Now these are great little systems for those of you who have got brushed vehicles and want to upgrade to brushless so i’m going to be taking you through all the options that we have available and what sort of vehicles you can use them in. Хорошо. Сооо, как вы можете видеть, we have four of these systems on the table, and that gives you a nice wide range of options and different types of vehicles that you can use these in now over on my right, we’ve got the 3650 Диапазон, so these are slightly Smaller motors they come with the three millimeter shaft and they have 60 amp ESC’s. They all come pre installed with dean’s connectors as well and there’s. На самом деле, two leads that you might be thinking would go to the receiver, но есть. One signal lead that goes to the receiver, which is the long one and the short one is actually set up for the program card that you’ll need to purchase separately in order to program the esc. Of course you can program the ESC’s manually, but with the program card it does make that a little bit easier and they’ve made that even easier by supplying the extra lead in there for you. So there are two KV ratings, есть, a 3450 и 4350. Both of these are capable of you know being installed into small cars like your bandit or rustler. Two wheel drives, maybe even a slash two wheel drive.

They would actually work. Okay as well uh and they’re, capable of running on both 2S and 3S lipo batteries. They come with a full set of instructions inside as well, so you can calibrate it and do a little bit of minor programming if you want to and they’re great for that sort of application, Хорошо, cheap little sort of brushless upgrade for those of you who want That little bit of extra power from your car that you’ve been using now for a while and you sort of capped it, and you want to go a little bit more so that’s the ZTW 3650 Диапазон. Хорошо. Now over to my left, we have the 3660 Диапазон. Now these motors are a little bit bigger and they’re also suited for slightly bigger and heavier cars, albeit still in the 10th scale realm. Таким образом, 3660 come with a five millimeter shaft, and this is important to note, because a lot of people that are going to be upgrading to these combos may have pinions in their cars that only have a three millimeter shaft. So if you’re planning to use the existing pinion that may not be possible, you may need to actually purchase a separate pinion to use in your vehicle. Now over here we have the 3000 KV combo, which comes with an 80 усилитель ESC, and this one is the 3500 KV combo, which comes with 120 усилитель ESC. Now the ESC is capable of running up to 4S.

Однако, i will warn that if you do run this combo on 4S, the motor does get a little bit too hot i’ve got this combo myself and i’ve used it, and it does get a little bit warm, but the power is quite extraordinary, so maybe just for Some very quick speed runs. You can use it on 4S, but i wouldn’t recommend bashing long term with this combo and anything above the three a 3S lipo, Teh 80 amp combo, Конечно, only runs on up to 3S, so you can run a 2S or 3S. Очевидно, Хотя, both combos do come with a program card, so you can do some programming with the ESC as well and they’re a great price range for this type of performance. Определённо, Teh 3500 KV from what i’ve used in my car has been amazing. The power delivery is actually really good. The ESC is really smooth and everything works really nicely with these combos now. Something important to note is that the ESC’s do not come with any connectors installed. Сооо, depending on what type of connector you use, you will need to install a connector there to match your setup. So just keep that in mind as well, that there are no plugs with these ESC’s and that’s pretty much the combos as a whole. So we’ve got the 3650 Диапазон, which is a you know. The cheaper range good for two wheel, drive lightweight vehicles and we’ve got the 3660 range which yeah definitely suited for heavy vehicles like the typhoon here, which obviously is a brushed vehicle.

And if you want to upgrade that to brushless, you can go for one of these and go nuts and you can definitely get some better performance out of your RC, so that’s it for this video. Thank you all very much for watching don’t forget to hit that like button on your way out, leave a comment or question in the comment section down below and we’ll try and do our best to get back to you check out the video description as well. We’Ll have links in there to all the combos that you see here. So if you want to go check those out and purchase one for yourself or your car feel free to do that and of course, don’t forget to subscribe as well. So you can keep up with more content. We’Ve got coming up. That is it for me.