I help people buy cars and I show you what to do with them after you buy them. So did you know that your car may have remote start on it, operate it through the key fob and you didn’t even know it. For example, let me show you on this Camry, so here’s your Toyota life hack. Normally, when your car has enter an audio plus, you have connected services like on the Camry in the rav4. You can do the remote phone app remote connect. You can push start engine right on your phone, but did you know you can also do that right from your key, so here’s the trick camry xse v6. This one has audio plus, actually it’s been upgraded, but as long as it has audio plus on it watch this you hit lock, lock and then hold down lock, what’s the start flashing watch it baby, so let’s up the game a little bit: 20. 19. All new rav4 limited in blueprint by the way. What do you think of this blue print color? Do you have it? Do you want it? What do you think let’s check it out, lock, lock hold down lock, come on baby come on baby, oh it’s, lighten up it’s lighten up it’s like the 4th of July? Yes, yes, I am the man, oh yeah, uh huh, oh yeah, oh yeah, I’m. The man. Oh yeah uh huh. Now, how do you know if you have audio plus in a Camry or a rav4, the biggest tip off? This is my car right here: 2018 Camry XLE, I upgraded with the audio package, but if it says Sirius XM there, then you have the audio plus in your rav4 or camera.

So now the real question, the real question, because it directly affects me: will this system work on a 2018 cam bring my Camry that’s important to know so luck, luck, lack hold down. Oh boy, Knight, Rider Music. So now the question is: will this work on your car? Did my advice help? So if you have a 2018 Camry, 2019 Camry with the audio plus or higher or a 2019 rav4, remember, hit lock, lock hold down lock until you see the flashing and then right down to the comment sections. Let me know if that was a help. Yes, I know I have a lot of energy thanks for watching. I appreciate it. Please check out Instagram at Toyota, Jeff 1, just type in at Toyota. Jeff 1 go to Twitter, do the same thing: Twitter, Jeff, 1, Facebook, Twitter, Jeff in Raleigh, and follow my stories at torque news.com to are quue news.com, slash, Toyota, you’ll, see all the stories I write about the latest Toyota news and reviews it’s a great complement to My youtube channel, if you’re looking for a new car in the north carolina area, please call me jeff Teague at Fred, Anderson, Toyota or shoot me over an email subscribe to Toyota Jeff YouTube channel.