Take a video of it. Let me know what you get. I was like. Oh hey, this little short course truck, looks pretty cool let’s check it. Take it for a rip Music, hmm, Music, so Music, so Music, so Applause, Music Applause, so so this is what the box looks like. This is the team associated short course 28, so, as it says, uh 128 scale short course truck it retails for 55 and, as you can see on the box here it comes with everything you need to get it going on the side here, there’s a nice little Picture of the truck on the top. There is a picture of the real short course truck that it’s, based on on the back there’s. A little bit of information in the box. You’Ll find a couple extra decals, an information sheet as well as a warranty sheet. There’S. Also, the transmitter it’s a rather small transmitter. Let me zoom out a little bit here, as you can see here, it’s uh, it’s sized more for a child’s hand, although it will fit in adult hand. In fact, you can even drive it. One handed here with your thumb on the wheel, um it’s, a pretty basic remote. You do have a trim, a dust adjustment on the transmitter on and off switch uh, pretty basic. It does have a nice foam wheel, so it feels pretty good in the hand. Charges up in about 30 minutes, maybe a little bit more if it’s, fully drained um let’s.

Take a look at the truck now so there’s, some pretty cool. Looking decals on here, they tried to make the decal work as accurate to the real short horse truck as possible. Has a really cool? Look. The bumper here this front bumper actually does a great job at absorbing crashes um. It has springs here in the rear, with just just with friction, dampers the front suspension, isn’t, really suspension at all there’s a little bit of flex to the arms there, but other than that. Little bit of flex. There isn’t really front suspension and full speed into walls and a couple bikes in the garage, and it takes a beating. The body also held up really well, i don’t know if you guys will to see there’s a couple scuffs on the roof um from rolling it over and sliding it on the concrete, but really not bad it’s hard to even tell so i’m super impressed with this Thing the steering is super accurate, it’s, very quick to respond proportional throttle and steering, which is awesome in a scale in a 128 scale vehicle. Overall, i give this thing two thumbs up: team associated really knocked out of the park with the sc28. I don’t have the other 128 scale vehicles that they make, but they have multiple vehicles on the same chassis with different bodies and wheels uh, maybe to check out some of the other, their 128th scale vehicles. I was super impressed with the sc28 i’d like to give a huge shout out to julia mariani, her channel, jules mariani, will be down in the description below uh head over to her channel check out all of her awesome content.