. Итак, ребята. Несколько месяцев назад, i asked you which rc car should get either the e revo 2.0 or the armor creighton. And most of you guys wanted me to get the armor creighton so that’s, the one i got um but yeah in this video we’re going to be unboxing it and getting it ready to go outside and then in the next video we’re going to be testing it Out outside so yeah uh stay tuned for that and let’s get to unboxing it all right guys. So this is the front picture of it. So i got the blue one um. So this is what it’s gon na look like that’s. What it’s gon na look like that’s, the actual size of it and uh two but yeah that’s? What it’s gon na look like? I got the blue one um and then on the back. Here is all the parts that are new, так что есть, like creases in the chassis to make it stronger, um there’s a new um. What is this called receiver box and then there’s exp parts and then there’s a stronger um like this one is weaker than this one. Um so yeah this one’s, новый. This is the old one and then there’s a new chassis, brace too um there’s stronger arms on it there’s a new. These are the main parts but um there’s, a new speed, контроллер, new motor um, a new uh opinion or sorry, not a new opinion.

О, there is an opinion but there’s: a new um servo there’s, a new servo saber and um there’s, a new controller, which is a major thing because on the on the previous previous one uh on the version 4, the controller really sucked um so that this one Should be better there’s, a new receiver um there’s there’s, like tons of new things on this on this one and it’s, Только 20 bucks more than the um version 4. So this one’s definitely a better deal because there’s so much more new stuff, um and yeah it’s. Definitely gon na be stronger, но да, so yeah let’s take off the top and see what it looks like. Oh this box is tight, come on there we go. Боже мой. That looks really cool all right guys, so it looks like there’s like a book. Uh of instruction instructions and stuffand it looks like there’s tools and stuff on the back, um looks like there’s opinion. In there, Слишком, you and kind of see it um like a high speed one yep. There is all right, Да, so there’s a high speed one in there too, гм я. Pretty sure this is where the controller is so i’ll just put this off to the side and guys here it is. How do you i’ve never had an army before so i’m? Not really sure how to take these off. Is it just oh wow. They just slide off like that.

Хорошо, То есть, довольно легко, yeah that’s what it looks like. Боже мой. It sounds so cool i’m, so excited for this thing. Jeez this thing is, it looks insane. Посмотрите на это. Oh my gosh look at the size of the tires. I didn’t expect them to be that big, like look at them. They’Re huge, look at that and the body looks so nice too i’m, so excited for this thing. О, Боже мой. The shocks are ginormous: О, you can’t really see them there. They are yeah, они, huge and then oh, Боже мой, крыло. I can’t believe this thing. This thing looks so much like cooler in person wow. I can’t believe it and the way it sounds too jeez that sounds insane all right. I’M going to take off the body. О вау, То есть, actually pretty easy to take off all the back ones are a bit tougher, Хорошо, То есть! So easy, though whoa that looks really cool. Oh my gosh i’m. So excited for this thing, Боже, so yeah there’s. Two of these. I already knew that, because i got two batteries already um geez the motor is huge. It doesn’t really look that big on camera, but in person, О, my gosh and same with the uh speed control, yeah it’s huge. This thing is just insane i’m, so excited for this thing. О, Боже мой, look at the size of the tires, though i still can’t, believe that and this isn’t, even even the biggest one, either oh yeah there’s the creases in the chassis that make it stronger wow.

This thing is just amazing, looking wow i’m so excited for this thing, Хорошо, так гм. I think the contr here i’m gon na set my phone back up all right. There we go so it looks like this is the controller. I think it is because it doesn’t look like it’s anywhere else in the box, так что да, я. Pretty sure this is the yep. This is the controller all right, so it comes in plastic wrap which is good yeah. This controller feels really nice, actually wow that’s, pretty good controller even i’m, so excited for this thing, Хотя, as you guys can tell actually my phone looks like it’s about uh. The camera looks like it’s about to fall over there, yeah that’s a bit better shoot it’s, not working the way i want to there. Мы идем нормально. I think i just have to move this back a bit all right. There we go um and then here’s the booklet yeah. Oh this actually that’s cool. В нем говорится,, like i don’t know why i find this cool, but it says, like all the um different cars that are all 6s from arma, так что я, pretty sure it’s, the same booklet for all of them yeah. It is okay, all right and then um. I don’t know i don’t really know how this battery tray works, умм, but yeah i’m, just so excited. For this thing it looks really cool. О, на самом деле, i have a good idea.

