This is sammy geek back here with a quick, 30 day review on my samsung galaxy watch 4. And what im going to do is kick this thing off right away, as you guys know, i dont talk about specs any of that stuff that you guys can see in everyone. Elses videos im going to jump right into what i think about this thing. What has it been like wearing this thing for the past 30 days and just to kind of set the stage a little bit ive come from most of the samsung watches that ive owned ive also rocked the fitbits and the garmins and maze fit, and several other Brands before ive continued to just come back to samsung every single time, so my last watch to put in perspective was the watch active 2 and i wear my watch pretty much 24 hours a day. The only time i take it off is after my workouts and pretty much the shower things like that, but i do wear this thing at night for sleep, tracking and uh everything else that the watch offers for the most part. I do uh, usually rock the about half the time i probably have the screen on, as you can see right now, always on display kind of kicks on. So i usually do that about half the time if im shooting to save the battery for a little bit longer period of time. I will turn that off, but im going to do this review in two segments.

First, for the first minute, im just going to kind of buzz through everything for the folks that are in a hurry and then im going to talk a little bit more in detail about some of my findings of this watch versus watch active 2. For those that want to stick around so kicking up, kicking it off for the folks that are in a rush here, ill, try and sum this up. The watch 4 feels very similar to the watch active 2. uh. What i notice is the display is a little bit better. The uh, the fonts are a little bit better, the uh, the graphics rather and, of course, the sleekness of the unit itself, so the actual the design of the watch. So, if youre upgrading to this watch, what it does, is it really feels like youre upgrading a little bit on the screen, like i said, but mostly the look and the feel of the actual hardware itself, the actual watch thats, where i think the value is uh. It took to me its a tremendous upgrade versus the watch active 2. The watch active 2 uh was a little bit more rounded um. It seemed like a much more sport, focused type of watch and uh. To me, i just didnt look as premium, so this is offered in two different colors. As you guys know, it comes with the black version, which would be you would see the black here and then you would also get the black around the edge there and then, of course, the kind of the um well its not exactly stainless steel, but the aluminum.

The silver aluminum version that i am rocking here and uh for me, i i would have gone black uh all black and then usually i have a white strap, but for this i really think for this particular watch. If you do like black watches, i still think you can get away with this, because this kind of this aluminum silver aluminum really sets it off its such a sharp look, like i mentioned in my last video with that kind of waterfall edge, and its really really Sharp this year a sharp cut off they dont, they didnt do the rounded like they did in the previous years, but the the the watch active two felt a little bit cheaper, is kind of the bottom line, so um thats. What i think, in summary, i think, thats, the major difference is everything else from the tracking to the sleep, and everything else feels pretty much the same all the way down to the battery life as well. So the battery life, i would say, is like spot on with what the watch active 2 was giving me as well im, pretty much topping it off every day when im in the shower, i could maybe squeeze out two days with this watch uh just like. I could have with the watch active two, so thats kind of the summary guys um. If you ask me how many stars i would give this out of five personally, i would give it like four and theres.

A major reason for that is that during the workouts uh, you guys, i posted another video where im dropping heart rate about halfway through the workout im, seeing a bunch of dots like its losing uh track of the heart rate. So that is the one downside to this watch. Everything else i think is awesome. I love the design of it. I think it looks fantastic um. My last video you guys saw i had the white band and i have a green band here so anyway for the guys that are in hurry, thats kind of the summary, and if you want to stick with me, a little bit im going to dive into a Little bit more deeper detail here, so uh those have that who have been watching. Thank you very much and well catch up with you guys soon for everyone else, uh. What i want to talk about is im going to talk about the watch faces. First of all, so i do like one of the things i like this year is uh the really its its a very simplistic um. Its a really like the app drawer is very simplistic. I love this and how you can go through find your watch set a timer, its so easy to use. Some people might be asking hey: do you use the rotating dial? I actually turned that off on this watch. I just dont, i dont think its necessary because when i go through as im buzzing through these different things here, its just left or right – and i would swipe uh to the right for my notifications and then pretty much swipe up for things that youre seeing here.

