Some questions you get asked a lot: uh brushless versus brushed mini tee i’ll. Just do a little video here show you what’s different right off the bat. The bodies are going to be different, i’ll peel, those off. So if you see the mini t brush come with a glossy body and the brushless got more of a matte color and obviously two different schemes both have more than one color. They come in they’re. Общей, the same body just different paint and finish both look pretty cool. Продолжайте двигать. We got the tires come differently on these two cars, see if i can bring it in here, so the mini t brushless comes with the spike tires. The brush one comes with the bks front and rear brushless having ribbed fronts. Both tires can be bought separately and swapped between the cars there’s, no fitment, э-э ., difference, умм, just an appearance and performance. Очевидно, Вы, probably gon na want more of a spiky tire if you’re running out in the dirt, something like that or the bks here on the carpets. What we run because they’re not quite as aggressive battery wise they’re, оба 2 cell batteries, that they come with Music. But the mini t brush comes with a 650 while the brushless comes with the 800. pop those out real, Быстрый, so there’s our 650 и это. Также, Teh 800 is a higher c rating, so overall it’s really a better battery and again it can be used in the brushed car, гм есть, no fitment difference, so they twist the plugs together there.

So this is one that comes in the brushless. This is the brushed one physically they’re the same um. So if you’re gon na buy optional batteries or try to just go for the 850c, even if you have the brushed car they’re, probably a few bucks more and you’ll get a little more life, a little more power out of them, there’s a little bit difference there. The price on the brush truck is 199 и мы 140 for the brushed. So brushless is honestly for the sixty dollars, you’re getting a bigger battery and a brushless truck it’s, probably worth going for the brushless. Another reason the brushless is a little bit better. It comes with a i’m sorry. It comes with a standalone receiver because the speed control is mounted inside of the motor, whereas in the brushed car you’re getting an all in one unit. So if you want to put a different radio in the brushed car, you actually have to swap out the speed control and the receiver, whereas if you just want to put a different radio on this you’re, just swapping out a receiver, so it’s significantly more expensive to Put your own controller into this car than this car. Это, как говорится,, if you’re swapping it out on this you’re, probably going to make it brushless anyway, i think they sell this brushless motor here for about 70 Баксов. So if you do buy this one and want to make it brushless, if you buy it for 140 and then spend 70 on the motor and then put your own radio in it, you’re gon na have significantly more invested in the brush car, so you’re better off.

Just keeping it brushed and maybe just picking up a brushless one um component wise they’re, exactly the same there’s, no upgrades other than the drive the power system and tires between the two same servos. It really just comes down to motor and speed controls, это, really the only difference, aside from body and tires brushless car being significantly faster with the bigger battery. So i just want to do a quick video. I get asked a lot what’s the difference. Why is this 200, это один в 140? Ну, это? Почему, if you have a little bit extra i’d, probably spring for the brushless truck? Это, как говорится,, we do run a box stock, brushed class here at rc madness racing. So really we run both cars, two separate classes, so if you’re gon na get into racing honestly just pick up both they’re, both a wicked fun class um, but that was just a quick video on the difference between the two uh. Спасибо за просмотр ребята.