This is in translucent blue. So, basically, what teresek is is a rolling attacking rc vehicle that you control with your own controller as a 2.4 gigahertz controller. Both of them require batteries, so youre going to need batteries for both the terasec vehicle and your controllers. Just keep that in mind. The controller has a 150 feet, um range for indoor and outdoor use. I highly recommend it for outdoor play. Lets get this unboxed and ill show you what it can do dont forget to give this video a big thumbs up. Please subscribe to my youtube channel, and i want to thank alpha group thats right. Alpha group makes this alpha group makes great toys all of those awesome, spongebob toys that id love to unbox on my youtube channel. They make that. So. Thank you so much teresek. This is mind blowing the way this vehicle works so much fun. So, to get to the nitty gritty, if youre, giving this as a gift, youre going to want to give four double a batteries and three aaa batteries with it, the four double as are for the actual vehicle itself and the three triple, as are for the controller Powering up the terracex youll see that his eyes, glow controller itself is very, very easy to navigate. We have simple forward and back and side left and right, toggles and plus one button thats going to activate the roll the way to activate the roll. They suggest that if youre going forward at a breakneck speed with the actual parasect press that button to activate the roll and itll actually roll and use that inertia to keep going initially, i brought out the pterosac to test out on the grass it does move on.

The grass, but not as quickly as it would on flat surfaces. So if youre playing indoors, i would highly recommend a little pile carpet hardwood floors tile and, if youre playing outdoors. Yes, you can play it on the grass, but youre not gon na get that same kind of action and movement as you would on concrete. The best part about terrasex is lets, say it gets jammed up and it gets stuck on its back. You dont have to go and stop what youre doing or get up out of the shade we were hiding in the shade. It was so hot that day um you dont have to get up and like move it, you can actually write itself by pressing that flip button, itll write itself back right side up and you can go back to plane to make it even more fun. I set up some fun unicorn bowling pins and we had a really nice game of bowling outdoors with the terra sect, its just a fun and unique way to play with different toys you dont necessarily just have to race and crash into each other. However, we had two terror sets going at once they were battling. It was like a joust for the win, it was so much fun. I have two boys ages, eight and four, the eight year old, caught on right away since i, since the controllers are so easy, the four year old was having a little bit of trouble, but after a while he really did get the hang of it.

He started doing his little roles with the actual pterosaur was perfect. You noticed that he actually got a strike while he was bowling, so he really did get the hang of it. This is a great toy. If youre looking for something for boys, even for girls, i enjoyed it, my husband really enjoyed it. If youre looking for a very high quality rc vehicle, that does a really fun and unique thing like with the the rolling the flipping which makes it so much fun. Definitely get the terracex even at night. Im sure this would be a really great toy were definitely gon na check it out at night and ill post shorts. So dont forget to follow me on my social media channels. Let me know what you think of terasex in the comments below there is this one which is 1999 thats, the translucent blue theres, also a solid green one for 29.99, also at walmart, and definitely check them both out if youre looking for any kind of remote Control vehicle these vehicles transform, they are really really cool. I love it. The solid green one, which is the one thats 29.99, has a little bit more features. The translucent blue one doesnt slink and slither like the solid green one. So if youre looking for a little bit more oomph, definitely check out that solid green one theres a difference in 10 bucks if youre on a budget. This is a great 20 under 20 item for the holiday season, so definitely check it out ill link.

Both of my description, i want you to tell me if you have tera sex and let me know in the comments below what you think of it. Thank you so much for watching and thank you so much to alpha group for studying these awesome pterosac vehicles. For us for free to review, i love them and im totally giving these to all the boys in my family for christmas, like honestly, were gon na have a pterosact christmas thanks for watching guys have a great day: Music.