Feiyue Desert Eagle 2 is a superb Radio Control 4WD Desert buggy that is ready to run and ready to race right outside the box. Desert Eagle 2 Desert buggy is a superb looking, highly scaled Desert buggy that offers a superb 4WD system, a race ready suspension system and Off Road tires for instant off roading, sand bashing, dune basing and or track racing. Регулируемые тапочки сцепления и передачи дает вам больше рычагов, чтобы настроить вашу пустыню багги в соответствии с треком и ваш стиль вождения.

Supplied radio can easily be converted to left hand or right handed drivers. И предложения 50% Кому 100% throttle control settings.

Using small 7.4v battery, this buggy offers ample speed and great off road performance right outside the box. Though if you are a high speed addict for RC buggies or desert buggies then you will be disappointed.

Enjoy the quick test drive of Feiyue Desert Eagle 2 on sands, the real desert at Lisaili Airfield Dubai. This is the perfect ground to test the claims of Feiyue company about their desert eagle buggy.

В целом Feiyue пустыне Ealge 2 RC desert buggy is a total fun, ready to go off road and ready to race right outside the box. Its durable and offers superb performance both on road, без дороги, desert and dunes, sands, and tracks.

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