The first thing that i like about this car is the remote, because you can only put it a little bit like the throttle. You can push it a little bit and the car will only go a little bit same with the back. I also like how there’s these controls here, where i like how these are down. This is how i like the controls. You can put it all you want. I like these nozzles down now like this, is the frontal one. So you turn how much this you want to hit. They go, but i control it through here so, и это, if you want to push this, my setting is when you push it back. It goes forward and when you do that it goes back, and this is for the turning left right, but you can get it different ways where, if your left hand, you can do left right and right left alrightand i have this ramp today, where i’m going To be driving on and have a really big dirt mountain at the back there, when we’re driving all right let’s get started so, Прежде всего, there’s a switch with it. I don’t really like the swiss i’ll, rather wait as soon as you plug it in it’s. On one disclaimer is the this battery here, the one what it comes with overheats too. So you need to be careful that, because i melted this connector here, i need to replace that i’m going to do that on the weekend.

Хорошо, and also do a video of me replacing it all right with switches on, Я думаю, Хорошо. All right on you know, what’s on when that red light comes on, then you put the body on make sure that the neck is on yep a little bit hard to get the body on all right now. I just need to put in these two little clips and then keep the body on, and one also think thing i like about this. Car is it’s waterproof where you can go on wet grass and stuff, but it cannot be submerged in water. Хорошо, let’s clip on it’s a bit hard to get the clips on all right now, Я, going to turn on the controller, and when you have a beep it on one downside is it takes a long time for it to charge? I i keep it on all night, хорошо, давайте! Do this whoa what’s up it’s big isn’t it! You can also do wheelies, look i’ll stream money for it to do it now. Do this again, yeah it’s really wet because it just rained before all right. So this is what i like, so you only have to do a little bit a little bit to go. Slow now quickly has lots of power on the box. It said it can go up to 50 miles an hour if you get a replacement. Если вы, when you first get it and then, if you want to upgrade it fully, you can like getting a new different battery for it.

If you go up to oh, О, i recommend getting one of these from one of my cousins. I mean my sister and it you can get it from hobby writing. I think you can get some discounts but i’ve actually paid 166 dollars and the battery lasts for about 10 Минут. Я имею в виду, что нет 10 minutes about maybe half an hour at least, but it takes a yeah it does. I know i mentioned this before taking long time for it to charge a really long time. I reckon it takes to get fully charged in 20 hours it’s. Действительно. I don’t know downside of that. It takes too long for it to try. I will wrap it up for this video. I hope you enjoyed. I recommend this rc car.