This is the phoenix a little bit hard to find. Buggy really old. Definitely nothing to worry about um. It looks good guys. Выглядит действительно хорошо. If i were to put suspension on it, it would be pretty good. It has two wheel drive, it has uh ball bearings in it: это э-э ., 2.4 гигагерц. Знаешь, it’s your basics, but it the only thing guys it’s, the electronics are not as good um it’s. Not as fast, i have it’s the opinion that’s exact, they sell these things with tiny pinions and then you got ta open it up and either try to put one and usually it’s a fixed opinion. So you’re not you’re, not able to just put anything that you want there um. I really would love to to upgrade this guys to maybe a little tiny brushless system and it would be really worth it. It looks really nice uh. I have used it quite. A few times you can see the tires look a little bit worn in the back. It’S got like these pin tires right here, they’re a little worn in the back it’s, not too bad of an rc. Um i’ll take this top off for you guys the body itself it’s not too bad. Pretty. I like the body i like the whole rc it’s, just not very fast guys. This is its transmitter. Он поставляется с гм, pretty pretty good transmitter let’s see not too bad. It it looks good um.

This is actually the one that belongs to the other car. I have um the gp toys i have both of them this one. I use this one with this because it uh gives me more acceleration, so that’s the one that i’m using for that, and this is its battery charger that comes with itcomes with this little 7.4 uh lithium ion battery. This is almost a joke. The battery is very small um. I never really did upgrade the battery. I could upgrade it very simple, but i just never did guys. I didn’t care for the speed i did hook up a light bulb connect. I did i wired up a light bulb. I had like this adapter i made and i didn’t get any more power, so this battery isn’t the problem this battery is gon na. Give you seven points, sorry about that guys. Some wild kids coming through you know um this battery, like i said this battery isn’t the problem. This battery works, штраф, есть, э-э .. The only thing is this: this guy is slow, so i was thinking. Maybe we should upgrade this. It would really be worth it. I think so um you can see here’s the rc itself, it’s all covered up built pretty decent it’s not made for jumping. You know you don’t want to jump anything with a body like this because of that that’s a weak point. These are weak points. The chassis will break on these ends, but i mean you’re not supposed to go jumping in with the buggy anyways, so uh the suspension’s garbage, but it’s all right, it’ll get you by because it’s really really uh loose and it’s better to have loose suspension than to Have it all stiff, Знаешь, so it kind of tries to mimic a little bit better of uh see how it leans better.

Сооо, when they’re all loose like this, it mimics better oil suspension versus just some stiff springs, so that’s not too bad. I don’t mind that um, you open this tray here. You take this up that’s your battery bay, so you can’t fit something pretty decent size in there. I can get like a decent light bulb in there, умм, Где, where i can put the electronics i was wonderingmaybe i can just change this out to the 25 amp esc that i have. У меня есть 25 amp esc that went in the 9302. Now that esc can use 3s, you can use 3s with it. So it’s a 25 amp esc um esc it’s, but you can use it with 3s. I seen many videos on youtube doing it. As a matter of fact, i never. I never did it the day that i saw it was when i already had upgraded it to brushless. So i was thinking it’s really small, too it’s it’s it’s about this big about that big, ЭСК, so that should fit into here and uh. I would be able to upgrade this to uh to 3s. Now i can fit the 3s that i got and then it’ll really be it’ll really be a lot better like that. I think because, как я уже сказал, i think the real problem is the pinion, but if i could just push more power into it, that’s that’s good too, but it’s a nice nice rc, sorry guys so it’s running with a 380 motor see you got a little 380 In there not at ‘0.

, you got a little 380., но это, не так уж плохо. It looks really good when the body’s on i, i think it looks pretty good. I don’t mind this battery. I don’t mind this battery bay thing, neither it’s not too bad. I like it at least it seals up it’s got like a little x exoskeleton, Знаешь, so it nothing hurts the car um it’s, not that difficult to clean up. Although this is more of a car that you just use on the floor, you know so i figured we’d go outside and use it guys it’s not fast, but uh it’s it’s not extremely slow. Neither so i figured we’d go out and let it do a little run with it. You know just just just for fun. You know it never got any real run time on this channel. Так что все в порядке. So if i put that on it’s already turned on right now, guys there’s an on and off switch right here, so it’s already on and it doesn’t matter. If i had that on before that, with these two in one units you don’t have to do it with the whole, you know with these two in one units you don’t really got to worry about. Turning on the transmitter before the rc, is they sometimes sync up better the opposite way? As a matter of fact, some of them do tell you to turn the turn, the rc on first and then the transmitter, but that’s that’s.

