I kind of put the little scx 24 up to good use. Прямо сейчас. Tell you the truth guys. I didn’t even think that it could pull this uh. 1 7 Масштаб. 20, pound speed car, but it’s got the torque to do it. Look at them go. The topic of this video is to break a hundred miles no i’m, just kidding guys honestly i’ve never really owned a crawler. So i picked this guy up for, Как 120 bucks at my local hobby shop and it’s honestly pretty fun, i don’t even like the crawl, and it is yeah it’s, pretty fun. Хорошо, Ребята! Last time we were out here, we actually hit 153 miles an hour with spartan Music Applause, and that was actually without a gopro mount. So we actually have the same exact setup in spartan, as you guys could see that massive coca cola can motor well i’d, say mountain dew per se, but we’re running the same exact 1100 kv xlx2, Esc, э-э ., banana slick foams and we’re gon na see how well It does, hopefully it actually handles up pretty well with the little aerodynamic drag that we’re gon na be getting from the gopro mount um yeah. So we hit 153 miles an hour i’m gon na guess, we’re gon na be two three four. I would say at most five miles an hour tops if i could actually hit 140 with this mount on i’d. Be really really happy now. I know obviously it’s not really beneficial to have it on your rear wing it’s going to cause disturbance in your airflow.

I know normally to start off guys. I actually use this as a warm up battery. It is the 70c 5000 milliamp from cnhl, but we’re actually going to mix it up today, instead of running that we’re actually going to do a 6 000 миллиамперы, 6s. 65C. So the c rating is a little bit less, but the milliamperage is actually a thousand more than this guy. You can actually see the little bit of height difference. It’S uh it’s a little bit bigger of a bad yes we’re down a little bit in c rating or let’s, say punch or whatever. You guys want to call it, but we actually have a thousand more milliamps to work with. Hopefully it can compensate for the little bit of power or punch loss that we’re gon na get from 65c over 70c. I think they’re going to be about the same speed honestly, but i guess we’ll find out now up. Следующий, we are going to be doing our 8s pass now. These are the batteries that i solely relied on for spartan. Now we are going to be doing them in series, как вы, ребята, знаете,, four and four in series: double the voltage makes 8s lipo so that’s. What we’re going to be doing for our 8s run let’s see how well holds up so all right. Here we go guys we’re all zeroed out. We are running the black edition. 6S 6000. As a warm up. Uh let’s see what it’s got wow very impressive, Ребята.

133 miles an hour all right, Ребята: xlx2 1100kv, when we’re running the black edition 65c. If you guys want to see it, i wasn’t really even in that that long so there’s definitely a lot more to go with this battery very, very good success. Uh warm up! Хорошо, мы, all zeroed out guys now it’s time for our 8s pass. Нво, как вы, ребята, можете видеть, we have both the 9 500 milliamp 90c 4s cnhl’s in there in series. We’Re gon na see what we can do. Музыка, Хорошо, let’s see what that was guys exactly 150 miles an hour on the gps. Now most likely the gps on the uh on the gopro might read one or two miles an hour quicker uh, в любом случае. That is insane that it still was able to pull and push over with this uh with this. Очевидно, not that aerodynamic uh gopro mount on top alright, Сооо, as you guys can see running our cnhl 4s 9, 500 миллиамперы, 90, c’s, 1100 kv and it’s not exactly that hot. I could keep my hand on the motor it’s a little warm uh, но это. Nothing really insane esc esc is not even warm, что безумно, yeah guys gone bananas. Racing skins really held up well car handled great now. This run absolutely shows that this vehicle is definitely capable of over 150 miles an hour uh, so yeah guys it’s confirmed. We are absolutely over 150.. I know that we did it one time, but this is again with the gopro mount guys.

I cannot tell you how happy i am of how successful spartan is and the whole build and the project. I am so humble that this vehicle does the speed that it does because i’m not gon na lie guys. This video does not do any justice with how fast it’s really blowing by you honestly it’s almost intimidating. Нво, if you guys haven’t done so be sure to subscribe to innovationrc, oh also innovationrc over there too, on instagram we’re gon na have more pictures, videos and other stuff behind the scenes of what you won’t see on youtube. Здесь. Definitely do that if you want to see more of spartan and other builds, that i have that you haven’t seen before such as this guy, alright guys so we’re pretty much done here. If you enjoyed this video be sure to hit that like button below and subscribe for, more obviously, we’ll have more pictures of videos and other stuff coming out.