He actually sent me two, so i’ve got one that’s actually been tested and ready to go in my jeep, and then this one was tested and turned out to be a iffy motor. There was something wrong with it, so he sent me this one to rip apart and i can show you the brushes inside of it, so they do test their motors and everything, and you can see inside here, there’s a ring, that’s broken and that was causing it To vibrate real bad, so yeah, i had tried it out beforehand and this motor did work, although it had a really bad vibration to be clear, this was a defective unit and they would not sell this motor. This is literally just for me to pull apart. Normally they’d get tossed i’m pretty sure. So. First before i show you the brushes clearly, i want to show you the stock motor, so here you’ve got the inside of the cannothing super interesting in there, but the brushes. This is why the stock motor don’t last them thin, tiny little brushes let’s, see. If i can get this to focus, so you can see they’re just thin, copper in there. So this is a relatively new motor and the brushes are already starting to get mangled in there. So what’s the difference with this motor. Oh, oh, oh, i almost forgot. The barrage motor has the same brushes in it. The only difference is in the barrage they’re slightly thicker and they’re a little bit wider.

So keep that in mind now here’s what the aux motor has. Those are carbide brushes, so they’re much bigger, much beefier, sorry, i’m. Having trouble getting this thing to focus on it, and these things should last a lot longer, it did feel like it had a lot more power even than the barrage motor, but i can’t say for sure until this is installed in the jeep, but i hadn’t seen Anyone else rip these apart and show you the brushes in them. So i thought that’d be something you might want to see so yeah i’m gon na go ahead and mount this in the jeep Music, so here’s the top speed on the stock motor with a fresh 2s and then we’ll also see how slow we can go with It see how so we can get up this that’s it i’m gon na put the aux motor in and we’ll see how it does then, okay, so i have the aux motor in now and what i didn’t show in the time lapse is the break in process. So you just run it at about fourth throttle for anywhere from a minute to five minutes. I did it longer just to be sure, and you don’t need to do this – for the stock motor or the barrage motor, because it doesn’t have the same kind of brushes, but for these type of motors it helps it a lot. So yeah now let’s compare the full speed versus the slow speed test on the stock esc.

So first full speed, it’s a little bit slower, but not by much now. Let’S see how slow we can go, definitely got a little bit more control, a little bit more torque. The main feature of this motor is it drops right in the only thing you have to do is cut one of the legs off the battery tray or you can trim it till it clears the motor, but i just took it off because i’m going to modify That anyways, so as you can see pretty good control with the stock esc, just by changing the motor now i’m gon na put the furytek lizard esc in here and just run it off the stock, rx and we’ll see how it does with that so that’s about. As slow as i can go by spinning the tires see oh yeah about there all right, so i’m gon na go put the other esc on okay. So now i have the fury tech, lizard, esc, installed running the aux motor and you can see it’s nothing. Fancy it’s literally just plugged in and slapped in there running off the stock esc and rx so i’m, going to show you the difference with that in here: it’s, actually pretty dang good! So let’s get this powered up. You can see the speeds pretty similar, but watch the slow control now that’s crazy, much better than the stock esc and motor. So if you want a good combo, the aux motor with this esc is awesome.

Look at this, so yeah let’s go on to the course and play around a little bit i’m, not going to be out very long because this isn’t waterproof and it’s raining pretty good right now. Motor worth the price i’d say yeah seems to be a great motor. It’S got good torque i’ve, driven it around a little bit and when you combine it with the furry tech esc, it does awesome, as you can see, also with these type of brushes in here the carbon brushes. I have a feeling it’s going to last a whole lot longer than the stock motor or the barrage motor. It should be able to handle a bit more motor heat too, so yeah definitely worth it. In my opinion, it’d be nice if it was a few dollars cheaper, but the company from what they told me takes a lot of pride in their motors and check to make sure none of them are defective. The one i took apart here is an example of one that was defective, so, instead of throwing it away, they sent it to me to pull apart, to show all of you also, if you’re wondering about the new bumper on the jeep, that is a 3d printed. Bumper from thingiverse that a friend and subscriber chris sent me – and i got ta, say so far – it’s a pretty sweet bumper. I really like it and it looks good, but i will let you know that a lot of sellers on ebay are selling the same.

Bumper. Even though it’s a free download from uh thingiverse so keep that in mind man, the control on this is just awesome, so yeah, i hope you all enjoyed this video i’m, not gon na run a whole lot more because i don’t want to blow up that esc As you can see, it’s raining pretty good, as i mentioned before so yeah that’s the end of this one i hope you all enjoyed. I hope this helps someone out out there and, as always, be sure to like. If you enjoyed the video and subscribe, it really helps the channel out and it’s free i’ll talk to you all in the next one. Ttfn Music, quick, bonus, clip i’m going to throw in here at the end for those of you that are still watching. I did order some new shocks for this. Hopefully they’re going to be good shots i’m, not going to tell you what ones until i get them, but i thought you all might want to update on that. So yeah that’s it for this.