So thanks for joining me, let’s take a look at what we’ve got here: Music, all right. What we have here is a really unique design. This is a Russian boat, a delta 4 submarine from the Russian Navy, and this is put out by a company called the zero bubble model designs gentleman by the name of David Hughes, out of Australia down under what 140th scale and that’s a little bit odd. It’S not a typical scale, but for what I understand David chooses these just for ease of manufacture, ease of transportation and for maximum performance. So if you’re not a scale Nazi, this should be just fine for you at one 140, a scale that makes it just a hair over four feet in overall length and just a hair under three and a half inches in beams. So if you are looking to source a sub driver that would pair up nicely with this submarine you’re going to be looking for, probably the two and a half inch diameter, MSD or potentially, if you want to work with a little bit less room, the 300. The three inch diameter, but I would probably for this particular boat – recommend a 250 250 250 two and a half inch diameter along the entire length of the boat. Now let’s talk about how it showed up to me. It showed up a well wrapped in bubble wrap, but that was really. It is not very typical when you, you get a model submarine from any of the manufacturers for it to show up without a box, but this one did – and I am happy to say that there is absolutely no damage that I can see for this particular boat And obviously, as an unfinished fiberglass product, it’s, exceptionally durable now it is quite possible that, through the course of shipping, particularly if it’s coming from overseas from Australia, some of the more delicate appendages such as these Stern cones could potentially be damaged.

But if that was the case, I don’t think it would be a terrible thing from a repair perspective, so we’ll see if he continues along with that shipping manner or not, but regardless it showed up perfectly fine. For me, the Hulk comes in an upper and a lower half, and each of those is actually split. As you can see there, the forward section of the upper and lower hull have a molded in lip. That is quite sizable and that’s great, because it’s got a lot of meat to secure that rear section on with and potentially you could use that in a Z cut for hull access, so you wouldn’t actually have to do your own cut in the submarine hull. At least on the upper hull, layup is actually quite good. It looks to be a polyester resin versus an epoxy, which again is a little bit of a departure versus a lot of the other manufacturers out there. But the lip quality is very good and it’s. A nice thin layout, that’s very strong I’m, actually quite impressed with it. Now, if you’ve been following my channel for a while, you’ll have known that, I did review a couple of his other boats in the past. This is his newest, offering and I have to say the level of quality has exponentially improved. Previously you can see a lot of sort of rudimentary scribing going on it’s much better in this particular boat. Now you know is it to the level of a muse quality? Replicas, no it’s, not you know, there’s gon na be some cleanup.

There are some trapped air bubbles that you can see. You can see some trapped air bubbles in there, but that is not a massive issue. You can easily file those out. The scribing work is a little bit rough, but you know these are all holes that need to be cut anyhow, ballast vents and and such so really that’s, not a big deal, because you can make perfectly square openings. There yourself sail comes separately. This is a fiberglass layup, as well, with a little bit of filing you’re gon na see a great mating to that missile. Deck of the delta floor and now let’s take a look at these cast resin pieces. You know again it’s kind of night and day compared to some of David’s earlier work. There are still, you know, a few little voids in the in the castings, but that can be built up with filler, not too worried about that at all, and actually the amount of air bubbles is quite small, and the amount of flash is quite small as well, Particularly impressed with these casts resin propellers. They turned out really really well, I think, with just a little bit of cleanup with a file and sandpaper. These are gon na look really great on the model. Now I am going to note in the effort of being completely open and honest. It does appear as though I am missing one of the rudders. The upper rudders here I’ve got my horizontal stabilizers and dive planes.

I’Ve got my lower rudder, my upper stabilizer, but no rudder to go with it. I am absolutely sure that David is going to look after me, I’m, not worried about that at all, but to be quite honest with you, I’m, not even gon na worry about it. You know ten minutes worth of work and I can fabricate some quarter inch plastic or with a 3d printer. If you wanted to do that yourself, but everything else looks to be here, including all of the mast and periscope tops that you would mount to aluminum tubing to create the periscope assembly on the top of the scale. Also, what comes is actually a set of very comprehensive instructions, and these are actually really professionally done. It has a lot of 3d models Illustrated out here that shows you the Assembly of the boat from start to finish now, this is the Assembly of the hull. None of this obviously goes into any detail about the installation of any sort of running gear and I’m glad because there is such a huge number of different options that you could use to power, this particular boat. But as I said before, this is a one 140th scale: project, 667 Delta, 4, Russian submarine beautiful little kit and well worth the money. All in all, I would say it is absolutely well worth the money that is charging which I’m going to have at the bottom of the screen for you, because I am just too scared to tell you that price verbally it’s very cheap.

If you’re looking for an economical way to get into the hobby man, this would be a great bow. Well, there you go everyone. This is my quick overview of the new product put out my zero bubble model designs out of Australia. Mr. David Hughes, 140th scale Russian Delta for submarine in summary, it’s well worth the money it’s worth taking a chance on grabbing its gon na build into a beautiful little model. My name is Bob Martin, the RC sub guy. I really thank you for joining me. If you like what you see please subscribe, I put a view content constantly for now we’re gon na. Let you go. I appreciate you thanks for joining me.