Only when you’re you got one of those two and ones so it’s two wheel drive guys to a drive, so we got rear. Колесо, Диске, Эй, Хорошо, Вот. Something sounds like that service. Very lazy! Посмотрите на это! So let’s go take it out because it it is nice. Looking i like it, Я думаю, with a little brushless system in there, um we’ll do the trick. It really would, even if it only goes about 25 that’ll, do the trick so i’ll meet you guys out front all right guys, i’m out over here better. We don’t have to worry too much about cars, it’s kind of dead right now. Every time i say that a bunch of cars end up coming, but it just looks pretty good guys. I like that let’s see how it looks. It just looks good, so let’s go ahead and get this started. Guys i’m gon na go ahead and put this hat cam on we’re gon na grab this transmitter so that’s max speed, guys it does use a 12 Миллиметр, i’m pretty sure, or maybe it uses a standard wheeled hex. So you can always change them tires up pretty easy. I was gon na try to fly a drone today guys, but i don’t think so. It’S just too much wind, well that’s a lot of wind i’m. Sorry guys that’s, вероятно гон на, be i didn’t bring my uh piece of cloth. You put a little piece of foam, you know just get a piece of foam guys like uh.

You know something that’s. Очевидно, you know not all thick get a little piece of foam and put it on your microphone when it’s windy like this and and you should block the sound of the wind or you could even use like a like a piece of glass. I should have put a little piece of cloth on my microphone and it would have blocked some of that wings down. It does look really nice. Смотреть, though guys it is a right, a really nice looking buggy, i like it all, even though the rims rims look pretty good too, you know they’re like a bronze gold or something i don’t know i’m color blind, but it looks like a bronze to me or Something like the silverish bronze, i don’t know gold. I i don’t know i can’t tell, but it does look like it a little bit. So what do you guys think you guys think i should upgrade this. This thing is it’s worth an upgrade. The plastics and everything are really good on it as a matter of fact, it’s it’s built better than the 9302 Ребята. I think that this one would last longer if i were to upgrade it. Gp toys made this thing: pretty solid, это, just really slow, это, just beginner friendly that’s all, but you can’t even give this to a young kid. I mean they’re gon na get bored of it too, но это не так уж и плохо, Хотя, but you’re definitely not doing any bashing with these speeds, because the car’s too heavy.

So whenever you try to jump it just nose dives, it just does a header right into the ground. Знаешь, and i think i bought this for 40. It was it’s like a 60 dollar card idea. I was surprised on how expensive it was, but uh i got it on sale for, like i think i paid 35 dollars for it guys, То есть. The only reason why i got it. I was happy too because it matches the other gp toys i have so i have both of them um with their ipx4 supposedly ipx4, waterproof cars that’s. What this is ipx4 waterproof, так что это, a 7.4 linthium ion battery guys just a regular lynchium ion no c value. Just regular, it might be the esc. I don’t know because when i’m, when i hit full throttle it really doesn’t sound like like the car’s giving it all it’s got, Вы знаете, что я имею в виду, so i think the esc just might be too small for it come on jp toys. What the hell are you guys thinking you guys make a buggy that looks all sweet and go and put a 15 amp esc in it when a 15 amp esc is only going to get you 12 миль в час 13.. This is like almost walmart status, and this car is like 60 it’s expensive, too expensive to be this slow. They use the same car guys and they make this a little uh like a like a tour car.

I don’t know it’s the same chassis. It just has different wheels. They take the wing off, they put a front bumper and it’s a it’s like this little rally, car or toy tour car touring car. I really wish i would have had that one. I don’t care, if it’s even slow. That thing just looked really cool, but no i got the buggy instead, so that’s pretty much the end of this one guys. I just wanted to share this car with you guys, because i did purchase this thing for like 60, Я имею в виду 35 bucks and that’s money. So might as well show a video on it right. I was going to do a giveaway on this car, but nah, i think i’ll just keep it yeah guys that’s the end of this video. О, i think i’m out of battery already guys it’s like losing its power. I think i’m already out that battery doesn’t last very long, это только 500 Мач, so that’s the end of this one guys not too bad of an rc. I i say we need to upgrade this scene not too bad, not not even a bad transmitter. Even the transmitter is pretty cool, but i got it for 35, Ребята, 35 bucks not too bad. So thanks a lot for watching guys and uh.