Today we will be unboxing. This traxxas wrestler, 4×4 vxl, the traxxas wrestler 4×4 is capable of a top speed of 65 miles per hour on the side of the box. It tells you what type of battery you’ll need the gearing and the voltage needed to get up to that speed. It also tells you the expertise level that is recommended if you’re going to be attempting those high speed runs or if you’ll be running, that gearing this vehicle is almost ready to run. All you need is your choice of battery and charger and four double a batteries for the controller with the traxxas wrestler you don’t get any body bins. вместо, you get this cool little latch on the back. You turn it to the side, lift it up, lift up on the rear of the body and pull back, and it should come right off. So this pinless body setup is the same type of clip and style that comes on the x, maxx and e revo 2.0. With this car, you get a low center of gravity chassis. This chassis lowers the overall center of gravity of the car, which just helps you get more control. Out of the view. Moving over to the electronics uh underneath the receiver box, you have a 2075 waterproof servo. You have a receiver box with a 2.4 gigahertz receiver on the inside. You get the velenion 3 vxl 3s esc with a push but uh button control, and then we move then right down.

Here you get a uh four pole. Э-э. 3500 kv бесщеточный двигатель. With this motor and esc setup. You can run up to a 3s lipo battery, but you are also able to run a nickel metal hydride battery a 2 cell lipo battery and a 3 липовая батарея. I will be personally running a 3s lipo battery for to get the full potential out of this vehicle. The traxxas wrestler 4×4 vxl comes equipped with four wheel drive out of the box. This will help give it a little bit of a better grip compared to the two wheel, drive version, and it just helps control a lot better right here is where you will place your battery. I am able to fit a full size. Three uh cell lipo in here uh, but i have heard that other people’s have had troubles with uh the size. One thing i noticed about this vehicle is that it has a pretty stiff suspension which easily lifts one of the wheels, but this shouldn’t be too big of a problem. The tires on this vehicle are foam inserted, ventilated tires. These tires are meant for off road use. They get extremely good use and they should last quite some time these are tsm rated and should work all the way up to that 65 mile per hour rating. The next thing i notice about this vehicle is the overall size if you’re looking for something big. This is not going to be the car for you here.

It is stacked on top of my traxxas e revo brushless original edition and, как вы можете видеть, it’s quite a bit smaller. This vehicle comes with the traxxas 2.4 gigahertz tqi transmitter. This transmitter has two buttons on the top a menu and a set button. Using these two buttons. You can program the controller to better suit your driving style down. Here you have two knobs: you have a steering trim and a multi function. Knob for this vehicle. The multi function knob, is to adjust the aggressiveness of the tsm. This controller does require four double a batteries that will be placed in this bottom compartment down here inside the bag of goodies. You get a stack of lovely things. You get a high speed, шестерня шестерни. This is what i believe is a 0.8 17 tooth uh pinion gear. You get high quality tools which will help you get to every little bit of that vehicle. You get a foam spacer for the battery tray. You get shock spacers to help increase the toughness of the shocks. You get a warranty card if you ever have to use that you get a sheet of decals a battery and charger guide, because this vehicle does not come with either a tqi transmitter guide, which tells you about the telemetry. You can equip this vehicle with a guide to that shows you every part of this vehicle, Например. Here is a sheet of the body and it’s breakdown, and you also get a manual guide.

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