите, they got it all separated nice eric. Can you uh rip some laughs for the camera? О, да, Посмотрите. We got someone rip the laps for the camera. What are you gon na rip it with my truck Music on the track? T 6.2 То есть? What he’s gon na be driving look at the tires they use out here? These are wedges. Да, do you put foams in them tire rolling? Хорошо, so i don’t know anything. I got to go buy some tires, but he was saying that he uses the proline black foams helps with tyre rolling we’re going to watch him rip away. He’S got some very clean cars, very cool super cool man, Хорошо, мы, gon na watch them rip i’m gon na go see if they have the tires that i need, because when i come back out here, i need to make sure i can beat up on Eric all right cool eric made a mistake right before i went live, so you don’t get to see that part we’re going to see him he’s a peacock evan’s driving that white car right there.

This is his first time on offer a carpet track. I was actually driving it pretty good, but oh it looks so much fun. О, come do people double it on, not hey eric! You hit the brake at the end of the straight. Да. I just blip it long enough to kind of bring me to a stop. This is perfect way down saved it. Can i try dead, oh shane barrier he’s, the one that uh attempted to ride the skateboard, but buckled Music, хм да. That was actually a lot of fun. Ребята. Я, not gon na lie. I i kind of want one now i have a four wheel drive car, but it was going to be a four wheel, drive stock, so i was going 13.5 and then i have four wheel. Drive truck that’s, evan driving he’s, actually driving it pretty good, Хорошо, Ребята, we’re gon na take a little tour again. I like to get the full effect of these hobby shops and these tracks, because a lot of times you just see the track. You don’t actually see what’s going on, so you walk in right there on the right side, that’s kind of a hobby shop and right when you walk in was a hobby shop also over here on the right side. Хм. These are all pit areas, um that’s, довольно прохладно. I like this driver stand. You don’t like walk up in a in a line. You just go right up from the back.

Я думаю, что это, pretty cool and then back here. Um is pit area that must be shane’s room, there’s pit area over here, there’s the gold star canopy. I need to get one of these we’re gon na get some msm canopies next year. That should be pretty cool, so extra pitter, these nice little pit tables a lot of plugs um and then here is the track so yeah it looks pretty good guys. Я, not looking like my boys, are having a blast they’re, letting them borrow the cars and they’re running um ethan’s about to get off because he’s about to snap something in half um, но это, довольно прохладно, есть, so much traction of course, it’s carpet. So traction’s, not something you’re really worried about here, умм, но это, a lot of fun. Боже мой, seriously ethan you’re about to be banned all right, so they said they were going to blow up a can of vp for me for the vlog um. So we’re not going to let them like there’s, not much going on it’s, just us driving us touring the shop um so he’s going to blow up again. I don’t know what this means. I don’t know where they’re going, what are they doing? He’S going to grab a can of vp, i don’t even know what to expect here. It blows up like it pretty much. The vp can just the fumes go up in it and just it explodes, and it goes wherever it decides, идти.

Это, like one big fight, why are we gon na do this out back there, you go guys we’re gon na blow up can of ep up for the vlog that’s nice of them. I appreciate that wait, they’re going to blow that up now. No so i don’t know what’s going to happen, but shane is going to explain exactly the process here. So basically you get a can of bp pretty much empty and you light the ground on fire and the ground blows. The vp can up simple enough. We got ta find a lighter first simple enough, but they said it sounds like a gunshot, so they’re scared, which makes me a little scared kind of scary i’m super concerned about what is about to happen. Someone said i do perfect. Музыка, get it away from the building. At least eric is worried there he’s, like i’m gon na stay over here. He said not near the power lines. Whoever decides to go. This is what we do for the vlog guys. Ждать, ждать, умм, Музыка, Хорошо, хорошо! He is now applying the nitro fuel on the ground. I think i’ve seen this. I think cole ogden did this at a race okay, so i i mean this kind of seems like a recipe for disaster. Хорошо, that’s a lot of fuel you’re putting down, but it burns really slow, so you empty it all out. So basically he has to make a longer line, so it’s gon na shoot out that way.

О, is it going to be loud, Да, i’m kind of scared of it it’s going to be loud um? This could be the end of jackson too. This is this could be a uh, a tape for the cops to watch dang. It it’s not going to work. You’Ve got a puddle right. There just light the puddle, like the puddle it’s blowing the light around use your hand to cup it yeah exactly light your hand on fire. First there it goes run. Боже мой, i’m scared whoa, it didn’t. Сделай это. Dude golly that’s. Still nice, that was so scary enough put it back on there, shane don’t touch it Music risk your life, Боже мой, i don’t know what’s happening right now. О, was that a serious throw he hit. Zane doesn’t throw shane tried to hit that with a rock and he was he missed it by like 10 feet and he was six feet away. Давайте, walk shane, давайте, ходить! Почему? Why is this i’m trying to? Почему? Are you all scared to kick that? Because i landed the wrong one, we need Music he’s, not gon na be able to hit it. Хорошо, i think i think the uh the intensity is gone. I think we’re good wasted seven minutes of our lives jeez, so this is alex alex’s car, i won’t say his last name, but this is his remote look. He’S got like a thousand dollar remote with all these upgrades on it looks super good alex is the owner of this place, um the workers here, which i know alex i travel with him.

I actually, i think i have a vlog. Maybe i have a vlog or something where we went to psycho nitro blast along with alex alex super nice guy. He wouldn’t care. If we were driving his car i’m pretty sure he gave us a green light but i’m going to drive his car with his 5 m17 remote god. Эта штука больна, Хорошо, there’s shane on the track. He works here. So you should. He should be able to set the record lap here. Видимо, a 10 5 is a fast lap. I wasn’t running anywhere close to that. I was running like high 12s let’s see what he runs here: Музыка есть, а 11 1 that was pretty good. Eleven three oh that’s slow one. He already messed up there, Хорошо 12 flat, oven, Это хорошо. Oh you waited 10 7. There you go all right! There’S jackson he’s got the cool, pink and green car. He just flipped over um. He also works here. Both these guys are definitely capable of running super fast laps. These are stock cars. Это 17, 5, 17 fives right, 17, 5, blinky, no turbo they’re, so fast, это, crazy yeah. Я мог бы. I could come out here and run a million laps and have evan marshall. Для меня, the whole time i’m, just joking him Music, Я скажу — shanehas the fastest lap that i’ve seen here so far, 10 7. Да. This is fun guys not gon na lie well that’s a wrap guys this place is pretty cool.

I’Ll put a link in the description below on how you can find this place. It’S on facebook, uh super cool, uh carpet track indoor. Everyone here was super nice and hospitable. I i’m gon na come back for sure, это, так весело. I just don’t know i’ll probably be running the four wheel drive cars, but it seems like two wheel drives way to go out here. Увидим, в любом случае, hope you liked this video.