Apologies for any wind noise on this video we’ve got a tropical storm forming in the gulf of mexico, not far from here and it’s already having a bit of effect here, but today we’re going to talk about this truck okay, Это не так. This is a truck it’s made by redcat racing and we sell them in our store here in houston and he’s, the volcano epx. Now this truck has been out for over 10 Лет, um with very little changes to it, just slight upgrading the style, the wheels, the body shell, but essentially it’s the same truck that red cap sold 10 лет назад. This truck and i’ve been doing this hobby for 40 years now. This truck, Я думаю, is the best value star truck that there is on a market today, it’s full four wheel drive it comes with nice. Big chunky tires: четырехколесный привод с приводом от вала, drive system transmission covers to keep rocks and stones are your drivetrain fully adjustable eight shock suspension, so this truck is great for jumping eight aluminum capped all four shocks: uh ball bearings, not bushings. In this truck ball bearings throughout. Он поставляется с 550 Размер 19 turn motor with a heat sink comes with a 40 amp splash proof, dust proof, липо, ready esc and it comes with a high torque, servo um. This is a great truck and we’re going to look at it in some depth. Сегодня, this so here we go let’s get started.

Я люблю этот грузовик. This is a truck we sell to all kind of new people in the hobby, new people coming into the hobby. This is what we’re going to suggest today by kids. Знаешь — and so here it is straight in the boxis a blue version. Um temp scale, четырехколесный, drive truck so let’s get out of the box. Here we go we’ll go over here. We’Ve got the radio let’s uh get the knife here got my got the radio here: 2.4 гигагерц радио, so we’re going to run this truck in a minute. Let’S retain a good look at it. It’S the standard, rcr, 2ce, радио, there’s a good radio and works well got good range um. Just a basic radio steering reverse throttle. Reverse steering, trim throat, trim which you’ll never use and dual rate steering jewelry. So you can adjust the amount of servo from steering through um yeah. This truck is fastened in to the box here. So we’re gon na have to figure out how it’s fastened in in the bottom here we’ve got the charger like. I said this is ready to run here’s a charger, uh charger battery it’s a basic wall charger. This is going to charge your battery in about uh. This battery in this truck is going to take a couple hours to charge the battery. You see how many amps it is. It’S got an output of uh one amp it’s, going to take two hours to charge.

The battery which comes with this truck we’ll talk about some more, but you know you’re ready to go. If you’ve got a bad charger, you can get a bad charger and they’ll charge. The batteries quicker, есть, more zip ties holding the truck in here on the bottom, so let’s get rid of them all right. It looks loose now Applause, Music Applause over here. What else do we have here? Uh we’ve got some spare a few stickers. We’Ve got antenna, antenna, tube and a bind. This is a bind plug. So if you have a loose connection with your radio, which you shouldn’t, but you can reconnect it with this all the instructions here, the owner’s manual we’ve already got a list of all the hop ups. You can get. You get a bunch of hop ups for this truck aluminum everything from the chassis right through to uh all our arms, everything of aluminum everything so let’s take a look under the body. Shell let’s scoot this out away now over there put the body clips down here. Хорошо, so what do we have? We have stickers and charge barrier before use um, and what else do we have here? We’Ve got so we can see here all right, so it’s decked out in purple aluminum the this one, which is the epx, not the pro version, comes with all purple aluminum the pro version of this truck, which is kind of the same, but with bash a little Bit better shocks and a brushless power system, it comes with blue aluminum, but this one’s all purple.

So if you like purple, this might be the truck for you. We’Ll take this off too Applause um. So we can see. We’Ve got a cool eight shock system. That really does give the truck a lot of suspension um resistance. You know it’s going to be hard to bomb this truck out with this eight shock system. It’S gon na be great for jumping this truck um. It comes with the standard receiver here. It’S got this splash proof esc here, um we’ve got the 550 19 turn brushed mower with a nice heat sink on here and we’ve got strong bumpers front and rear um underneath got a plastic nylon chassis that is uh that these don’t break the chassis on this Truck we don’t sell that many they really don’t break the blackouts break the chassis right. Here they break them. This truck people don’t break the chassis. I really we really don’t sell many of these uh many of these chassis. We do sell a few bumpers. So if you have a hard front end impact, you may damage your bumper uh rear bumpers. We sell a few shocks, we sell a few, but not too many wheels. We don’t sell any uh the wheels last a long long time got good tread on here, but it’s quite grippy, nice looking tread here, um and then the battery the battery in the truck. If there’s one thing that’s, not fantastic about this truck it’s, батарея, the battery is only a 2000 миллиампер час батареи, so it’s only going to last about 15 Минут.

