Я хочу сказать, что эта вещь довольно удивительная.. У него отличная весна, как вы можете видеть, на спине и посередине. На самом деле у него есть одна большая пружина, так что он может поворачивать передние колеса действительно поворачиваться. Я думаю, что это действительно круто для меня, и мой папа на самом деле поставил на него световой комплект.. So all the lights actually light up. Фары, theres some disco lights on the bottom and then theres some tail lights, so yeah thats the truck itself lets get into the app. So i have the app here on my tablet since im recording on my phone. This app is super cool. You have your basic sticks, you know left and right and the forward and reverse. О, все в порядке, but go on its really cool. You also have a rpm gauge and it shows you how much battery you have left. It also shows you how much the front wheels are tilted and how much of an angle you are on, which i think is super cool theres, also another cool feature. So if i go ahead and swipe it goes to this little thing. So do you line it up with your rc car? So let me go ahead and do that there we go and then you basically just tap wherever you want to make the rc car go. Так что да, i think its pretty cool this app really advanced its got all the metric systems too. So if you use miles per hour or kilometer per hour good for anybody — О, да, this thing its not too fast, but its pretty good at climbing, actually and uh yeah, О, да.

I forgot theres also a light on the uh interior yeah. Эта штука, like i said its not fast, but its good for climbingi havent, tested out the snow yet im going to this things, not built its not meant to go through a lot of rough things, because its lego and itll break. I have an rc car somewhere in here, thats plastic and some metal, its really meant to go off road and you wont break this things. Still pretty cool its got. Four wheel drive actually only the front two wheels turn but actually has four wheel drive, which i think is really cool feature and you got these tires theyre huge compared to my hand, theyre pretty big, almost as big as my palm but yeah.