So first thing to notice about this: rc car is the wheels, as you guys can see. The wheels are very big, especially for an off road vehicle. Now the suspension on it, as you guys can see. So it goes from this to this. Do that now, if i really wanted to, i could put it all the way down to here, but i don’t want to do that, because i don’t want to break anything up in here in the fender walls so i’m going to keep it up here. You know um, i know it’s, not even it’s it’s turned from a review to like commentary on this vehicle. If you guys are going to get it but that’s kind of what this is now, what you guys are going to do i’m just going to do this, because i don’t have very much water in this. You can put water in here um. It goes on this. This is going to call the h2o racer aka the laser beam um. The thing is made by steamer streamer racing, so, as you guys can see, turn it on. You have all different light functions and yeah. The thing is just absolutely cool, but watch this now, as you guys saw, we had a small trail coming out here. That is because the h2o, the water that goes in here comes out here and it’s super heated and it’s like a humidifier. So this thing just shoots all now.

This thing is made for off roading. So if you guys are planning on getting one of these or one like it, you guys can drive it. You guys can drive it outside of like off roading, like you know, like you, know, flat surfaces whatever, but the thing does the best and off roading it might not be as fast as it is on straights or you know, flats or whatever, but in the grass. This stuff, the thing handles really well, it grabs really well um. Now, look at the suspension on this, though, like look at this, like the suspension, is absolutely great on this. The wheels are really super nice, but uh we’re gon na put her to the test, but yeah so hold on. Why isn’t shooting on anything now whatever so now you guys we’re going to drive around a little bit. I don’t know if you guys can see the smoke trail from before, but we did have a smoker. Now you guys, the thing about this car is on the startup. It goes from on a flat like where you’re gon na spin out it’ll do 0 20. In the burnout, but in a straight once you get it going, the topical speed is maybe 15. um. I know it doesn’t make sense, but it’s just because you’re taking your wheels off and they’re just grabbing just a little bit. So you may you don’t have as much tension there as you do when you’re actually driving but yeah so use the car.

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