So welcome back to the channel today’s video. We have the tamiya bigwig um. This is not my car. This is a car that was uh given to me by a friend of mine to build for his son for his birthday. So i thought i would do a little feature on the channel so before we chat about what i’ve done, the colors i’ve used and how i sort of in some tips and tricks for those wanting to paint the body and a few little build design faults that I have heard other people one that i’ve built. лично, i did have a few issues with the front end, so i’ll run through a few of those things, but first let’s take some time to admire this beautiful model and then i’ll come back to you and chat about how we got it. Looking like this and what we used Music, please consider liking and subscribing to my youtube channel. Your support is very much appreciated and helps the channel grow. Музыка. Хорошо, so hopefully you all agree that this is a fantastic looking kit um, это выглядит абсолютно красиво. Let me know what you think in the comments down below um and then uh yeah let’s run through what we used. I did put some pictures of this on my facebook and instagram page got a lot of good feedback. A lot of thumbs up people really really like the color scheme, так что да. Если у вас нет, already checked out my facebook and instagram page head over there check those out and follow there as well.

I do put some sort of updates and builds on there. As i sort of get cars ready to put them on youtube so i’m not going to go through a build video today, умм, you know i built this one off camera, so i just wanted to recap: the colors. I used how we came up with this um and just basically um yeah it’s for a friend of mine, Эх это, his son’s birthday, and he wanted to give him a rc car um. His favorite colors are blue and silver, Сооо, hence why we’ve come up with a twist on the box, art of the bigwig. I think it absolutely looks fantastic, and i actually think that it goes quite well, and i think that this looks better than the white. На мой взгляд,, let me know what you think in the comments down below the silver works, Очень, very well with the top of the hood cover here. So it does tie in nicely in my opinion, but you know everyone’s different other people don’t like box art at all and go something completely different: that’s what’s good about the hobby. You can customize it to yourself or you can keep it sort of as to what you may remember, as a child, walking to the hobby stop and shop and looking at these models on display. So what do we do? Первый, i put, i hit the body with um well before we did any painting really we did the masking now i’ll just take the body off to show you um a difficult one to get off there.

We go so obviously i’ve backed it all in the blue. Именно так, it looks nice from underneath um, and so how did we come up with this now i’ll put a few pictures of some masking, but i’ll tell you how we’ve come about it so anywhere where you’ve got multiple color changes, that’s hidden by a sticker on An rc body, э-э ., probably the best case scenario for painting, because what you, what you can do guys is um you cut out your decal, you lay it over the top of the body you can mark as to where that decal is going to sit, and Then you know that that paint transition between the two colors is always going to be hidden, so that’s what i did cut out. The decal marked out roughly where it was going to sit, mastered off, and then i put the decal back over the top as well. Just to double check that my mask line was going to be accurate, so we did that most bodies have got the clear protective film, so you can draw on the top of that with some with a marker and not sort of damage, the polycarbonate body so that’s. What i do so, once we come up with our masking lines: э-э ., i always like to spray the dominant color, but before we did that, i hit the body with two very, very light coats of, i think it’s ps 53, the tamiya lame flake.

So it does have a slight little metallic in it, so i think that’s come out nicely. You do have to be very, very careful with the lane flake. If you lay it down too heavy, it does run and it gets very, very overpowering so yeah. I think it’s come out nice with the amount of flake that we have, so we did two light coats of the lame flake. Then what i did was i masked up the side areas with tamiya masking tape. I cannot stress enough pay the money and use the tamiya masking tape. It is well and truly worth it. Then what we did was mask that off. I sprayed multiple light coats of the ps16 metallic blue, the dominant colour. Затем, once i was happy with that, i peeled off the masking on the side. I sprayed the whole body, including the side parts in ps12 silver. Сооо, другими словами, i i painted the silver i backed the blue with a lighter color to give it more pop and then once i let that dry, i did multiple coats of the silver just to get enough coverage. Then what we did was i backed everything in white just to give the silver a nice backing solid color, then i did a few light coats with the metallic blue just to finish it off nicely. So i think the bodies come out absolutely beautifully now um. If i build another big wig, i think that i would go with this color combo.

лично, i think it looks fantastic, так что это, кузов. Let me know what you think down below in the comments. I think it’s come out absolutely awesome a little bit of a tricky one to cut out, but you will find that you really really have to pay attention to the cutout lines here and probably trim them a little bit more than what to me is giving you Just to get enough clearance for the front of the body to sit down over the shock towers now, moving on to the chassis itself, умм, these the bigwig, is pretty much a hot shot series, Автомобилей, hot shot, front and rear and a drive shaft and hot shot. Bumper bar by the looks very very similar only this car has that wide tub. Now i do like this um a little bit better for off road rocks and dirt and whatnot, but it also allows you to run the 8.4 Вольт 7 аккумуляторная батарея. При желании, if you want a little bit extra power, a bit extra speed, you can chuck that seven cell in there or you can just upgrade to a lipo two cell. Если хочешь, because originally the big week had the technic old motorand you could obviously upgrade to that seven cell battery for a little bit extra punch nowbecause this is for a young person for their birthday, um we’ve swapped out the gt tuned motor and We’Ve just gone for a silver can motor for the meantime, just for the just three son to get used to driving the car and then a later date.

He may upgrade the motor again a few little issues that um. I have noticed in the past when people have built. Bigwigs is the front here you can. If you don’t, put the drive shafts in correctly, when the wheels spin, it will knock and you and you start to see some rising there. So just pay attention to your instruction manual in those steps. Another thing is the steering now this has like a rack geared rack steering in it, which is a little bit weird it’s, not overly good for turning circle, and you can find you do get a lot of resistance if you don’t use a decent servo, so make Sure you go with a decent servo. If you build a big wig and these gear boots on the side, there just make sure that you, you trim those enough so there’s enough play for them to move up and down your steering shafts, so there’s no binding on there. So that’s my tips um. Another thing that’s a little bit annoying this kit doesn’t come with a speed controller, but it does come fully ball raced. So you know i’ll, probably prefer a nice bearing set over a cheap tbr. E02S. So yeah that that’s. My thoughts on that good to see bearings and then that way you can put a decent speed controller with a lipo cut off, if need be. If you do have a spare tble o2s laying around you will have troubles mounting it under this top plate.

Now a big wig that i’ve built, i had a spare tble 02s. I mounted it under here and i found that it. It was very, very hard up against this top cover here so um. You know you can mount it in some other areas in the chassis, doesn’t really matter to be honest, but other than that it’s, a fantastic buggy. I actually do think they drive quite nice out of the box they’re, not overly special. Even with that gt tuned 25 поворотный двигатель. They are pretty sluggish but, как я уже сказал, if you do put up to a 7 cell or a 2s lipo, you do get some nice punch out of them and yeah. They are a nice, сплошной, um kit. Definitely if you’re interested in a four wheel drive um to me a car, i do recommend getting your hands on one of these they’re becoming harder to get um they’re. I think they’ve been discontinued, um and you’re starting to see people list them for um, crazy money. Online, this was actually my kit and i sold it to a friend of mine, so it’s sort of made full circle and i’ve been able to build it. So that’s the big week, i’ll finish off um with some more pictures of the car but uh yeah. Let me know what you think, i think it’s absolutely fantastic and that’s my opinions and my tips and tricks.