This is my mofo rc um bouncer uh it’s got the mofo side plates it’s got the fur tech lizard esc in it. I was able to show you guys that on the table and we’re gon na do a little bit of tablecrawl for the comparison on here, but we’re going to take out the rocks and see what it changes there. What i’ve got for you here are the trio overdrive gears, so these are going into the front of it. So i’ll do a little turn test right on the table over there, which is pretty darn awesome driving on the table. Um but anyway got the overdrive from trio and then these i got off of amazon i’m, pretty sure i ordered the hot racing i’m, not exactly sure what brand this is, but i’ll try to find someone put in the description below, but these are the four or Five millimeter wideners, so it should give the little bouncer a little bit of width now you’re, probably seeing these ordered these off of ebay uh. I don’t know that they actually have a brand to them. There’S, nothing on the sidewall they’re, not a high end. Rc four wheel drive tire right. I can tell you that um but i’m gon na put those on as well. Oh, the chrome, you guys know i like things shine right, so we’re gon na go ahead and get to the install of this um. If you’re not worried about the install, you want to get right to the actual steering test which will be done on the table.

Like i mentioned, and the drive in the bottom left corner is a number that’s where you go for the drive so guys let’s get started without the overdrive. Let’S get a steering test here, let’s see where it ends up back at the back. Okay, i’m gon na put a little uh piece right there, so i have a distance when i get the gears in we’ll see if it makes a difference and that’s it as i get this started, i want you guys to see this reese tool right here. This thing is uh, pretty darn, nice and it’s uh textured. So anyway, this has a four a a four millimeter nut driver in it um to fit the 124th. So yeah i’ll get that out of here and show that to you guys, but let’s look at these axles now um yeah. Hopefully they work i figured put in the wider axles. While i have everything, apart with the trio overdrive gears right here and here are the tires – they are i’m not sure if they’re any better at all than the stock tires, i guess we’ll find out let’s get started so i’ve got this started uh here you can See the stock one on the left and the new one on the right um. You can see the stock width versus this one with the spacer and all that now the kit comes with some o rings, which i don’t really know where they go um the spacers that go on the axles.

Now the big part out here, that’s, larger, so that’s a good thing, but it came with pins and some new bolts as well, so that’s a good thing: i’m, not generally a spacer or a you, know, widener kind of guy. But this thing right here kind of needs it so, but anyway, we’ll see how it goes. I’Ll go ahead and put the other side in. Let me get to the front because we have to actually take it apart and get to those gears before i do get to the front. I want to give you guys a comparison. You know stock width versus the wider, so i do got to say the wider looks better, especially for this one. This is really adding some width guys holy moly. Is it even 1? 24Th, at this point wow now we finally get to mess with that front end and that’s going to be a little more complicated, shouldn’t be too bad. Now the front of this is just dog bones: do they make a universal joint? Uh? Probably could have looked that up, but anyway, if you’re just changing the axles, you got one two three uh as far as bolts go. They use that little 0.050 hex uh and you can take the whole knuckle assembly off and just swap that, but obviously we’re messing with the gears too. Here we are, i am into the front axle. This thing is so cute. I don’t see any grease or anything, so i guess i’ll put a little grease on that too.

Chats are good. The back doesn’t have any either but i’m just mainly concerned with the front. I do got to take the drive shaft off now and then i’ll be able to get the gears out and we’ll look at those side by side with the trails simply put they’re just worm gears. Now the trio has got a little bit, uh steeper or more aggressive spiral. I guess you could say and with a few less teeth on the actual ring gear or bull gear, but simple, easy, i’ll, just transfer those little o rings which are kind of like cushion. I guess you could say up against the bearings, so i’ll transfer those over and just put the neutral stuff in with a little bit of grease. I do want to point out that it did come with new o rings to put on there, but i’ve already got them transferred and one of those kind of through, and i got the o rings transferred. But in the back there was a few other o rings to put on there as well, but i’ve already got them transferred so i’m, just simply going to go with these, so i’ve got everything in looks wonderful. I changed out the o rings in the pinion gear. On the front, um hoping to fix an issue and it didn’t, i kind of think it’s at the uh bull gear – that’s, not good, but i’m gon na go ahead and do the steering test just to see what the difference is.

