What we have here is a new ruco q11 toy tank rc car, probably pretty good for christmas, but rather than me opening the box and reviewing it im, not the target market. I hired on a couple kids, child labor. I know to unbox it, so i hope you enjoyed that, but while editing the video i noticed, i missed a couple details. The most important one is: they do have in the transmitter and option for smoke. You press the button, fill this up with water and there it goes. It lasts a pretty long time. So its a pretty neat little feature i didnt want to miss. The other thing ill say is its got, some really good suspension articulation. So we this thing took a beating got, got it a little bit wet and whatnot opening cabin. So there you go about 70 dollars when theres a coupon code on amazon but enjoy the running video and see if its right for your kids or the kid in you all right were on were on with avery and big sister cameron, and they have a new Toy roo called q11 and theyre gon na unbox it. This might be the perfect christmas present for crazy little kids, who have lots of energy, so were gon na see because avery is pretty hes hes pretty active ours here all right, you guys go ahead and unbox. Oh just like christmas morning, what do you think about that baby? What is that whats, your guess, Music, i think its for little kids, so maybe they can put milk and drink.

It looks like a baby bottle, huh or maybe its one of those. As seen on tv products that make kids shut up Laughter, you mean, like cough syrup, heavy thats, surprising how heavy it is three days later. Oh, oh, oh so that thing it probably needs batteries huh! Well, do you need a screw for that? What you got there? Whatd you get here, Music. Is there a tool? How do you change the battery charger? You got two chargers. How many batteries you got two batteries. I only see one three and a half all right well lets see, give it a try, Music. You know what they call that the steering radius the steering radius is zero because it turns tight all right, give it a go Music. Oh, oh, oh, do some jumps right here. Oh Music, bring it towards you, Music, all right, whats, your first impression, its pretty good, turns. Okay, pretty fast. All right lets, get it Music theres, some back and forth on the bridge set: go Music, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, Music go after the bridge. Go! Oh whoa whoa whoa whoa one round of three. Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh wheres, whose car is this? Oh everyone? Okay! No, oh! Oh, oh, oh, oh cameron made a pass. Cameron made a pass: hey, hey amys, going crazy! Oh hes, going crazy! Whoa donuts! Do some donuts avery go? Do some donuts dont have contest? Oh Music. Try to push each other Music.

All right! Congratulations! Cameron! All right! I hope you enjoyed the running video with test drivers, avery and cameron. They got to keep the rc tank, which is cool and they answered the most important question. Is it fun uh? Definitely fun guaranteed. You give your kids this theyll be out of your hair for at least an hour, maybe all day so passes the test there very natural control action as well its a typical car, remote, not the two stick: airplane remote. That tanks usually have so pretty easy and its got a lot of range. You can do so much stuff with high speed and low speed. Modulation, so uh keeps folks occupied the only caveat. Is you probably need two because its way more fun when you have two and you can race around and battle each other, so for twing tips, i would say you can add weight in front if you wanted to crawl more. This is its fairly rearward, biased. So to make it wheely and stunt a lot and its got some good. You know splash proof, waterproof ability crash proof, pretty much uh that the the rubber belt never derailed, and the last thing well say is battery. Was awesome 45 minutes around 40 to 45 minutes. For each battery – and they give you two and thats – really cool, because you know these chargers, they take a long time lithium ion batteries, so its good that they have two. That way, you could wear out your kids and make sure they really have a lot of fun.

So there you go enjoy the rest of any video. Thank you: Music, Music, oh Music, uh, Music, uh, Music. There you go Music, hello, Music, Music, oh Applause, Music, Applause, Music Applause, Music Applause, Music, Applause, Applause, Music, Applause, gon na be hard Music.