Now this is just going to be a quick video. This pisses me off when you get these scams like this. It really does annoy me now there’s a company going around saying that you can get the toy and fs l200 sen f450 build, which is fully custom, one off costs over two thousand dollars for 20 bucks, that’s right, 20 bucks. You know this really annoys me and unfortunately, a lot of people won’t fall for it, but there are some people that will and yeah 20 bucks. Oh wow that’s a risk i’m willing to take, but this is how these people do. It 20 bucks a thousand 2 000. 10 000 people. Do it at 20 bucks a pop. You do the maths now the car i’m talking about is this one. Here now it’s been on my channel a fair bit: i’ve done, you know probably five or six videos about it. This thing here is a one off it costs. You know probably me over. I think over parts, including the car, the toy and engine over two thousand bucks – i’m going. You know there abouts, you know, give or take a few hundred dollars, but this company here is selling these and amazingly, i haven’t called me to struck a deal and especially not to sell them, for you guessed it 20 bucks and 63 cents, so apparently it’s a Diesel toy car collection, car cool model, toy wow, that’s, a very convincing as well black color, well funny, that’s, mine’s black as well, and it’s only limited to one so that’s that’s amazing i’ve got one here and it’s black as well so it’s using um.

They use other people’s videos and stuff, like that. They’Ve also used. Might, i believe, in instagram, and a couple of people following me have let me know so. Thank you very much for that guys. Now apparently, it’s a new dual engine: high speed, drive, adapt to various roads, powerful and sensitive racing experience. So when you guys are racing, it’s very sensitive, so just just make sure that productive, they’ve used them use my picture there. Dual engine four wheel, drive off road. Waterproof 2×4 gigahertz high speed and heavy wheels. You know heavy wheels is definitely a performance benefit as well, so unique smoke exhaust design yeah. You know why it’s unique because i built it there’s only one in the world, so they’re using my pictures. As you can see, i think uh medic has had this issue as well. A lot of other youtubers as well, but look they’ve used a stock image from like toyin and they use mine there and it just matched all together to one complete house ad here, that’s for sure now, it’s got driving all terrains beaches. Sands rocks concrete metal shock absorbers and heavy wheels, uh pistol, grip, that’s, pretty cool, and here we go two high high strength. Alloy chimneys are installed on side end, which is resistant to high temperatures and does not fade after a long time. Well, that’s. Why? I use these pipes because i didn’t want them to fade over over a long period of time, so yeah yeah good work there idiots without assembly.

You can run high speeds for five hours at a time and the maximum speed can reach 30 miles an hour. Well now, i didn’t know that small fuel tank in there can run for five hours. I’Ll – probably get best 10 minutes out of it, and look at the you can just look at the ads like how they write all this stuff when they’re they’re, poor english. I do not understand how people can forfeit, but unfortunately, people do and it’s got dual motors. So apparently it’s got it’s like a hybrid it’s got electric and a four stroke in there as well. So you know that’s that’s, pretty amazing, so they just mash all different types of advertising together to to get this ad. So i didn’t want this video to become too long, and i know a lot of you guys will not fall for it, but unfortunately there are vulnerable people who will and they think oh wow 20 bucks, that is the buy of the century. It’S got electric and a diesel four stroke engine well that’s. This is something come true. You know so yeah. Unfortunately, people do fall for it and these happen i’m gon na leave. The link for this in the description go um message. These guys tell them where to go because that’s i do not like people, you know using my content for one but, more importantly, people actually falling falling for this. You know it’s. It really annoys me, so you guys please check it out, see if you can flag that as well.

I have um, just don’t fall for it and let people know share this video, get them to see it as well. It’S not just me that happens to happens to a lot like i said, medic had that happened with you know, i believe a couple other uh youtubers with like the raminator or stuff like that. I think even some uh armor and factions and stuff like that as well, so it does happen, but uh let’s try mitigate it, let’s quite squash. These ass clowns of you know making these pathetic ads and getting people to fall for it because it’s not good it’s, not nice, it’s, not good practice, and i just don’t want to see it in our hobby and any other product as well. So you guys, i know, it’s not a normal video, but i wanted to let you guys know hope you have a good day, see you next video and i’ll help.