Видишь, I’m constructing a "Down South Monster Swamp/Mud Truck".. and they’re all about BIG AIR, and HUGE MUD PITS! To ensure that this to be genuine.. I have to make the tires Excessive, the suspension excessive, and the abilityHIGH! Уверен, its winter outdoors.. however I’m virtually prepared for the MUD season!

My FRONT Axle is Unlocked, however my Rear Axle is LOCKED! The Tires are Glued. My subsequent improve HAS TO BE THE ESC and MOTOR! I’m choosing a Holmes Hobbies Puller Professional BL, sensored , Водонепроницаемый 3500 kv Motor! The ESC I’m utilizing a Tekin Waterproof RX4, .. an ideal match for this truck. I say this as a result of it is usually waterproof, sensored, and fully onboard programmable.

If you’re within the Holmes Hobbies Motor, or different motors kind Holmes Hobbies here’s a hyperlink:

J Ideas Blue Compound Dragon 2.6 Колесо

J Ideas Dragon 2.6 Mega Truck Wheel with Adapter, Черный (2)

You understand darn nicely I wished to take this outdoors.. so I DID! let's rip 🙂

The Axial SMT10 Truck I’m utilizing, sadly has been discontinued.. however in case you look on ebay.. or go searching a bit you may also discover one.

I hope this video is attention-grabbing for you.. and has a number of useful suggestions and methods

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