This is the first plane on the channel, haven’t flown it yet barely have even looked at it. Haven’T taken it out of the box skill level. One completely ready to fly comes with everything you need so let’s, open it up and see what’s inside so here’s what you get inside. So you get the plane completely assembled. You have your transmitter here, your charger. It comes with one battery, but we we went ahead and picked up another one for extra flight. Time comes with four double a’s for the transmitter and it comes with assembly gear. So here’s your transmitter, you have your elevation control or throttle control, here’s your steering and all your trims on and off switch here’s. Your uh panic switch. So if you’re like upside down or like you’re in a nosedive, you press this and it’ll autocorrect it beginner intermediate. Сооо, like it’s only going to bank a certain amount and then advanced to where you can, you have full control over it. It flies well, Хотя: that’s what’s, Музыка, Музыка, running Music, you can try to land it. Да, Музыка, Хороший, Музыка, Да, это, pretty easy to control. На самом деле, this is the first time like i’ve ever really flown a plane like i flew the mini aeroscout um once and it doesn’t. I don’t think it has smart technology and this one does and it’s really really easy to fly Music, так музыка, Музыка, so Music do Music i’m, just in the beginner mode right now about 50 Дроссельной заслонки.

Is it fun, Да, это, really fun. This is great for anyone. Who’S, like never really flown a plane before very easy to fly plenty of power. I think the battery flow it’s, Я думаю, это, just like repeatedly beep. I don’t hear how it’s know yeah it’s dead, Хорошо, so we’re gon na put another battery in so the other one lasted about. Like eight minutes. I think this one should have last last about like five, because it’s a little smaller. Это 150 миллиампер, the other one was 200 milliamps yeah, so guys when we plugged in the second battery it did not work. I don’t know what was wrong: the plane’s fine, but the battery just was not working so stay tuned for another. Video we’ll eventually get another battery. We’Ll run it for you, guys again um.