We are running 3s, a 4 000 milliamp hour light bulb after the run, we’ll take it inside and talk about it at the table. So here we go now guys. I have the anaconda tires here on the uh bandit so i’m gon na try to keep it on the street Music. It won’t drive that good on the on off road with these tires, because they’re slick they’re made for street so we’ll keep this run on the street this time now the stock tires that came with it. I kind of burned them up already running them on the street, so those back rear tires are kind of bald now. So if i do want to run it off road again, i need to get me some new tires, Но, как вы, ребята, можете видеть, is super fast out of the box again stop gearing Music. The tsm is completely turned off because it does kind of affect the wheelies when we reach higher speeds: Аплодисменты, Музыка, just loving those wheelies, Ребята; Аплодисменты, Музыка, Music from Music, Музыка, Музыка, Музыка, Музыка, Музыка. Так что все в порядке, ребята, that’s the end of the run. Let’S go ahead and go inside and talk about it at the table. See you there hey guys, welcome back to the rc round table, and today we have the bandit, vxl uh hope you guys enjoyed the run video, как вы можете видеть, it’s very fast out of the box. I’M still running stock, gearing uh the battery that was used in that video is a trexus, 3s 4000 milliamp uh, Teh 5000 milliamp 3s’s don’t really fit in the chassis that well it’s kind of a tight fit so i’ll run the 4000.

I still get a good run times out of it, может быть, о 25 30 minutes give or take because i’m pretty much full full throttle. The whole run so that’s pretty good for a 3s battery, especially a 4000 anyway guys. Here she is the bandit bxl, and this is the purple one we’ll take the lid off here, so we can get a good look on the inside pretty basic uh, which is why i would recommend this car to a beginner there’s, not much going on here. You got your servo down here, your receiver box, your esc and your motors here in the back. There is an adjustable slipper clutch. If you take this little cap off, you can adjust it right in here with the wrench. I have added my own woolly bar and these are the wheels i’ve been telling you guys about guys the rubber wheels they’re about seven dollars. I forget the part number, but you buy them. Uh they’re traxxas part, and if you put these willy wheels over the plastic wheels you get better willys, you see how smooth that is. You get better wheelies. Сооо, ох также, we are rocking the anaconda tires with the uh shiny, хром, rims. I wanted the dark colored rims, but they didn’t have them in stock, so i went with these. These are holding up pretty well, умм, really guys. All i really want to say is i really like this car a lot? Я, never owned a bandit.

I always thought about getting one but never came around to it, and this time i got one and i’m really glad that i did it’s a fun buggy to drive it’s super fast out of the box. I may play with the gearing just to see what kind of speeds i can attain with the optional opinion uh, but guys i’m telling you out of the box. It is super fast it’s, probably going over 50 по крайней мере, 50 something i need to get. You know a gps, so i can track the speeds on here a little more accurately, но да, ребята. This is super fast, does willy’s on command and the good thing about this buggy is it’s really dialed in i haven’t messed with the uh, как вы можете видеть, it’s still centered out right here. The steering trim is still centered out this. I had turned down the tsm because i, when you sometimes when you’re doing woolies, i usually keep it right here at the 25 or sometimes i’ll, just turn it completely off. But if you have it at the 50 mark every now and then when you’re doing, release, it’ll try to it’ll fight itself, and so you kind of get that awkward. Looking really, but i usually take keep that turn all the way down and that’s still centered out. So i haven’t had any steering issues out of the box. I mean i haven’t even messed with that, so we’re still doing good there, um yeah guys.

I like it a lot uh. The actual stock tires the ones in the back here. The stock tires they’re they’re kind of they’re toast, already they’ve been uh, они, bald already from running them on the street. They’Re not meant for the street they’re meant for kind of like running in the dirt, like a dirt track or something. So i like driving my mind on the street, so i switch the tires out to the anacondas and these are working out really. Хорошо, i like them a lot. This is a two wheel drive guys so that’s, where you get the wheelie action, Я, not sure of what other upgrades i’ll do. I might get some better shocks, maybe some gtr or some big bore shocks. I thought about getting a bumper, but i don’t know i might just leave that stock i’m going to keep these tires. I might get the black chrome uh anacondas, but i really like these tires and i like running it on the street. If i do go off road again, i’ll have to buy some more of the stock tires because, как я уже сказал, those are like toast man, they’re they’re, pretty much bald uh, but yeah guys it’s an excellent car. It’S really cheap. I want to say it’s like 2′ Или 269. I can’t remember what i paid for it, but it’s well under 300 and that’s a steal for a 110 Масштаб, бесщетковая система, i mean that this is traxxas’s, cheapest kit in a brushless, so i mean it’s good for beginners as far as price.

As far as working on it, Как, i said there ain’t much going on here, you know you got your servo and you know your electronics right here, there’s not much going on and the battery compartment like, Я сказал, it’s a little tight for uh 3s. 5000. So i am running the four thousand but i’m pretty sure there’s a phone block in here. I could probably take that out and get a little bit more room, but i don’t i don’t mind it running the four thousand. I mean i get plenty of good run time out of that, so yeah guys i like the car a lot. I recommend it to beginner and people that are in the hobby. I mean it’s just a lot of fun to drive. You saw the video i mean i’ve had a blast making that video it was really fun driving this car. I always enjoy it. So uh yeah guys we’ll end the video here. It gets a thumbs up for me if you, Как, my content, be sure to subscribe. Like comment hit the bell, so you don’t miss anything.