Добро пожаловать на канал сегодня собирались еще раз взглянуть на осевой scx 103 базовый лагерь готов к запуску, потому что у меня много действий. Отснятый материал остался — и я знаю, что люди любят видеть действие без какой-либо музыки или замедленной съемки, и это. Что собирались увидеть сегодня, im just gon na throw the clips together and some pretty cool stuff, its a great location. I had a lot of fun driving this thing, but first up in case you missed my review video for some reason. I just want to go over five features. This thing has that you need to know about it. First up is it has a licensed mellow front? Бампер, довольно прохладно, looking front bumper, the only thing is: if you pick one of these things up, you should really move it out. One hole so it doesnt catch on the tires number two. This thing has a metal panhard bar mount on it. Some of the earlier scx103s had a plastic panhard bar mount that would break in a roll, but this one has a cast metal version on there. Thats really cool number three. It has revised falcon wild peak tires on black rhino wheels, они, not b lock wheels, but the setup looks pretty cool and works well number: Четыре: this thing has the lc xu transmission: it is a low center of gravity, трансмиссия, all metal gears, and i kind of Want to put this transmission in my other scx103s that might be a good project for the future and finally number five.

It has a basic toyota, like body on it, its available in three colors and its just a baseline body, its a good basher body. So you go out, there drive this thing hard and not worry about what happens to it.