This is the 120th scale, six function, RC mini engineering, forklift truck, which is ready to run, and we received this from RC moment’ comm for free to review. This is by a company called Roy Chong from China. I believe and it’s a remote control forklift, which has six different functions, goes left to right forward backward and the forklift goes up and down. It comes with a crate, which is cardboard and four cones, and it also has this pallet for picking up the crate here’s. A closer look at the the forklift, it uses four triple a batteries which are right here. It came, it comes with four rechargeable batteries and the remote control uses a nine volt battery, which is not included here’s. A closer look at the forklift, which is pretty cool, looks really realistic, I’ve, never driven an actual forklift before, but I’ve seen many of them. This is a fun toy that Jonah’s been playing with for many hours, he’s gone through a couple sets of batteries. It does come with the rechargeable, my calves, but nothing to charge it with, and I don’t have a NiCad battery charger, so I’ve been using regular, triple a alkaline batteries and they and Jonah’s gone through about two sets and here’s. The forklift I’ll sure. Look at the functioning, let me take the the crate off the pallet. It was oh yeah. This is a pretty fun toy that Jonah’s gon na be playing with a lot in the future and you’ll be using this in the future.

Videos, probably on some of our Monster Jam videos to pick up some of our Monster Jam monster trucks from the races and Jonah’s been having plenty of fun. With with this forklift picking up things around the house, his toys, whatnot Music, Music, our seed moment dot coms prices are not bad for from remote control cars. These are not like professional or quality they’re more like toy remote control cars and they do the job and they’re pretty fun to play with, especially this forklift, and they have plenty of other different remote control. Cars on their site, so go check out, RC, moment’ calm. If you like, this forklift they’ll put it there’s a link in the description, if you’d like to order it again, there’s that coupon code.