It is the only remaining stock scx24 that i got and i’ve got a couple modifications that i want to do to it, one of which was suggested by you guys these carbon fiber replacement frame rails. Now i don’t know if these are actual carbon fiber. I seriously doubt it it’s got kind of a cool look to it, but i think it’s, just a composite with a shiny film, could be totally wrong if any of you know anything about carbon fiber. Let me know, but this just does not look like carbon fiber to me, so we’re going to get these installed on the truck along with a couple. Other modifications see how they do see how they look. These ones are kind of cool the holes line up. So i think it’ll work for the chevy we’re gon na find out let’s jump into it, alright guys. So when these arrived, they came shipped like this. No instructions at all. There are some grooves on the inside of these things. I believe these go towards the inside of the truck like that um. It also came with two little tiny nuts. I think those are for the shocks, because looking at these, the shock mounts are the only thing on the truck that kind of mount outside of the frame rail, and so i don’t think these plastic pieces are going to mount very well on this it’s got a Lot of different options – and i think that is the one and only screw on the truck that needs a nut on the other side to hold it, because i think we’re gon na get rid of these mounts here.

They’Re not really doing anything, and i don’t think they’re gon na fit on this. I could be totally wrong. We’Re just gon na work through it as we go, and i also decided that i am gon na try out that barrage, motor or the the other motor that’s like a barrage but it’s, not the barrage motor on this truck. If i can get it installed correctly. So we’re gon na give it a shot Music all right, so we got the frame rail in there and everything lined up real nice. The hardest thing was getting this: this arm right here, this traveling arm to get sit back in there because of that bushing in between it. It was hard to line it up with that hole. It took me a minute i’m sure you saw me struggle even at high speed, but the cool thing about these is there’s. So many mounting points on the back here for these rear shocks that you really could mount them anywhere. You wanted to now i’m guessing this top hole. Second, top hole is about the same as the other side that seems to be about where the stock shocks sit. The back of the chevy does droop a little so i’m thinking about keeping it the second hole in, but maybe going down one just to get a little more height in the rear. Maybe make that thing sit level, and this right here, i’m, pretty sure and i’ll show you why i didn’t mount this this mounting piece back on, so it normally sits like this, so you can see where the frame rail would sit on the inside of this.

It would sit right about here and because of this big plate on it, if i try and mount it to it, none of the holes really line up now. Obviously, the screws are making this way worse, but it would mount and not sit flush if you flip this around all four holes on this side do sit flush with this, so i suppose you could mount it this way backwards, but the threads inside these holes are Threaded through this side with the screws, so i think i’m just going to leave this off and use one of these tiny little nuts that it came with. On the back side of the shock, i think that’s, the only mod you have to do differently and i’m. Pretty sure that’s why these came with it again: no instructions with the packaging. It would have been nice if it had something, but it didn’t come with nothing and i’m. Assuming this right here, yeah that’s. Definitely, what that’s for okay, so we’re gon na mount that one up and then we’re gon na get the other side on, but when we have the other side off now that i have these all lined up, and i know how easy it can go on. If you do one side and then the other i’m gon na try and get this motor out of here and i’m, pretty sure i’m gon na need to move this or modify this battery tray in some way to make room for that motor all right.

I’M gon na grab that motor real, quick and take a look all right, so the motor i’m talking about is this hobby plus motor cr18 that’s, probably the model of truck that this goes on i’m, not sure 55 turn high torque motor. It looks very similar to the what was i calling that other one, the one that everybody gets, the difference being this one has the holes mounted in the correct spot for where this motor mounts up so the holes are in the proper spots and i think it’s Just plug and play, although looking at it now, this wire that comes off this motor is very short, so i think i may need to may need to move the esc somewhere. Let me plug this in and see if it works. Let’S just see what this thing does since we’re here, so it works. That’S on low let’s go to high, oh yeah, it’s even got enough it’s even jumping around it’s got so much torque, so that’s a pretty good motor. I might need to figure out how to mount this. I may need to move the esc. This might become a heavily modified thing, so maybe i’m not going to use this motor on this truck. I think i’m going to save this and put this in baby digger. Since we’re going to be doing a lot of modification to that, anyways and it’s, already stripped apart i’m moving stuff around adding different stuff, so maybe we’ll just save this motor and put it on baby digger yeah that’s.