Но вы знаете,, nickel metal hydride batteries are not too expensive for the price of the truck. I mean these trucks are 150 bucks ready to run um, you know if you want to buy, come in our store and buy one, we have them in stock and uh. You know you can buy another battery for 25 dollars and uh a bear charger. You can be completely ready to run with spare batteries and a high end charger for two hundred dollars. Um i’ll just do a fraction over two hundred dollars in our store um. So we can see here. It’S got nylon, это, just nylon, um suspension, arms they’re different. The front and rears are not the same they’re different, um we’ve got here. Now we got a uh it’s, not the best server in the world that comes in this truck um. You know it gets you going it’s a star. You might want to upgrade that in the future. Like i said everything on this truck, you can buy aluminum aluminum diff cases. You can get aluminum arms. You can get these in aluminum, the turnbuckles, all the steering arms you can get in aluminum the chassis. You can get in aluminum the shocks you can replace with full aluminum bodied shocks, you can upgrade the spur gear and the pinion gear to a metal spur gear with and a steel pinion. This is a full line of hop ups available for this truck and we sell most of them in our store here in houston.

You can buy them individually piece at a time. If you want to do it slowly or i can buy a whole kit. That does a large part of the truck he does all the he does, all the knuckles, the steering knuckles and uh, and the arms and some of the turnbuckles in that kit front and rear, and it also does all these stuffs serviced server saver steering parts you Can get all them in blue or purple aluminum, so this truck is uh is really good. I guess you’re going to want to see how it runs and stop listening to me. Talking about how cool it is, is a good start truck, but it is you know for two hundred dollars. He can really get going with spare batteries and a charger and have a great setup. You know christmas is coming holidays are coming. Perhaps you want to uh think about a great hobby for your kids that gets them outside something that teaches them about engineering and science, and you know it’s a great stem project and it’s a heck of a lot of fun too um we’re gon na hook. This battery up um, i did cheat and charge this battery before we got this truck out of the box um, so always always radio on first, you don’t want a truck to get out of control by some spurious signal. Doesn’T really happen very much with 2.4 gigahertz systems, but radio one and see got green light.

If the batteries are flat, it wouldn’t be green and we’re gon na hook up we’re gon na hook up these here i’m going to turn this guy on and uh there. We go it’s all ready to go so steering’s going, we’ve got forwards and reverse so i’m going to put the body shell on now. This is a great truck, so much fun to drive around. Он работает хорошо. It handles good. Я имею в виду, что это, not a race truck it’s, a bashing truck it’s not made to take out to the track and be competitive with you know. Eight hundred dollar temp scale race trucks. I mean it has a little bit of slop in the steering and things like that. But if you just want a truck that your kids can just go out and bash and bash and bash with the nickel metal hydride batteries, which are much better for kids, because you don’t really need to worry about them with the you know, keeping them stored, putting Them in storage mode or over discharging them nickel metal, hydraulic batteries. Take a ton of abuse. I’Ve got some that i’ve been using for decades, almost and they’re still good um. So this truck is just great. Знаешь, nickel metal hydride batteries are just great for kids. You know it doesn’t matter. If you leave them charged discharged, you know it doesn’t matter, so you just pick them up charge them up and go again so we’ll throw it on the ground here and we’ll see the performance on this truck is not massively fast but it’s.

