We got a new car in today from uh crumble. Uh lets check it out all right. вот так. We got our new 114 scale truck from corbel same company. That makes my buggy right there, which we did a review on it once before. Already lets check this thing out and see how it is Music, Музыка, Music here it is, would you look at that? I really like the body its got the same controller set up as the buggy. All the connections are the same as the bug lets get that body off and lets see what theyve got going on underneath all right. Everybody here it is with the body off, did a little updating with the esc and receiver combination still got the same ‘0 Двигателя, but still pretty good. Motor runs on a 7.4 миллиампер 1500 milliamp battery uh, its got everythings for plastic plastic control, arms plastic steering links, пластмасса, Колеса, э-э ., soft plastic, Бамперы, uh shocks are friction shocks, но они регулируются. I feel like it would have been a little bit better with um oil filled. Shocks. Lets see how spring it is. I like how the bodys got reinforcements here. Конечно, also too, the body does have lights there, theres lights there in the grill. Я, like the color scheme on this, and also too i do like that. The clips come with these little tabs on them, unlike the previous models, where its just the clips, just the clips no tabs to help pull them off.

Это 1 14 Масштаб, so were going to compare to my uh his and hers 1 14 Масштаб, little basher, который, Кстати, this truck is amazing. I have beaten that truck up, jumped it off my house and it still runs, but were not here to talk about that the body back on here. Хорошо, you can definitely tell there is just a little bit of a slight size difference just a little bit there. There is the body making it look like that the wheelbase is definitely just a little bit wider, but they are both 114 scale but, как я уже сказал, were not here to talk about this guy were here to talk about this one. I got a battery on the charger right now were gon na get ready to go. Let it rip batterys, fully charged batteries in got batteries in the transmitter. Отпускаем. Take it for a drive Music, Музыкальные аплодисменты, Музыка, так музыка, well its not very fast, but it it does move pretty good. Steerings, pretty good front tires, are bouncy a little bit, probably because of the uh friction shocks its all spring right. There thats all out right. There thats full throttle lets check the brakes on it. Brakes are pretty good Music, oh Музыка, Неплохо! Помните, ребята, im doing all this one handed filming. At the same time there you go high speed pass by. I dont have a gps speedometer. I said thats, вероятно, да, 10 15 миля в час 20 tops lets see what happens when you jump it off the back of my truck ready.

вот так. О, нет, now right here in my backyard test track tracks. A little torn up right now, ive been dealing with some rain, but lets uh see how it does for just a little bit Music Music. My Music here we are at the local skate park, were going to do some driving see what we, how it does: Music Music Music Music Music. So i found out that you can run these on a 2s lipo, so were going to try a lipo and see what happens. Music just want to say for a good entry level or beginner rc, or just the average rc guy. That just wants something to play around withi might say this is a pretty good one. It comes with two lithium ion batteries which drive time on its pretty long. I went through about 20 30 minutes on one pack. I will be posting a link down below to where you can get it and all the specs and information on the bottom of it.