Хорошо, im going to be reviewing this remote control, Автомобилей, Хорошо, im going to be doing an unboxing im going to show you the actual car itself and then not only that were going to take it outside and were gon na. Do a test run were gon na see exactly what it could handle. Хорошо, Сооо, как я уже сказал, im gon na be doing this review. Im gon na show you all the different specs all the different features so stick around, but before i get started, smash that thumbs up button guys smash that thumbs up button and comment it doesnt matter. If its a good comment or a bad comment, let me know what you think about this remote control. Автомобилей, Хорошо, so lets go ahead and get started so, as you could see its an all terrain vehicle, its pretty cool, not bad whatsoever. Okay lets go ahead and see exactly what it has to offer when it comes right out of the box. Хорошо, so heres, your remote all right, Херес, your remote, its pretty typical for a budget rc. Хорошо, you have your on off button and then your little guides here, as well as your left and right, Хорошо — and these are hereare on the top to change the different colors of the owl led lights. Okay lets check it out, so here we go. We have two rechargeable batteries. Your remote runs off of three triple a batteries: okay and then heres your charger for your batteries.

Хорошо — and this here is the vehicle itself. Хорошо, так что проверить его, not bad whatsoever, pretty cool its kind of small. На самом деле, it could fit in my hand all right, not bad its a little small, Хорошо, pretty cool your batteries go in here you have your steering mechanism. Хорошо, Не плохо, lets go ahead and take out these clips all right, guys so check this out. I thought this was kind of interesting okay, so you have your spring shocks right here, um i dont know how great they are. I mean its a budget rc, Хорошо, its a budget rc, Но, as you could see, you could take it apart if you need to it, isnt like some of them, where you, where you get it if it breaks it, breaks this one here you could take it Apart not too bad right, Хорошо, so theres that lets go ahead and go over the different specs on this vehicle. Хорошо, so first off its a 2.4 gigahertz electric rc racing car, Хорошо, so it comes with two: it comes with two rechargeable batteries and guys check this out. Each rechargeable battery is up to 50 минут времени бега. Хорошо, so thats up to 100 minutes of runtime. Just on this vehicle alone, when them batteries are completely charged, Хорошо, not bad whatsoever. Хорошо, so another thing, though too is it has led lights guys it has some led lights im going to show you them here shortly and they light up.

They light up the back right here, its all different colors, довольно прохладно, not bad whatsoever, and then another thing it has non slip. Resistant tires: Хорошо, not bad whatsoever. All right so lets go ahead and get started. Um yeah lets go ahead and get started. I mean its a budget. Rc lets just lets, see how it handles, because thats truly, the main reason why were here lets take it outside lets, see how it actually handles the road the dirt stuff, Вроде того, okay guys really quick. I just wanted to show you these leds, what they look like after i put all the batteries in okay. Сооо, as you could see, the leds are on the back, Шины, влево и вправо, pretty cool guys, not bad whatsoever. So im gon na try to put this down okay, im gon na see if we could put it down and im gon na, show you so on your remote on your remote. Хорошо, you have your left and your right. Every time you push your left. It changes a different color as well as your right. It changes a different color, so you could have one side red one side, blue or just whatever colors you want really nice really cool and at night they light up a whole lot better, which is kind of obvious all right. Но все равно, enough of this lets go outside. Let me show you exactly how it runs and how it and what it has to offer alright guys.

Сооо, as you could see were over here on some pavement, i wanted to show you exactly what it does on pavement and then, after that, i want to show you what it does on on dirt: Хорошо, the difference and exactly what youre going to be getting as Far as this vehicle, Хорошо, so lets go ahead and check it out all right. Сооо, as you could see its a pretty good little takeoff, i mean nothing like your hobbyist level vehicle i mean, Как. I said this. This is more for kids. If you have a teenager, i definitely wouldnt recommend this whatsoever all right, но в любом случае, as you could see, it goes pretty quick, не так уж плохо. It is pavement, though guys it definitely is pavement all right and there. It is not bad go ahead and do a couple circles stuff like that all right. So enough of this lets go ahead and show you what it looks like on pavement. Хорошо, ребята так, как вы можете видеть, were over here in the dirt, разрез, gravel, okay and were gon na go ahead and check it out. Lets see what it does in the gravel for being like a palm sized vehicle. Хорошо, so lets go all right, as you can see its a little slow kind of slow in the dirt. I dont know like i said earlier. This is definitely more for a child. Хорошо, a teenager. Definitely one hundred percent, definitely a knot. I know all right so lets see were gon na try to do a 360 реальный, Быстрый, um huh.

Хорошо, you cant really do a 360.. I mean thats pretty much as close to a 360 as youre gon na get with this vehicle right here. Хорошо, but anyways lets, go ahead and lets go ahead and stop it right there, okay and were going to try to peel out lets, see lets see. If we can peel out go for front and back okay, i mean it does kind of not the greatest right, not the greatest. Хорошо, but anyway were just cruising around in the dirt right here, as you could see its out kind of slow going. To be honest with you all right, but anyways, this is this vehicle, its an all terrain vehicle. I definitely wouldnt recommend throwing this in the grass. I dont see it going absolutely anywhere in the grass, so i dont, i couldnt, say its an all terrain vehicle all right but anyways if youre liking this vehicle, if youre wanting it for your child, Хорошо, perfect for a child, all right so go ahead and Ill, throw this uh link in the description. If you want it, get it, if not its just a quick review all right, но в любом случае, with that being said, were gon na go ahead and end the video, but if youre liking. This video smash that thumbs up button. Хорошо, smash that thumbs up button and comment all right and with that being said, have a good one.