Сегодня. This thing’s gon na take me to victory Music. No great blue steel is just ready to rock and roll it’s easy. This means go yeah, it didn’t beat Garret, but I mean not bad competition, know what I always say. If you don’t get nervous before a big jump, you don’t need to be doing it so that thrill life it’s that first kiss it’s that first ticket it’s running away from the cops on a Friday night, no Music, Wow any pins for tide. It can’t be beat. But I feel good about it right now. Thais got the score to beat let’s see. If I can do it, try not to lose we’ve done real slow and then no you’re intimidated by tie score 25. I didn’t get over the ramp he’s gon na for this man right here. Music I’m, not gon na make up for it in the ramp, so I’m gon na have to focus on fishing and man that rally car all right secures himself a place in the final. О, да, up next boat fishing, biggest fish, wins Music, Музыка, Ребята. Think fishing is a speedgame I’m gon na take my time with this. Once I got a little crank bait, you know with a lot of the overflow rain and we’ve been getting a little bass. Is not a bad option, sit back, ослаблять, let the fish do the work Music. As a GoPro show. I had a seaweed situation talos, my lineup.

They get back out there there’s top waters gon na. Do me good, sometimes the fish just aren’t biting, so you got to make your own fun. I’Ve got a fish on. I think yes suited up and we’re going in boys might be a little minnow took my words. All I need is one big fish and back in there I did take Tyler’s, точный, lure style and stole a spot. The only difference is mine feels bigger. Спасибо. Pregnant to be honest, both I’ll see you in the funny give your fish a high five. There we go we’re out here in the streets and it’s time for a rally: car drift race, Пять, laps winner advances to the finale: Oh No, Музыка, Музыка, Я. Taking a commanding lead Music, I wanted that finale and I got it. I mean they were going crazy. My heart rate stayed at a bullet about 58 beats per minute. Oh dude, I was locked in oh no boy, Хорошо, Да, Леди и джентльмены, Higgs Benelli time, big airboat jump best trick, wins let’s. Сделай это Музыка. I am a little disappointed right now. I left the door open, hopefully they’ll crash, so I get another go little choppier. Then I practice wit, but Gary close to the zero so I’m, really just looking for points on the board. Я, just gon na kind of go up, something that still gets the crowd going. You know triple reverse through the legs back flip double slammer slammer.

It was essentially a rogue wave that pretty much was unavoidable. The best voters in the world wouldn’t been able to cope with that sound like you were blaming the water there. Sometimes I severely dislike that land yeah folks, it’s still a zero Music Music. I don’t know how to put it Music what’s up guys. Welcome to the trophy presentation I have to say: I’m a little jealous. I didn’t bring on this victory because this may be the greatest DP trophy that’s, great that’s, really special coach, Эй! If you want to check out the vehicles we used in this video in other tracks, this vehicles make sure you click here.