I’M gon na um see what it looks like beside my wrestler 4×4, so i’m gon na get that right now, yeah guys here’s the size comparison of the two. О, Боже мой, the crate is so much bigger, Да, это, способ, bigger and then from the side yeah. Как вы можете видеть, it’s a lot taller, even even just the wheels, are taller than the wrestler four by four. О, my gosh that’s insane and then from the back uh off to roll them a bit forwards. Just listen to the sound difference, это, so cool yeah that’s from the back the shocks on it are way bigger and then yeah. I just can’t wait to drive this thing. This thing is going to be so fun to drive. I just can’t wait but yeah that’s, the sky that’s the size comparison of the two i can’t even talk because i’m so excited. О, my gosh yeah that’s the size comparison of the two um but yeah, now i’m going to be showing you how to set it up and get it ready to run so yeah let’s get into that all right guys. Сооо, как вы можете видеть, i got these uh power power, hobby lipo batteries, хм они, 520, mah and 50c and yeah. They look pretty good, так что да, это. Почему? I got these um i’m, not even actually sure how you’re supposed to put them in the battery tray. Я, assuming you undo this one and then i’m doing this one handed so it’s also kind of hard, but it looks like you go like this guys.

If i’m doing it wrong. Just tell me, because i honestly don’t even know um but yeah. Я думаю, что это, how you’re supposed to do it, and then you just put the batteries in like this. I don’t even know it’s so much weirder compared to traxxas stuff. Мне нравится. Мне нравится, though it’s pretty cool okay, that that’s got ta go over here. Oh my gosh i’m struggling to put the battery thing in there we go okay, that’s one in and then here’s the other yeah it’s pretty hard. Одной рукой, право! You have to lift this thing up. О, Боже, Хорошо, yeah it’s hard one handed, but i think that’s how you’re supposed to do it and then you just, i think you tied this one down. Первый, О, ждать! These are there we go yeah. I think you just tied this one down. Первый, it looks like you would: О, this one always gets stuck come on, one second, guys all right yeah. So it looks to me, как вы, just tied this one down. Первый, i think i’m, not sure what this thing is for, though oh maybe that’s for the wires like this clip here. Я. Не уверен, Хотя, okay maybe i think it goes like that and then what’s this thing for because it’s it’s pretty secure in there. О, maybe it’s hold to hold the wires down wait. Что это? На самом деле? Что это? О, do you put these in there? О, это, actually cool here, i’m gon na fix this thing, Хорошо, Да, это, actually cool.

I think you put these in here. О, хорошо, yeah one second, Хорошо, i think that’s what it’s supposed to be for not sure, Хотя, но да хм. О, should i hit the body um but yeah, i think that’s what you’re supposed to do and then i think, maybe the wires. О, i think maybe the wires clip into here guys, if i’m doing this wrong. Just let me know because i honestly have no idea. I think this is how it works, но я, not sure alright yeah. That seems like it fits perfect in there. So i think that’s what it’s for all right, Да! О, i still have to take this thing off. So there we go all right, then um. It looks like okay, so it looks like i just have to strap these down with this thing and then plug them in so yeah i’ll. Do that and then i’ll keep filming all right guys, Я думаю, что это, how you’re supposed to do it. I might be doing it completely wrong. So just tell me in the comments if i am because i have no ideaum i’m kind of just figuring this out on my own, but it looks pretty good so i’m, just gon na go with that for now um, but yeah let’s uh turn on the Radio, since i put batteries in them so yeah you need batteries yeah all right, so it looks. Yup looks beyond all right. Let’S turn this on ready.