The different apps that you might use, which i dont have a ton of them because i dont do a ton with this watch and then pretty much swipe down. I go right into the uh settings and things like that right here, a couple things that are funny well, oddly enough, this uh, as you can see on the bottom right here, there is a little flashlight function and what that does is, if you tap on that It will actually make the screen very, very bright and when you are in a dark room, uh its a lifesaver, i actually so we have a pontoon boat and um long story short. Some of the poles were collapsing and it started to rain, and so i had to sprint out and climb under the pontoon boat, at like three oclock in the morning to cover up the pontoon before it got and totally flooded before. The cover got flooded and it was so dark under there. I was fumbling around in the pitch black and i turned my wrist up and all of a sudden, for whatever reason the watch turned on, and it told me what the time was – and i was like. Oh, my god, i have the watch on me, so i remembered i scanned down in here and i was able to use the flashlight function and it saved me. It was so awesome its really an overlooked. Little function of these watches and i believe the previous versions had it as well, but just something fun to note now uh here in the top right hand, corner our top left hand, corner youll, see theres a sleep button.

If you tap sleep button, it will put it into a bedtime mode. So essentially, what that does? Is that shuts off your screen entirely? So if you are uh, actually you know its not going to work because i have always on. I changed it to not time out, but what it does is it will kill everything and it will turn this everything off the watch. So when youre sleeping and your wrist is moving, it wont light up on you and again thats saving battery. So if you do want to see what time it is, then you would just tap the side and itll pop up. Itll say its actually in sleep mode and but youll be able to see the time if you want to check so thats been a life saver for me, ive just always used that one of my criticisms for samsung would definitely be. I would love for them to set a timer, so a couple of other brands, i think garmin and so forth. They have a timer. So you can set your watch to go to sleep at a certain time or like sleep mode. You know at 10 oclock at night or 11 oclock at night and then six in the morning it turns back on so it automatically does it so thats kind of a drawback that ive noticed on this watch, the um uh, speaking of which i mentioned before i Have a lot of problems in the gym thats? Why i cant give this thing a 5 star.

I love the watch itself, but i have a huge problem in the gym where im working out, you guys check out my other video, but it will drop off heart rate signal. Once you get up its like the first quarter of your workouts recorded, then it will lose heart rate and then it will kick back on in the very tail end of your workout and its super frustrating. And i im literally a week away from wanting to send this watch back and do and do a warranty period so well see how that pans out the uh body fat here again. Im not scared to show this to you guys, ive been having way too many twinkies over over the summer, apparently, and now it says 20.4. I believe that this is just a ballpark figure and the reason i say that is because almost every night ive got a garmin scale that i get on and the garment scale is at least probably three percent less body fat um. Although my last measurement, as you can see, i just did it for my test for this. Video was at 1 54 p.m, and i just had lunch and drank a bunch of water, so im guessing its probably also measuring uh the water that ive got in my system because again, when i jump on the garment scale, its a little bit less so i Use this as a grain of salt, i take this information with a grain of salt is what im trying to say what i would do is.

I would measure your uh your body fat every day at the same time, and i wouldnt put a lot of emphasis into what this number says. But if that number, you know, if you do it every day before lunch, and if you start out at like 18 or 20 percent, and then you notice youre, seeing a trend in the right direction of dropping body fat, then youre, probably heading in the right direction And i think its a direct correlation to uh to your workouts and – and i definitely this is why i know that im not 20 body fat is because i do work out pretty uh consistently and again. Ive im, not joking ive, had way too many twinkies over the summertime. Uh thats kind of my weakness in taco bell fast food, whatever it might be, but um but yeah im pretty familiar with the body, fat and so forth. But it gives you a little bit of a ballpark measurement, which i think is awesome. If you do it every day and youre working out youre going to see results so other than that uh sleep score, uh last night was a was kind of a rough night. I was all over the board, which youre not going to see here, uh youll kind of see, theres a space theres a black space. In there it says sleep score 45. We actually had some nasty storms that rolled through last night, so my sleep was all screwed up, because i ended up getting up at one oclock in the morning and going down to the couch getting prepared for the storm to come in uh.

