Well, um today is going to be a kind of different of a video, because i am now doing a review for my first time, i’ve been wanting to drop a rc car video and i filmed like i think five already, and this is gon na, be the First, one to drop, i might drop another one, which would be like a spray painting one and then it’s also this one for its first run and then i also have another one which is a um. My 10 skill rc car. So here it is here’s the rc car okay, so i know what you’re thinking right now this thing is tiny. Let me tell you it is so for this i definitely have to tell you. Size does not matter because really words um, because this thing is durable. I say: it’s not waterproof at all it’s, not waterproof for a kid let’s, just say that, because i dropped this thing in a pool on accident and one picked it up through it and basically the entire inside all the electronics. Everything was soaked, so i took it apart. Swabbed it clean and let it sit and in the end it was ready to um, go and drive and let’s just say. I love this thing kinda. This will be my sister’s once it’s, her birthday, which is coming up, but by then i’ll probably have almost enough for my new eighth scale, rc car, because my tenth scale, one i’ll, tell you what happened to it in another video.

The video will be called devastation and the remote is tiny, so anyway, let’s get to the review of the driving guys. So here we are ready and i’m sorry, so i completely messed up on this part. The first time i filmed it – and i did everything wrong and i had my camera upside down, so here we go at the second try and basically i was just talking about how i could just drive with one hand it’s pretty easy, though um. This thing is almost dead, but when it’s fully charged it goes 35 miles per hour. Only thing is this thing’s, so small and so wide for its size. It kind of flips itself over. So yes, this is the on concrete drive. We’Re about to take this thing off roading make sure, with these tires, take them off and put them on like that, by the way, guys i’m, not playing that music it’s literally an ice cream truck driving down my road but yeah. So you want to make it a little wider like that. Come on never come down my road, and now you do okay. So then, you just reattach that and you’re ready to go proof that’s, literally an ice cream truck okay, but anyway this is the wheels let’s get to it. This thing, one. The reason why you do the offset is because it gives you a wider traction area and like since this thing’s, so small um it’s a 28 scale, and it can barely climb over things.

But when you give it the wire tires if it gets stuck on something it has enough um area where it can um just start flicking at the ground until um grabs until you get something like right here, see how i’m able to move. So this is the one condition where you’re kind of messed up, because your front tires aren’t touching, but other than that you just flick it back to normal. Now, if you have like kids – and you want to get this for them, i definitely recommend it. Um thing goes super smooth and it is not like crazy fast. It is for its size, but it’s not like super fast. Only downside to it i’d say is look at unbrown it’s super i like on the dirt is super drifty, but like right here, here’s, where the wide set helps and i was just able to hop over those so yeah, so yeah um. This is almost the end of the review of my 28 scale, rc car and now it’s time for an epic montage, Music.