I like that that’s, actually pretty cool how deep six times, because it’s success, То есть, на самом деле действительно здорово. Хорошо, let’s see um, so here, i’m gon na read the uh booklet for a little while and then i’ll keep uh keep filming all right guys. So it looks like this has already paired um, как будто это, already paired properly to go with lipo batteries um from the factory, which is pretty cool yeah. Я, Вроде того, a lot how it’s already paired so you don’t have to do it yourself, но да. It looks like it is um, it looks like the only thing is you have to pair the controller to the rc car, так что да, это? What i’m going to do now and it looks like youhave to take off these four screws and then press the receiver button three times quickly and it should work so yeah i’m going to do that now, все в порядке, ребята! Сооо, как вы можете видеть, i already did it myself um, but it looks like the only thing you have to do is connect the battery uh power on the esc and then press the uh bind button three times quickly, which is that little button right there um And then set the trims and uh stuff to where the arrow is so i’ll show you that quickly, Прямо сейчас, so all you got to do is uh. Вы можете, as you can see at the top right here.

Есть, like i already turned this one because the um, the steering stuff was messed up so you’re just supposed to set it right there and then right at the top so facing straight up, and then this one over here you’re supposed to do it facing the sr Or as far as you can go, this way at least but yeah um that’s, all you’re supposed to do and then just turn on the remote after that and then it’s all paired up, so it’s actually really easy to start. Эта штука вверх, it only took me like five minutes to start it up, which is really good um, но да. Now i’m gon na just test drive it around. My house i’m not gon na, go fast because if i do i’m, probably going to smash into something but yeah i’m going to test it around my house, just like press the gas, a tiny bit and yeah we’re going to see how it works all right guys. So how you’re going to start it up is the on switches on the back so turn on the on switch for the controller and then just turn on the esc. О, Боже. This thing is so cool all right. So now i’m just gon na come on. Oh yep, it works all right. Ой. This thing is so cool all right, um i got ta turn it a bit. So let me do that quickly. This thing is so cool all right, yep it works, so it works perfectly and i’m, probably gon na end.

The video here uh so yeah guys, i forgot to show you these um. So with the normal gear, it should go 50 миль в час, but with the um speed gearing it should go 60 miles an hour um and then the lowest battery you can use is 35c and 500 mah is minimum and then um that’s pretty much it. For that page and then here’s the booklet, which i already showed you there’s also stickers, которые довольно круты, гм я, probably going to put a few of these on and then um not. I think this is just the warranty information, but mine works, so i don’t think i’ll need that i’m. Not gon na throw it anyway, хотя хм. But here is the high speed pinion gear, with the um um yeah, which makes it go 60 да, э-э ., да 60. It makes it go 60 miles an hour which is pretty fast, Да, То есть, очень быстро, and then um i’m, not sure what these are. If you guys can, let me know i. I have no idea what these are. I feel like it’s something to do with the wheel, but yeah i’m, Не уверен, но да. If you guys want to. Let me know what those are just comment down below and then here all the tools, это, actually a pretty cool tool. Um yeah i like that tool. It’S gon na come in handy and there’s allen keys, which they don’t really need, but yeah the uh, the wrenching tool is pretty cool and then these look like they’re for the diffs i’m.

Не уверен, though yeah it looks like it. It looks like a diff thing: Да, but that’s pretty much it that’s everything in the box, умм, so yeah let’s get to the outro. Guys i’m really liking the creighton so far because it only took me like five five minutes to set up and it works um. But yeah that’s going to be it for this video. If you liked it make sure you smash that, like button and click, the subscribe button to stay notified for more videos, uh and yeah stay tuned for the next video, which is going to be testing it out. But yeah uh, thank you guys.