For a few things. I was afraid we were gon na lose some lawn furniture and uh. Then the storm came through right at that black mark, as you can see here, uh that storm came through oh ooh, those calories. So i better go burn a couple more calories to change that right, um anyway. So the deep sleep as you can see, was like four minutes, but i religiously look at this thing every single morning and uh, look at my sleep and again its similar to like the body fat. I think its just giving you ballparks. I mean its its, not precision, sleep equipment and again you know its going to give you an idea of how youre sleeping, but if you actually had sleep, apnea or some kind of issue like that, you would want to get real medical equipment to uh to try. So but yeah as far as the going back to the the watch itself and the faces i enjoy, the samsung faces, as you guys can see um. This is one of their faces and i just changed the color of the uh, the minute hand and so forth. In the second hand, and to match my bands, if you guys, are interested in what band this is uh check out my other video of my first review of this watch. I think there was a lot of a lot of views on that. Video and a few people were asking me what this band was and i was able to post a link actually thats the white one, but you guys can see theres different colors ive got this in like four or five six different types of colors.

So anyway, i love wearing this watch every day. Uh, in summary, i am you know, has it completely changed my life? Okay, probably not, but i do absolutely love it. Would i go back to a watch active 2, not a chance. Samsung knocked the design out of the park for this literally im sitting around thinking im like what else could they possibly do to make this watch better? The only thing i believe they could do, which you really cant see now, because i have a dark display, but there is a little bit of a bezel around the outside. So i imagine they could make the watch a little more compact with a little bit more screen real estate, but other than that they just nailed it like. I im so surprised because they have the watch classic, which is the same thing but its huge and bulky, and you know kudos to you guys if you like the big watches, but i i you know wearing this thing, 24 hours a day for the most part Im wearing it to the gym and everything, i need it to be a little bit lighter, more uh towards the sporty side, and i think theyve really created this fine line of being sporty, but also you can dress it up. I went to a fancy event. The other day – and i wish i had a picture but i put on a leather band and it just looks sharp and i turned on the always on display so um.

I have really bright lights over me right now, but uh the always on display. You can actually see when its a little bit dimmer area, and so i had a suit on and as the watch would pop out of the suit coat youd actually see the always on display, and it just looked beautiful. It was awesome so again the only real. The only real downside to this watch is that that heart rate and im, hoping that samsung either a can replace my watch and fix it or b, come out with some sort of software update. That will correct the issue so anyway, if you guys are still with me and watching this entire video, you guys are either a probably have this watch or b you are considering getting it uh if you are coming. If your question is, should i consider the watch act, the watch for or over the watch active 2 or any of the previous generations? I would say if you wear the watch as much as i do. Yes, 100 im a big fan of putting uh. You know money towards things that you use and, for me, its cell phones, its my smart watch. This these are things that are with me. Every single day see you can hardly put a price on the value of having all this technology in your wrist. Taking phone calls and being able to respond to text messages and your fitness tracking and your sleep tracking, even down to the little flashlight functionality, i mean how cool is that uh? One thing this watch does that the watch active 2 didnt do was, if you get a message, if somebody were to send me or call me right now or an alarm was to go off.

I literally shake my wrist twice like this and it silences the alarm. Itll actually shut it off so ill, be typing away on my computer and i just kind of go like this and it kills the alarm. So that is a tiny little functionality, but its super cool anyway, so the list adds up and up and up – and so i believe firmly especially if you have an older watch and you can trade it in and get credit for it, a hundred percent. I would recommend this watch so that is it guys that is my full 30 day review. This will be my last review or conversation on this watch thats why this video is so long. So if you have any questions hit me up and you guys know, i will try and respond and thank you for all the subscriptions really appreciate it guys. It means a lot.