ЧАСТЬ 2 — ГИГАНТСКАЯ МЕГА RC КОЛЛЕКЦИЯ: Перевозчиков, Вредителей, Золотодобывающей & Загрузка | RC ПРИКЛЮЧЕНИЯ

Need to GUESS the VALUE of this a part of my COLLECTION? It’s a staggering quantity, and that is what it has taken to entertain 1.5 Billion individuals in 10 лет. I could have some of the numerous collections within the ENTIRE WORLD. So lots of my RC's have been given away to family and friends through the years that I’ll by no means have a real valuation of the gathering I’ve had. All I do know is that I’m honoured to have been chosen to show how a lot enjoyable the passion of Radio Management will be. Many individuals cannot perceive how giant the gathering is, from behind their pc displays and telephone screens. It takes a complete store to carry every thing.. and my store is 30'x35'. Typically I’m compelled to ship individuals house with RC's after they go to.. ahah 🙂

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