Uh see if these get the job done, but i’m gon na take this back apart again and put the stock gears back in it for the drive well let’s see if those overdrive gears are really worth it. They’Re binding up bad uh, yeah it’s, wow, that’s horrible um, okay, i’m, putting the stock gears back in stock axles didn’t do that so in the issue is dealing with this right here, that’s, not deep enough see how shallow that is. This is this. This is the factory one look at how deep that one is so i’m working on trying to fix these with a dremel, with a cut off for just digging them down. Oh yeah, the dremel cutoff wheel, is actually right at the perfect width, so cut that one deeper put it back in and see if it’s going to steer now well let’s see if that helped out that’s workable. Okay, with everything back in let’s, see what we got for turn um, probably going to be wider. I guess just because you have wider axles with more leverage on pushing. So when i did the turn test with the overdrive gears in it. Obviously it wasn’t the gears causing the issue on the turn, but yeah i’m really bad now, but those gears uh they were not happy at all. I can tell i’ve got more all that stuff hanging off the side. I can tell it already with that stock servo that’s, not a good thing.

However, you know maybe getting it out on the rocks that might change my opinion of it, but so far everything i’ve put into this. The axle set uh the overdrive gears has been nothing but a problem. Ah, maybe on the rocks. It’Ll make me feel a little better let’s go find out all right, let’s see what we got here well tires aren’t, much better, hoping that whip helps me out. Quite a bit, and so far this whole set of mods has really just been bad, come on little guy now granted i’m on the course for you know where i run the bigger vehicles so see. If i can get up, this needs much softer tires. Oh nope not gon na get that, with a little help, we’re all set and off and running it’s going to be some side hilling stuff around here as well. I got a pretty good drop going right here, too. Ah, all right, all right yeah! I can tell it’s got the wideners on it with the steering the steering is nowhere near as responsive as it was it’s just uh too much wheel scrub. Guess i need to try to fit a micro 99 in there. That would make it turn even with the wheel scrub on this wow. That service saver has just given up a lot right now. I don’t recall it doing that much all right. I guess we’re going to head right on over. I mean it does feel more stable.

I mean you know a little bit wider is always more stable right added wheelbase i got when i did. The mofo conversion helped out quite a bit. I mean it looks pretty darn good in my opinion, but oh well, let’s go give it one more drive. Okay, let’s see if we can get up this yeah. These tires are not any better. Now, i would have to say, as far as the mods that i put on it in this video heck, the added width is nice, but not so good for steering the front overdrive. Gears were complete junk so that didn’t work out very well. The fur attack esc seems to be running just fine, so no issues there. The steering is a little bit lackluster because of all the extra wheel scrub and all that that i’ve got now um yeah, i don’t know if these mods were worth it. Maybe once i get a decent set of overdrive gears on the front, maybe they’ll actually perform and maybe once they get a decent set of tires. I guess i got to get with some rc4 wheel drive tires. I hear they’re uh soft grippy and actually come with little bitty, tiny foams. So hey i made it well guys. So not the smoothest install the uh overdrive gears, not so good. You guys pretty much just heard my thoughts on it but uh the wider axles. Although i do like the wider track width, the extra leverages is not so happy, especially with the servo saver.

The servo is actually doing its job making the turns, but the servo saver has just given up quite a bit and that’s from all the extra wheel scrub. You know you see that tire turn like that. Not a fan of that, but i like the width for this particular one as far as driving goes and control the fur tech esc. That was awesome, no problems there um the axle shafts on the front i’m. Not exactly sure what brand i got for this, you know i mean, but regardless i was able to take the cut off wheel of the dremel and go right in there and bring those deeper, and that was allow me to get the turn which was still wider Than the original so but anyway, guys uh, i don’t know what to tell you about these mods the tires they’re, no better than the factory ones at all. So maybe i got ta try some of the rc4 wheel drive ones anyway, guys in that description i will put a link to mofo fur attack and whatever i can find for the 124s. I believe they got a few of the jeeps and the chevys out right now, so i do have the chevy ordered. So i have the chevy ordered i’ve got the tegu, esc and i’ve got uh. I got that surpass motor ordered as well so we’re going to do some mods to the chevy, see if we can bring it up to this level.

Yeah anyway, guys check that description, aman, ebay, amazon and horizon use. Those links make sure you’re subscribed and thank you all for watching guys if you like what you see hit that like button hit, that subscribe button and ring that bell. So in the description, there’s a link to become a channel. Remember if you want to become a channel member it’s, a very simple two dollars: five dollars, ten dollars or if you really got some money. Twenty five dollars a month it’s a simple way to support the channel so get that and i am doing monthly giveaways for members only so you might want to consider it so guys here’s those links make sure you’re subscribed.