Wow, oh, is that as a combo, panda stud skateboard racer, how cool that looks so much fun? Look. You can see a controller in there, it does 360 degree turn it can pop wheelies Wow and it can climb back up it’s for kids, ages, 3 and up let’s see the back of the box, looks so cool also available. You can see what it does on the back that way once you start yes, you start this is the cool box very comfortable. Look at all those other toys that you can collect. Oh that’s cool, but we need to open up this combo panda right. All right should we open it. Okay, let’s go. It looks so much fun. I can’t wait. I like things that go fast, don’t, you, okay guys. So this is something important to note. You have to install brand new batteries. It does not come with batteries. So the remote control to triple a batteries – okay and the skateboard – takes four double A batteries which are not included. Okay, so the remote control takes two triple A batteries not included, and the skateboard takes four double A batteries which are not included alright. So I have to go: get batteries alright, guys so another. Another thing I wanted to point out is that getting the batteries inserted into the remote control on the skateboard was a little bit of a challenge. They have the safety button on here that you have to press with the screwdriver, and then you push to open the saint’s at the same time, with the screwdrivers go, took a minute or two to get it.

Oh, but the batteries are inside to triple a and for double a and it’s a pretty cool little skateboard. I just tested it out and I’ll show you guys in a minute, but here is the skateboard here. Is the combo Panda? I liked it it’s very kid. Friendly it’s, very colorful and friendly looking, it has two big big eyes and a nice smile and conceal its headphones he’s wearing headphones and he could spin around so let’s. Try it you’re gon na press the button and make it go. Here’S a skateboard. It has four wheels with red and blue multicolored here’s, the bottom of it. The skateboard has the same thing: the safety feature where you have to use a screwdriver and push it to open at the same time. So it took a little, but I got it in there, so one off switch is at the bottom on right now I wasn’t controlling it. That was you. You had the remote control Music. This one is really funny. Actually, surprisingly, staff Music – all right, you guys so I’m gon na show you real quickly. Here is the 360 degrees spin. This button right here makes it go for it and so make it come back to you just press the 360 degree button until it’s in your door. Don’T have two buttons: it doesn’t go bathroom. A lot of fun J is having a lot of fun mission, which is for hours all day aren’t you guys.

So if you like this video, please give it a like to share with your friends. This is the Ryan’s world toy right here you can collect them all, but we have the combo panda. Skateboard we’re not subscribe to our channel subscribe combo panda, the skateboard. It is really cool, it is really cool. This will be a great Christmas present awesome or a birthday present. All right, you guys so take care.