What we’ll do so we’re just going to do the frame rails on the chevy for today, and i have some hot racing shocks that i’m going to throw on there as well. I think i’m not sure but we’re going to find out see if i can get this tiny thing on there. This is incomprehensively small it’s, so tiny is that i don’t even know if i’m using that word right, but it is. I have no tools that can hold this thing other than my needle nose pliers, so hopefully that’s enough Music. Okay, awesome, i don’t know if any of that was on camera, if it wasn’t i’ll cut it out, but that does hold that shock on there. So that’s definitely what those are for and that’s one whole side done. I like the the placement. I love that there’s multiple options. It is very difficult to get that thing on there, but we got it on there so now we’re going to flip it do the other side, Music. Okay, so we got the other frame rail on there. This one went on. I mean, i guess just as easy. The nice thing is these little pins here in the bottom of the skid plate will hold it in place for you to get these four screws in and then these just line up really well on the inside. There are bigger cutouts on the inside of this chassis that these kind of slot into place, and then you can just pop the screw in so it’s.

Nice looks good. I would say that those frame rails – i don’t know because i don’t think they’re real carbon fiber they’re a little bit lighter, but i don’t know if they’re any stronger than the metal ones, but i don’t think they’re too weak it’s, not like they’re gon na snap Or anything they feel like a really strong nice composite, so i think we’re, okay, there i am going to plug this stock motor back in since we decided against the hobby plus one okay, and then we just need to get the body back on and i’m curious Before i screw this thing in, i am curious how well this is gon na sit because i’m gon na have to screw this back in which is okay, okay, let’s put these body pins into, so we can get a good look at the whole thing. Okay, so yeah, you can see that the back end sits up a little higher and now that maxed out bottomed out suspension you’re not going to get any tire rub on the back of this thing. So that’s kind of nice that you have a higher mounting point. It does sit a little a little back high heavy and that’s okay, it kind of has that muscle truck chevy. Look i like that. Overall, i think this is a pretty cool, pretty simple, easy to do mod and with all the mounting points you get in the back all these options, um that’s, really nice – it was pretty cheap.

I think it was less than 10 bucks for the two frame rails. They got here within four or five days of ordering them. I got them on ebay that’s, where i order most of my stuff and i don’t see any twists or anything. It all still sits pretty lined up nice and good. It does lean a little to the left, but i think it’s, because this front shock here, i think this front shock is just a little less compressed with these stock shocks. Some of the springs are stretched a little longer than the other. So you get a little bit more or less compression out of them, so when it sits here it leans a little to the left, but that’s no problem i’ll get that figured out like i said, i’ve got some hot racing shocks i want to throw on here. Anyways, so i might do that next, but we need to take this thing now that we have this frame rail system and the shock set up a little different. The comment that asked for this um just said: can you throw these on the stock chevy and see how it looks and what they do you got it man i’ma, look up what your name was and then we’re gon na take this thing outside and uh let’s Drive it around in the dirt. We haven’t gotten this one dirty yet see if the frame’s any different, all right, guys we’re outside now, with the sex 24 chevy with the carbon fiber frame rails and the new mounting location for the shocks and they’re that give it a little more height.

I did modify this slightly. I dug a hole how exciting and then i moved to some of these added another rock to try and make this a little more challenging and a little different i’m still working on ideas, for what i want to do guys should leave comments down below. If you have ideas for what i can do out here, i got a lot of rocks a lot of dirt. A lot more rocks a lot more dirt that i could add to it, but i just need some suggestions. Let me know what you do for now: we’re gon na run the chevy on this and see if it can do it Music, you all right. We made it to the top foreign which Music foreign Music, all right, guys there. It is the carbon fiber faux carbon fiber. I really don’t think this is real carbon fiber. It has a cool look to it. I think it’s a composite, but whatever it is it’s very, very strong. They didn’t bend in the mail or anything i tried to flex them. They don’t flex, they’re very strong. I think it would take a lot of force to break but it’s a cool upgrade overall i’m happy with it. Whoever commented and said i should buy these and throw them on the chevy i’m glad you did they’re very cool, and i love that the option to mount so many different mounts here on the back for this thing is here that’s a really really cool feature, and I think that alone makes it worth it.

So if you guys are looking to pick some of these up, i found these on ebay. I think they were eight bucks plus shipping. It was like less than 10 bucks. So if you’re thinking about getting it, i say, go for it: it’s pretty neat, pretty inexpensive and pretty easy to switch speaking of videos. Tomorrow we are doing the reddit review video so i’m, going to go back on on the upper left submissions. Reddit page. Look at all the new posts. I know we got quite a few new members. Quite a few new posts, i’m going to leave a link in the description if you’re interested in joining or even if you don’t want to join. But you want to post, feel free i’m happy to look at it, it’s a place where we can share what we got going on cool photos, projects, etc. If you want to leave a meme or something i’ll make fun of it, whatever you want to do, i will be reviewing that today or tonight rather, and then the video will be out tomorrow about it. So hopefully you guys go over there post some cool stuff.