Похоже, это зарядное устройство дополнительных передач ручное? Это аккумулятор Im, предполагая, когда его внутри автомобиля. Это контроллер, и если я переверну его вверх дном, Продолжим. Это сама катушка, немного меньше, чем я думал там. It goes but Im going to pause this video and cut all these um twist ties up and take a quick look at it, увидимся через минуту: Хорошо, Im back and basically this is everything that comes in the Box, including the manual this charger. Он поставляется с двумя батареями. This is one of them just plugs into here and its the same type of charger. That comes with a lot of these Amazon cars from China and heres. The car itself, Ive already taken the pins out, and there we have it. Этот автомобиль, a little smaller than I thought it would be its about seven inches, a little less than seven inches in length, possibly a little bit more. The wheelbase synthesis Center is just under four inches. It looks like three and seven eighths anyway, Im gon na pop. This in there we go whoops missing the front and the pins simply go in so its basically just like any other RC. The cover connects with pins. It looks really nice and well made its like. I said its smaller than I thought it would be, but it looks really well made and looks pretty solid. Its got independent, you know each tire has its own.

Has its own spring shocks um. I know you cant really see it with this video, but its four wheel, независимые потрясения, just like a regular, I dont know if you can see it in there. There goes the shock and each tire has its own set anyway. I hope this helps um enjoy. This looks really solid. There goes the motor put the pin on. If I get a chance Ill run this, so you can see how it is hope. This helps. Хорошо, I just plugged the battery in you need four Double. As for the remote does not come with those, and let me see I turn the remote on, let me hit that see if it binds. I should probably read the directions, but let me see if I could get it to bind whoa didnt realize it was connected. Хорошо, let me try to get this in view. Let me pause this for a second okay. Now youre gon na see how bad of a Drifter I am first drift car by the way so bear with me. This is drifting in revert. This is Donuts in reverse. Whoops and then forward, Music whoops dont hit the camera yeah. This is a lot of fun Im sure if I was good at this Id be able to whoops yeah one thing to note: it comes with two batteries. One is already in the car and Im running it without charging it at all, so it comes with a good bit of charge.

Ive been playing with with it for a few minutes and its a lot of fun um. Это 284131 умм. If youre into these things, this is the upgrade of the WL toys, I think k989 and 969 умм. If you read from the description um its like, I said its pretty small but its its actually a lot of fun. Um got this for someone else. This isnt, my cup of Chiba, like I said this, это — is a lot of fun Im A bash person myself. Um cannot bash with this, but its a lot of fun. Its got a nice smooth bottom and it looks like its pretty pretty well made nice LEDs LEDs up front over here and its got multiple sets of red lights in the back anyway. I hope this review helps someone um like I said this is a lot of fun and its its a pretty cool nice skinny little tires.