We are taking a look at this sen f450 american force edition those are into their ford trucks. We’Ll know the 450 it’s massive i’ve been waiting to get out of one of these. For a long time, i’ve got some big plans for it. Some of you may have already seen me unbox this in one of my other videos, not on this channel, Хотя, on my rc shorts channel, the first dedicated rc shorts channel on youtube. Я буду, have you know 60 Секунд? I gave it a quick unboxing, so you may have seen it if not, if you don’t miss any more of the sneak peeks that come up on this channel i’ll leave a link in the description to my rc shorts channel. I do put like little snippets um of what’s coming up on the channel when i’m out and about i might do a quick, shorts, video and then upload it and i know youtube shorts, aren’t, everyone’s, favorite that’s. Why i’ve stuck them all in one channel, go check it out, Я буду, leave it in the description and while we’re doing a sales pitch. Do you like the new blue hoodie? I thought a blue hoodie for the blue truck it’s completely different color, but they’re blue i’d say you could support the channel by buying some of my merch. You won’t financially support the channel because i price all of my merch i make i don’t think i’ll make any profit on some of it sometimes make a dollar, может быть 50 cents it’s back to school time and wouldn’t you get the best for the lowest price.

The finishes store where everything costs 36 but anyway go check it out, and i can i bet if you look at that little teespring bar with all my merch on about every other channel. You look at their stuff is probably close to double, or some of it will be double how much i charge i’m good to you aren’t. I anyway, you came here for this, so let’s have a closer look. It comes in two different colors you’ve got a really nice gray i’m, not a massive fan of the anodised wheels and stuff on that. I prefer this one i’ve seen the gray with the chrome wheels and it does actually look really nice it’s just i’m. Not it looks good, i just don’t think it’s very scale i’m, not sure if they made a super dupe like that anyway, but fully licensed ford f450 massive 110 scale solid axles, really really long like ladder frame, Шасси, Металла, Передач, oil shocks, chassis mounted, сервопривод, you can Swap the gears around, so you can go for um, more torque, lower speed or higher speed, less torque i’m, probably going to switch it to the high speed motor for the plans. I’Ve got three link suspension with panama bar front wrist, sway bars, stamped steel, uh shock towers, a 40 Amp 1040 Esc. This is oem hobby wing and what looks like a relatively nice transmitter. So i mentioned the hobbywink efc. The servo is oem sabbox and, like it says, they’re fury tyres, american force edition, you get a set of instructions, some stickers and it sounds like some tools.

Just your normal wheel, wrench and hex, or allen keys there’s your transmitter. It actually looks a bit nicer on the box, but it’s i’m sure it’s, functional it’s got you’ve, got your normal features on there. Steering trim, Дроссельной заслонки, Обрезать, you’ve got jewel right there, То есть, probably steering jewel rate you’ve got a third channel and a little function button. Now i have to read the instructions to see what they do. If anything, but there’s your transmitter. Can i drive it? One handed yes, i can and i’m gon na have to get you in closer to look at this because my word, это выглядит удивительным. Музыкальные аплодисменты, Музыка, Музыка, Сооо, like i mentioned it is massive. Let me get something to sort of show you the sheer size of it. Then we take the body off and have a look underneath so here’s, the smallest one. Tenth, i own the little suzuki carry look at the size difference. How cool does that look? Would it fit in the back? Not quite you could probably get away with carrying it, though yeah so that’s, the smallest 110. I own a lot of my um like scale stuff is, in my lock up so that’s a one tenth uh f 150, a tamiya one that’s off of the blackfoot. It is huge it’s, a pretty cool idea for a project. Да, Посмотрите на это. That would be awesome. Don’T. You dare copy me right. Хорошо, we’ve got it upside down, so solid axles, front and rear massive long, uh links here.

