It came late. Um been waiting for this since uh thursday never came um, but it came today, э-э ., which is pretty cool because it’s sunday and i didn’t think it was going to come. It’S fedex, who delivered it um, so i didn’t expect that, but they did come and i do have it so let’s go ahead and unbox these things check it out. It’S a the thing i like about this one guys is that it’s it’s big enough to uh have something to hold so it’s, not all little and small. It may look little on camera, but this thing is pretty decent sized it’s, не это, not very small, Ребята. It’S it’s pretty good size, so uh let’s go ahead and look at the box itself, so it’s boasting right. Там 20 speeds of over 20 миль в час. Э-э. 2.4. The real wheel, uh drive real real rare wheel, drive sorry guys um rtr. Of course it has everything in there performance, shocks and uh suspension kind of blurry and high speed vehicle, and if we turn it around here we get like a preview of what’s inside. I believe it had lights too over here. I probably didn’t, read it or no, it doesn’t so uh here it is guys fully proportional. So this thing’s not um, it has fully digital proportion, proportional steering and throttle. So it seems pretty good on paper i mean on paper. It sounds great, so we got some lights on there.

It comes with high performance uh tires here: roll cage, real working headlights and a transmitter that looks pretty good to me, guys considering um how it looks. Выглядит довольно неплохо. So i got this on. I tried buying it on amazon, but it was like 35 bucks guys. This thing went up in price, i didn’t even know existed until i uh had got a notification from ready to run rc’s channel so uh. I went to his scene, the video and he had it, and i was pretty amazed at it because it looked decent and it went pretty fast and i seen some other videos after and it looked pretty good too. It was going pretty fast, so i didn’t know it existed until then um and ever since then i wanted it. So i went on amazon like 35 Баксов, so i went to ebay uh pretty much the same price. So i end up playing the uh auctions, Ребята. So i played the auctions and got this guy for about 20 Баксов, so i paid 10. э-э . 17 for it and a couple bucks for shipping, so uh was a lot cheaper. So i i bought it from a seller who was 100 так что я, just hoping everything works correctly, because sometimes ebay could be a little rough, but i’ve been having decent luck with it. So let’s go ahead and get this guy opened up, and i believe that is the only piece of tape that i need to cut all right.

So let’s pull this out all right. So so far presentation is pretty good with the way it’s. All boxed up looks really good guys, really wow very neatly packaged, so i paid 17 and like three dollars for shipping, see that guys everything looks really really well we’ll. Put that there there’s nothing now there’s nothing else inside there. So we’ll take a look at this. So we got a usb, looks pretty basic, just like the other craze, так что это, pretty basic with the usb member. Only one amp don’t use a two amp charger, just use one app, so we got a decent little manual here, it’s trying to mimic an uh actual hobby grade, not too bad guys. This is a very good you. Through i mean you, don’t need too much directions. Это, just a really simple rc, then we got these here guys. So this thing comes with some extra tires that actually feel pretty good. They feel decent. They feel hobby grade something you might get on a 24 Масштаб: car nice decent little rc hobby grade card. So these tires are pretty good i’m surprised that they give you four tires. То есть, that is pretty pretty amazing for the price um. We got our three uh double a batteries and the transmitter itself. It actually looks pretty good guys. This is not too bad. Looks very similar to wall toys, the shift 24 То есть. What this is called the power craze shift 24, and i do have one of the power crazes that i bought recently from walmart and sorry guys, there’s a speed button here, your on and off.

Is there obviouslyand you got your trim right here, so it is digital trimming, so you can trim, but all of it’s digital, so it’s uh going to be pretty good. So you got a speed button and your trim so it’s, very basic but that’s all right. Это, a very basic car, so here’s the rc itself, so let’s get it off of this guys. Let’S see if i can get this off with it’s, how long it’s these little rubber bands all right, here’s the car itself. It looks pretty good in there guys too um i’m guessing to take the top off. You have to unscrew all these three screws, or maybe four one, two three four five and five screws. Maybe to take it all apart, so you can take the top off. But if we look inside there it looks pretty good a lot better than expected. It almost looks like uh like a little hobby grade card or a little rc card, that’s like one of those little amazon ones. It looks like we got a esc and an actual servo in there there’s a bunch of wires in there, but the car itself looks really good guys. Выглядит действительно хорошо. It doesn’t really have suspension, but it has a twisting chassis just like wall toys. Version of this type of rc, which is fully proportional as well um. По сути, i tried buying that rc again recently, guys after i purchased this one.

I tried buying that rc again and uh. I uh couldn’t find it and when i did, it was like being sold for like 50 Баксов, so i don’t know, but uh let’s compare it to one of those cars all right guys. So i thought we’d compare it so here’s the wall, Игрушки, л, Девять, Три, Девять! I think it is got a twisting chassis too, see that no suspension really in the front, but you could get away with it there’s a little bit of suspension in there. You see that so this is the wall, toys and here’s. The other version of the craze which i put some actual hobby, tires on there. These these are uh for either they’re, not hobby grade but they’re for one of the wall, toys and they fit on there. совершенный, so if you look at this, this one is still a lot bigger guys, see that and that’s what i liked about it. A lot that uh, о вау, look at that guys that’s what i liked it a lot about it that it was bigger. Not so little so man this this looks promising and from what i see on youtube, it looks like it’s gon na be a really cool, Rc, ребята, я. Really digging oh wow check that it does got a spring, so it does just like the wall. Игрушки, стена, toys is uh, pretty much identical when it comes to that see that and the craze is not like that it has zero suspension.

It just tries to make it seem like it. Hasn’T has some, but it has zero. There is no suspension in that car, so there’s a little bit of suspension here. We got a lot of a twist a little bit right here, but you could get away with it when running a car. Этот маленький, so um i’ll, have to do a running video guys. This is gon na have to get an actual running video. I can’t do it all in one video. I really wan na um, see what this thing’s about and put do a little speed test. An actual speed pass, not just uh taking it out, want to see how fast this thing can really go. So we’ll be back with another video man. This chassis is pretty big size, it’s almost the size of uh, the team associated uh. They have a small scale. 124 весовой автомобиль, i think too it’s pretty much the same size as the chest is. The chassis is on the team associate and but i know for a fact, this is faster than it from what i’ve seen in those videos it’s pretty fast guys, and you got these which match the rims. But i think i’m going to just stick with the black. But the black does feel hard, they feel hard and plasticky sort of, and these ones feel totally different guys. These things feel very, very soft and grippy. These feel, like your ordinary, cheap tires.

They come with these types of cars, so that was really cool of them. To give you one of these and the transmitter itself is pretty awesome guys i, Вроде того, looks identical almost to wall toys. Even it’s got the bar going on top, so this is going to be a really fun car. So i’ll have to be back rid of running video guys and get a nice speed pass check out these lights again.