Great it’s, действительно хорошо. For somebody starting out so here we go so it scoots across the parking lot there so for kids, Нет, oh somebody’s, starting out in this hobby. You don’t want something that goes crazy fast and if you want to upgrade this truck in the future, there’s no problem doing that through the grass here no problem getting through that thick grass over there full function in reverse it doesn’t go as fast Applause, but if You want a truck that you want to gain kids into this hobby, something that they can work on, something that they can learn to understand about how differentials work about how transmission works about how steering works, how suspension works it’s very similar on this truck, as is On my truck right here, it’s uh it’s, all very certainv8 engine, not electric, but maybe that won’t be the case for long. I think we’ll soon have electric trucks everywhere, the silly cyber truck, so this is uh. This is just a lot of fun. This is great bashing fun or parking lots wherever you want to go, Знаешь, bring a ramp out with you this little truck or fly over the ramps. No problem jump in i’d recommend you land on the grass when you’re jumping on jumping it rather than on the hard cement. Но помимо этого, i mean it can land on a hard cement. Это, Не проблема. You just got just the flight of the truck in the air.

You know when you jump in a truck, and you want to you, you take off from the ramp. If you want the nose to come up, you uh hit the okay and gas. Nose will naturally try and come up when it’s in the air. And if you want the nose to go down when it’s in the air just apply a little bit of break and the nose will come down that’s how you control a flight of an rc vehicle as it’s, going through the air from the inertia from the tires And the wheel, spinner, so cool truck, you know on a on a fully charged good battery, uh you’re, probably going to get 25 miles an hour out of this truck, probably know a lot more than that. But for somebody just starting out you don’t want a truck that’s gon na go 70 миль в час 60 miles an hour out of the box, one they’re massively expensive and two. You just get that slightly out of control, get it into some kind of barrel roll or something you’re gon na just smash that thing or even worse, run it into a tree or into a curb it’s gon na be done, для вас знать, you’re going to have A brand new gift that’s in pieces and needs to have two or three hours work on it to get it back into shape. I mean these are fully hobby grade trucks. So every single piece of this truck, если вы сломаете его, can be replaced everything there’s, no part on here.

That is not available um, you know so. Ты, never gon na be have a truck that doesn’t run, but you know you’re gon na have to take it apart and uh and repair repair the parts replace the broken parts, whatever so great truck if you’re gon na stock up on spares for this truck i’d Strongly recommend you get some of the front suspension parts, these arms, умм, steering knuckles, э-э ., sometimes brake um, but our biggest selling part is probably front bumpers from people driving into curbs things like that and uh. Occasionally these screws here, if you can see these screws here the hole at the bottom of the of the steering knuckles here, sometimes they can come loose, so just keep an eye on them. They can. They can come loose and come out, но э-э .. Кроме того,, Знаешь, there’s lots of different body shows you can get you don’t, like this body, shell there’s, like there’s, a hundred different ones in the aftermarket that you can get get for this truck, or you can get this particular body, оболочка, clear and put On put your own style on it, put your own artwork on it and and and the scale truck bodies. You know if you want a ford, if you want a chevy or whatever you want you can you can find them out there they’ll fit right on this right on this truck chucks for bodies for like traxxas rustler, and things like that fit right on there right On here different wheels, if you want different wheels, there’s other wheels out there all kinds, all kinds of different ones.

Я имею в виду, что это, just a great truck, and if you get, if you get beyond it, you want to start to get something faster. Then you can go out there and you can get a brushless motor system and you can install it for around around 75 80. You can you can you can find them, maybe it’s a hundred dollars for a good one, so that that just brings this truck. Then up to the the epx pro level um, if you want to do that, это э-э ., это, it’s easy to do it’s a truck that can grow with you as you grow into the hobby. So if you have any questions on this truck, please post them in the comments below please subscribe to our channel, we try and post a lot of informative videos. We do new trucks, we do old, school um things that we can find and buy on ebay. These days um we do, we do all kind of stuff. You know i’ve been in this hobby, для вас знать, i started when i was 12 i’m now 50, so what’s that 38 years i’ve been doing this and um. This is still since i started being a red cat dealer and i don’t sell all redcap vehicles to some i’m, not particularly uh enamored with, but this one is really good. You know i sell hundreds of these a year and a lot of people um get into the hobby with a red cap, volcano and uh.

Maybe you should too check us out on facebook, two third coast rc and also on instagram and uh, appreciate you taking the time to watch this video and uh we’ll, see you we’ll, see you again soon.