So three link one two three and then you’ve got your panel bar there same on the front, one two three and then pan up bar steering link nice sway bars whether you need sway bars on a truck like this. I don’t know but very nicely put together. Big old rear drive shaft there supported in the middle that’s like a little intermediate shaft, and then you drive shaft up to the back. Full set of bearings will be throughout look at the size of the chassis that’s massive. I wish more manufacturers would put proper body clips that stick up. How are you meant to get that off? It is a very nice blue that is lovely blue, hang on get up to the light. Look at lovely. I like this black underneath, к сожалению, the windows stickers, but you know it’s only a minor thing and then here it is in all its glory, so battery tray on the rear, the sway bars do kind of kind of work, relatively soft suspension, which is good i’m. A bit more of a fan of softer suspension, есть, nothing worse than stuff, going along and bouncing up and down. So that feels feels like it should absorb the shocks quite well. Tyre is quite hard. I would have preferred them to be a little bit more pliable than that, but still they look awesome that jewelries look so cool i’m. Pretty sure that is just that reverse so the front wheel, reversed round and bolted on to the front wheel.

There i’m pretty sure, confident, that’s what they’ve done i mean it looks so cool uh, 1040 Esc, big old 550 Двигателя. This would do really well with like an ax system or like a um. Fusion would be good in here. Maybe i’ll put my maybe i’ll, give my fusion a go that will run really well in there receiver in there and there’s your um servo oem savox i’m guessing it’s got metal gears i’m. Only guessing i’ve got some big plans for this. You have to stay tuned to find out what i’m going to do, but a little clue if you are a fan of whistling diesel. I know some people aren’t because he destroys everything. I promise. I promise i won’t destroy this, but if you’re a fan of himwhich i am i think he’s uh he’s got it right. He’S got youtube. Just he’s got youtube so right, destroy stuff upset people get views that’s how it works, но я, certainly going to do a little project, that’s kind of with a little bit of wd in it. I know we had the f350 it’s not exactly the same, but once i finish, my little project it’ll be pretty similar. Probably right, let’s take this out for a little run. Shall we i’ve not driven it yet i just i just can’t get over how nice it looks. It just looks. It’S just got so much presence. Look at it what an awesome looking thing so running it! On 3s, i went straight for 3s and it’s on the high torque setting got high torque high speed, depending on what you put the gearbox on very bumpy around here.

But i was hoping to give the suspension a bit of a look at that. It is a little bit rattly. I reckon you could do a bit of foam on that body, but under the body post just to stop that rattling around, but it’s fast it’s fast on 3s and this isn’t, the high speed setting um, not a very scale speed, but you don’t want it too Slow do you so, Я думаю, with the open dips, i’m sure they’re gon na need a bit of work, close them up or lock them up or stiff them up a bit we’ll find somewhere in a minute to test them out, but i’ve checked them by hand And they’re very loose, very loose dips on it and so yeah. I think you’re gon na get that issue with the one wheel, spinning when you’re uh trying to go over stuff on this surface, though absolutely fine let’s see if we can get a drift going bit slippery over here. Yeah awesome loads of fun, Музыка, которая. Not what this is for, Хотя, is it yeah do whatever you want with it right, let’s go and test them diffs out. Shall we yeah a little bit a little bit there but yeah there? You go we’ll spin in there we’ll spin in there get your lines, though not too bad. This thing has got a lot of potential a little bit of work on it, get the suspension tuned. A bit it’s, not soft enough for my liking, get that stop that body rattling around lots and lots of things you can do to this right.

Are we going to be able to get out this hill Music? О, come on a bit more wheel, speed maybe come on then let’s. Take that line. I think all four wheels are spinning. I’D say the tires. Are a bit hard for this kind of terrain as well. There we go so Music, i think we’ve established. We need to get them dips locked all in all. I think this is an awesome. F. 450. You have to look out for some more stuff coming on the channel like this, because i got some plans for it right. I’Ll get some cool shots of this. Нво. Try some different camera angles: cheers for watching and i’ll see you next Music, no time but honey. We got nothing too high Music, the force comes to worse, Я буду, be bonnie and you can be glad Music, Музыка, transmission, Music passing by outside the glory Music, Music i’ll. Never leave your side i’ll, never leave your side Music.