So i got this from aliexpress and this is the cheapest ive ever seen it for 62., but it came with only one battery. This is truly a ready to run machine, and this is everything that comes right out of the box. It has your usb charger, a few tools, some extra turnbuckles, the instruction manualis nice and easy to read. It has a parts list in the back and i have seen most of this stuff available online now, so the truck comes with an optional set of drift wheels. These are super hard plastic, like a cell phone case. I had them on there for a few seconds and honestly, i know it drifts and some people think thats cool, but were not going to do anything with these wheels in this video theres a look at the transmitter, nothing wrong with it and, of course you have To supply your four double as so, what makes this car special is this esp function? It is a gyro that when you start to fishtail and lose control, it limits your steering and straightens you up so with the esp turned all the way up, its probably going to be impossible to do donuts or fishtail the vehicle so to start well put it Halfway, so it has this really cool hold down for the battery and the brushed and brushless appear to use the same 2s, 7.4, 1200 milliamp hour lithium ion battery with the jst connections on it and there is the brush 380 motor.

So the esc has the receiver and gyro all in one see the antenna and notice the power button right there. So im going to say its like 92 and a half percent plastic, it does have a metal main drive, shaft and metal intermediate shafts notice. It is four wheel drive, the shocks are just regular, they dont have any oil in them. I am noticing theres no way to adjust the toe in or toe out alignment. It does come from the factory with a little bit of toe in thats how its supposed to be. We have a foamy front bumper and a regular plastic rear diffuser. Now this can be replaced if it gets damaged and i have seen most of the parts for this car available online. So look at the bottom, and these tires are not really that squishy or grippy they do drift, but thats all going to depend on the surface. Youre running on so just so you know, i bought a brushless conversion for this and i bought a brushless sg 1604. So just to let you know, i am going to have more rc videos im brand new to this. This is my first rc car. First rc video ever please forgive me in advance. If i dont get all the details right, so we got the battery in there charged up, we can go ahead and connect it up. It can be a bit tricky getting these little headlight wires back in so before.

We close this up. The bodies are not interchangeable. The front strut, tower brace slash body mount is wider on the truck. It has a different angle on it, so it also uses different shocks on the front, so that means the bodies mount different and also the rear. Diffuser is different on the mustang, so now with the body secure, can we reach under there and push that little button to turn it on and off so we got it pushed and you see it starts blinking its waiting for the transmitter to come on. So weve got our four double as in there, so for the led freaks out there. You come down here to channel three, we got them off halos headlights and then you can reverse that so that the tail light only comes on when the headlights are on were going to go ahead and turn the esp all the way down to start. Weve got our steering range, turned all the way up and we got to adjust the trim on it. And if you have small kids who are brand new, they have 50 75 and 100 throttle. The battery was almost fully charged and within an hour we are truly ready to run 50 throttle 75 and then 100., so everything seems to be working 100. Lets take this thing outside and test it out. So i finally found a place to test this out. My main concerns with this are: how far does that transmitter reach, and can we get this thing to go into a straight line? You know i was watching all these videos on this car.

Nobody talked about how bad the range was on it dude. It loses signal. What the frick so thats as far as it goes when it starts to cut out, i ordered a gps. We will be doing speed runs shortly. I have no control over, oh what the frick all right, so this car right here is definitely fun to play with. No questions asked on the other videos. They were clocking this one at 15, 16 and 17 miles per hour, so i had the esp about in the middle. If you turn all the way up, the car pulls and acts all crazy and weird. So i just had it under halfway to do. Donuts were going to go ahead and turn it just a little bit see what happens Applause, oh god, so i had the steering range turned down. Lets turn it all the way up. Applause, oh thats! Actually, really? Applause? Cool: hey, oh Applause! There you go Applause, so that was so much fun. 20 minutes of run time. So for 62. This is an awesome starter car for beginners. I love it and im going to play with this thing again, because i want to see how long that motor is going to last and what breaks first im still learning how to drive my first time really really a million times more fun than i thought. But you got to mix it up a little bit. You cant just be trying to do.

Speed runs. I know thats going to get super boring super quick. We just wanted to see if it went down the road straight and it did, it really did. I was concerned about that because theres no way to align the toe in or toe out, and it all worked out 100 great. Now we just need to get this thing back home and blow it off with air compressor and youll see this one again in a future video when we do the brushless conversion.