com youtube channel. We have a special treat for you today, we’re going to be reviewing two of my all time: favorite toys that would be these rc mario kart racers. So mario luigi they’re from the mario kart deluxe 8 серия. They are a lot of fun i’m, going to get my assistants out in just a little bit to give you the rundown of what these bad boys can do, but before we jump into that, i just want to give you a quick overview of what makes these Toys so special and why you’re going to enjoy them so much parents you’re going to love just how durable these toys are. They are made from some pretty heavy duty plastic they’re heavy. I mean they weigh three to four pounds, a piece but they’re, очень прочный. We ran them into just about everything you can think of for a couple of years and they still run just as good as new you’re, also going to love the design characters. Look great. I look just like they do that standard cart in a mario, kart video game and they have a couple different cool modes in there. Очевидно, you have your remote with the backwards forward side to side, but you also got the standard driving and you got. The anti gravity mode is what they call so kind of that floating uh kind of spinny things they do in the video game. You’Re able to do with these rc, racers and what’s neat is these things will fly.

They go across our heavy carpet, Ничего. They do great ramps, uh wheelies, all those things that kids love their rc races to do you’re going to get out of these cars. So they perform great they’re fast uh they’re well built uh, just about everything that you’re looking for in an rc racer you’re going to get out of these. So let me go get those assistants and i’m going to do what i promised at the beginning and we’re going to have some fun we’re going to do some races, we’re going to do some battles we’re going to just uh like we said, show you what these Bad boys can do all right. I am back with my assistants. We got everett hi and hendrix hi, but you know what something just isn’t right is it give me two seconds all right, То есть, much better. You can’t uh drive mario kart race cars around without being mario and luigi right. Сооо, like i told everybody, i want you guys to show them what these cars can do. Let’S get to it. Can i put them in action. All right show us how fast this guy can go right on heavy carpet too right. Um um they’ll go super fast. Look at that reverse, есть! Luigi! Look at you go luigi! Хорошо, luigi show us what you got whoa. О, i think you got them stuck, oh nice reverse boom and there is um yeah. Why don’t you come over here and show us that lever so he’s like the levers up, this is off down and then you can turn around.

You can go the other way and this is the most effective whoa. Do that spin move again: , это, То есть, fun and um. You can spin around for ages until somebody comes and like knocks you out here, we’ll show you what i mean henders come tour me. You guys gon na battle it’s one of your favorite things to do Music luigi. One of the fun things you got to do is build some ramps right and pretty simple. Just put some books down, put a little platform down and hendrix give it a shot see if you can make the ramp make a jump. I think you missed, but you’re creating the cat. What is so crazy, nice ever let’s see your mario make jump. Oh you going backwards. Oh you’re, attacking yourself Applause. Man went backwards on that one Music. You can try that’s for sure let’s get you ready, oh and there’s our cat making an appearance today, тпру, хорошо, Музыка, Хорошо! One of the fun things they’d like to do is have battles on the couch. Хорошо, guys show them what we like to do. Oh mario’s in trouble get him luigi. О, О, О, i think you got a winner. Да, О, are you guys going to stay on me uh? О, О, i think that’s a point, luigi’s upside down all right round. Three winner takes off timeout uh! О, is your bigger the wind, mario off that’s, a win for luigi 2, 1 luigi’s, the winner Music that’s, a rattle let’s go Applause! Ой, брат! I don’t know that might be a point.

Is mario flipped over too much? О, малыш, Аплодисменты! Хорошо! Now you guys all right everyone. What do you think of this? Mario kart rc, racer toy awesome, ты, like it huh what’s your favorite thing about it. That is pretty fun. What about you hendrix? What do you think of luigi um, because that part where that came, умм, ramped up and it didn’t, and that guy was um like because of it and just rant abroad? Да, i don’t think i could have said any better man. I i get you all right. We are back to normal, thank you for watching everybody, see you next week for more toy reviews by dad and check every week, probably about every four.