If you’ve seen the last video, we were messing with the little uh scx 24 mega mud bolt, build and uh. What we did was we installed this little brushless motor in here and uh. The testing got cut short because i didn’t have a battery with a jst plug, but uh anyhow, i did find this little old gens ace, two cell at a little local hobby shop around here and uh. We grabbed that up stuck it in here, so we can do a little bit of wheel, testing, uh, interesting thing. I discovered this is a tattoo battery also has a little jst plug on it and uh. I never knew this just a little bit of uh random knowledge in case you didn’t know, but uh tattoo batteries and jen’s ace batteries, apparently are the same thing because, as you see here, uh jen’s ace tattoo and uh here’s, the box that came with the jen’s Ace – and we also see jen’s ace tattoo, so apparently uh tattoo and jen’s ace – are the same and uh i’ve always had good luck with jen’s ace. So i just thought i’d mention that so let’s get right into this thing, guys uh. I did have opportunity to take this outside, ran it around a little bit just to kind of test it out and uh. What i’m noticing is that uh, this motor is froggy it’s froggy, but uh, and it works good. You know on smooth surfaces like this or inside.

You know this thing works real good, but the deal is this: whole project is to see if we can utilize these uh mud ripper tires to their full potential and uh these things hook up and when you get these things digging uh this little motor just doesn’t Seem to have the torque that i’m looking for so uh. I think you know that we’re back to the drawing board on this um as far as a motor for this particular truck goes um. I don’t know what you would use this little blue motor. For i mean in the dir in the uh description, it says it’s for scx 24 or some little desert trucks or something another. It might work good in them, but uh, even with the stock gearing in this thing, guys it just doesn’t, seem to have the torque to uh handle these mud rippers when they start digging in and uh anyhow. I want this thing to uh. You know be uh. 24 scale beast mode. I want some testosterone in this truck and uh. I just don’t believe that’s the motor that’s gon na get us there so uh anyway, like i said we’re kind of i think, we’re kind of back to the drawing board. I will leave you with some running video uh, where i went outside motel here, messed around in the snow, a little bit with it but uh while i’m looking for a proper replacement for that guy uh.

This is the beginnings of the mega mud. Bolt version two i’m kind of excited about this one. I think this one is gon na have enough uh it’s gon na have enough muscle to uh get these tires. Turning and that’s the whole idea. Guys is you know these are mud rippers. So i want to make them rip some mud yeah guys with all that being said, let’s do uh. Take this thing outside and get some snow with it.